Soberchella: Booze-Free Bars Are Coming to the Famous Desert Music Festival

A tiny booze-free bottle shop in Los Angeles has landed a first-of-its-kind deal with Coachella for on-site bars during both weekends of the upcoming desert music festival. The New Bar, which opened its doors in July and quickly cemented its place as a community hub, will be the official nonalcoholic retail partner of the nearly…

Warren Boroson, Who Surveyed Psychiatrists on Goldwater, Dies at 88

The defeated Republican presidential candidate sued Mr. Boroson and the magazine he worked for, saying it had libeled him for suggesting that he was mentally unfit for the presidency.

Some Advertisers Slowly Test Other Platforms Ahead of TikTok’s Congress Testimony

As TikTok faces a possible U.S. ban for national security reasons, with CEO Shou Zi Chew testifying before Congress this week, analysts suggest advertisers explore other platforms to reach their audiences. “But there is no need for immediate action just yet,” said Insider Intelligence analyst, Jasmine Enberg. The U.S. accounts for roughly half of TikTok’s…

The Speed of Culture Podcast: Staying Ahead of Culture and Technology

What does it take to excel in a multi-industry marketing career? To find out, we sat down with Frank Cooper III, chief marketing officer at Visa. With a wealth of experience spanning multiple industries, from developing financial literacy to finding your purpose, Cooper III is an expert in his field and has some invaluable advice…

Google abre acesso limitado ao Bard, rival do ChatGPT


O Google lançou hoje acesso limitado ao Bard, um rival do ChatGPT, disponível inicialmente para usuários selecionados nos EUA e no Reino Unido. Ainda não há previsão de lançamento para o público em geral. Bard é descrito como um complemento à busca do Google e é projetado para ajudar os usuários a gerar rascunhos de …

Leia Google abre acesso limitado ao Bard, rival do ChatGPT na íntegra no B9.

Coke Studio: Coca-Cola pretende unir música e tecnologia com ativação no Lollapalooza Brasil 2023

Coca-Cola Lollapalooza 2023

A Coca-Cola anunciou que estará presente no Lollapalooza Brasil 2023 com uma estrutura de 600m² chamada Coke Studio, localizada no centro do festival. O espaço é voltado para proporcionar experiências únicas entre o público, música e tecnologia, seguindo a filosofia global da marca, “A Magia Acontece”. O Lollapalooza ocorrerá de 24 a 26 de março …

Leia Coke Studio: Coca-Cola pretende unir música e tecnologia com ativação no Lollapalooza Brasil 2023 na íntegra no B9.

The Speed of Culture Podcast: How Music and Investing Work Together

What does being a DJ and investing have in common? It might seem like nothing. But Mick Batyske found a way to combine them and build an incredible career. In this episode of The Speed of Culture podcast, Suzy founder and CEO Matt Britton sits down with Batyske–DJ, investor, adviser and speaker at MICK–to discuss…

Lego Group prepares for global media review

The account has been handled by Initiative since 2017.

Why There Is Talk of a Writers’ Strike in Hollywood

TV and movie writers want more money, but Hollywood companies say the demands ignore economic realities. The deadline to sort out those differences is approaching.

Adidas Safety Campaign Perfectly Responds to Samsung’s Controversial ‘Night Owls’ Ad

After Samsung released a campaign last summer featuring a woman running confidently alone at night, Adidas has debuted a similar ad calling out the “ridiculous” measures some take to feel safe while exercising on city streets. The Samsung ad, “Night Owls,” drew an angry response, with critics saying it didn’t reflect the dangers faced by…

NWSL unveils kickoff spot for 2023 season as excitement builds in a Women's World Cup year

NWSL CMO Julie Haddon on seizing a cultural moment through the theme “We Play Here.”

New Yorkers loathe the new "WE??NYC" logo and campaign


“We??NYC” is a 21st Century version of the 70’s “I??NY”

Adweek Podcast: Off Madison, On the Rise

In this week’s episode of Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad, co-hosts Shannon Miller and Luz Corona are joined by senior producer Al Mannarino and special guest David Griner to bid farewell to Shannon as she embarks on her next adventure. During the conversation, they discuss Shannon’s beginnings at Adweek, her work covering creativity, the creator…

3 steps for developing a well-oiled content supply chain

An Adobe study indicates that an optimal content supply chain must be strategic, designed for collaboration and driven by AI and automation.

How to Maintain a Loyal Fanbase With Jacksepticeye

Most people look at creators with large followers and think it’s easy to keep them engaged. The truth is many creators do a lot behind the scenes to keep their followers coming back and interested on a daily basis. For creator Se?n McLoughlin–known to fans as Jacksepticeye–it takes more than just posting videos to keep…

Google ChatGPT rival Bard is now open to the public

The wider release comes amid heightened buzz in Silicon Valley over generative AI.

Adobe is Betting Big on Generative AI With a Raft of New Features

As a host of startups have ushered in a new era of artificial intelligence-powered image creation over the past year, speculation has mounted on how and when Adobe, one of the world’s largest high-end creative software providers, would integrate this tech into its suite of programs. The company answered that question Tuesday with a group…

College athletes get NIL education in Cash App’s new campaign

Cash App’s four-part video series stars athletes including Olympian Jordan Chiles and rising basketball stars Juju Watkins and Jared McCain.

Fubo Rebrands in Star-Studded Spots With Kevin Garnett and Mark Sanchez

What if sports fans could make their ideal streaming service? That’s the question that FuboTV answers with its new nationwide campaign starring athletes Kevin Garnett and Mark Sanchez. In the virtual MVPD’s largest branding campaign to date, it revealed it’s rebranding its consumer-facing products simply as Fubo, complete with a new look and reimagined suite…

Watch the newest commercials from Credit One Bank, Tide, Valspar and more

Credit One Bank says, “Life is better with the credit gods on your side.”