Former BBC Director Apologizes for Failure of Digital Project

Mark Thompson, now president and chief executive of The New York Times Company, testified that he had never “knowingly misled” Parliament over the project’s progress.


Report Says BBC Executives’ Oversight of Digital Project Was Flawed

The independent British report does not single out any executives. The BBC’s director general at the time was Mark Thompson, now chief executive of The Times.


Lawmakers Fault BBC Leaders Over Severance Pay

A report by an oversight committee of the British Parliament said that “cronyism” at a “dysfunctional” BBC led to executives getting larger payoffs than they deserved.


Drones Offer Journalists a Wider View

Remotely controlled aircraft have provided valuable images of events that are difficult to reach, including the recent typhoon in the Philippines.


Lawmakers Show Anger Over BBC Severance Pay

A committee of Parliament held new hearings on the way the broadcaster had given large severance payments to senior editors in an effort to reduce its budget.


Parliament Hearing to Focus on BBC Severance Dispute

The BBC’s former director-general has challenged testimony about how much the BBC Trust knew about payouts to departing executives.


Britain to Examine Why BBC Severance Payments Exceeded Contract Terms

Hearings will look at payments the British Broadcasting Corporation made to senior editors as it tried to reduce its budget, and Mark Thompson, the former BBC chief, will testify.


The TV Watch: ‘Spiral’ and 3 Other French Shows Worth Seeking Out

Four French TV dramas serve up the most common themes — crime, war, sex and the occult — in fresh and unexpected ways.


Inquiry Focuses on BBC Severance Payments

The police in Britain opened an investigation after an audit found departing executives from the British Broadcasting Corporation received more than they were entitled to.


Egypt’s New Leaders Press Media to Muzzle Dissent

The authorities shuttered some television stations, and the tone of some state news media also seemed to shift, to reflect the interests of those now in charge.


BBC Shelves Its 3-D TV Programming Plans

The decision follows a similar one from ESPN. Both broadcasters said public interest in 3-D shows was less than they had expected.


The Media Equation: British Invasion Reshuffles U.S. Media

The observation about the proliferation of British talent in the American media landscape is hardly new, but something is at work here.


Times Co.’s Thompson to Testify in Parliament on BBC

The Times Company chief executive and former BBC head will be asked more questions about the now discontinued Digital Media Initiative.


BBC Faces New Allegations of Sexual Abuse

The BBC said 152 accusations of sexual abuse and harassment by 81 current and former employees had been lodged since the Jimmy Savile case emerged.


British Police Deny Protecting Jimmy Savile

A report by the West Yorkshire police covered 68 of hundreds of sexual abuse allegations that have surfaced against the former television presenter Jimmy Savile.


Older British Stars Caught Up in Operation Yewtree

An investigation into offenses that may or may not have been committed decades ago has resulted in a flurry of arrests and has many people asking who will be next.


Link by Link: Media Critics Turn to Twitter

Various Twitter accounts poke fun at news media outlets like The Huffington Post, Slate and The New York Times.


British Police Arrest Entertainer in Abuse Inquiry

The British media identified Rolf Harris, a singer and artist, as the newest high-profile arrest after the Jimmy Savile affair.


Undercover BBC Trip to North Korea Is Criticized

Reporters who joined students from the London School of Economics on the sight-seeing trip did not disclose their true purpose and filmed an undercover documentary, the university said.


Watch List: New American Versions of Foreign TV Shows Are in the Works

American TV has a long tradition of imitating foreign shows, and the fall season may include several new forms of flattery, with “Friends and Family,” “Pulling,” “Rake,” “Second Sight” and “Spy.”