Journalist Percy Lapid Is Fatally Shot in the Philippines

The radio host Percival Mabasa was killed during an ambush, the police said. He had been a prominent critic of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and his predecessor, Rodrigo Duterte.

Edit Tweet Begins Rolling Out to Twitter Blue Subscribers in Australia, Canada, New Zealand

Twitter users’ most desired feature isn’t quite on their devices yet, but it’s getting closer. The social network said Monday that the Edit Tweet feature is rolling out to members of subscription service Twitter Blue in Australia, Canada and New Zealand, adding in a tweet, “U.S. coming soon.” now that Edit is rolling out in…

Wondermind Wants to Get Your Mental Health in Shape

Wondermind, a mental health startup co-founded by newsletter entrepreneur Daniella Pierson and Selena Gomez, officially launched its content hub with hopes of furthering the brand’s mission of “democratizing and destigmatizing” care for emotional wellbeing. The new hub features expert-backed tips and advice for improving mental and emotional health. “We want someone who’s 15 years old…

Let’s Talk About Brand Podcast: Inclusive Branding With Michelle Ngome

“Inclusive.” We’ve all heard the word, but what does it really mean–and what doesn’t it mean? In the latest episode of Let’s Talk About Brand, inclusive marketing consultant Michelle Ngome explains the different dimensions “inclusivity” can encompass–race, culture, gender presentation, sexual orientation, disability status, neurodiversity and more–and how brands can thoughtfully broaden their messaging in…

Downtown Is the Prime Business Area? Not So Fast, Says Yelp

Being located downtown isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, according to the Yelp Downtown Analysis, which was released Tuesday. The business directory and crowdsourced review forum found that prior to the pandemic, from 2017 through 2019, the average yearly business growth was very similar between downtowns and non-downtowns of main metropolitan cities, but…

Top 35 Home Trends in October – From Luxurious Dining Party Sets to Dynamic Cat Litter Boxes (TOPLIST)

( The October 2022 home trends are eclectic—from innovative cat litter boxes that find the perfect balance between form and function to earthly-toned tile collections that are sure to provide a…

Top 65 Design Trends in October – From Water-Filtering Floor Bricks to Plant-Covered Skyscrapers (TOPLIST)

( The October 2022 design round-up features a variety of innovative aesthetics across industries. For example, German practice Ingenhoven Architects recently unveiled its plans for two new skyscrapers…

Top 100 Cosmetics Trends in October – From Shaving Razer Care Products to Refreshing Toning Lotions (TOPLIST)

( The October 2022 cosmetics spotlights a range of innovative offerings and re-branded limited-edition releases.

Shiseido, for one, celebrated its 150th anniversary this month by launching a limited-…

Top 100 Drinking Trends in October – From Bold Boxed Red Wines to Cold Weather-Ready Coffees (TOPLIST)

( The October 2022 drinking round-up spotlights various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that are unique and premium. Given the season, the list also calls attention to quite a few pumpkin spice…

Robert Ferrante, News-Driven Producer at CBS and NPR, Dies at 87

He raised the profiles of the news programs “Morning Edition” and “The World” on public radio, and created the overnight program “Nightwatch” on CBS.

“Except for Me” – Armand (2022) (USA)

PSA & Public Interest

“Where else can you make somebody work for free -and if they don’t work, you can lock them up, or you can even beat them up!”

See article: The

“Except for Me” – Saleem (2022) (USA)

PSA & Public Interest

“I thought that slavery… That Lincoln freed the slaves, right?”

See article: The 13th Amendment abolished slavery. Except for me.

“Except for Me” – Dyjuan (2022) (USA)

PSA & Public Interest

“Prison slavery is dehumanizing it is devaluing it extends a long and pernicious history of how especially black and brown people have been treated an

“Except for Me” – James (2022) (USA)

PSA & Public Interest

“Our country was built on the backs of free labor and is continuously built on the backs of free labor.”

“Except for Me” – Andrew (2022) (USA)

PSA & Public Interest

“When I was convicted and sent to prison, the judge said I was sentenced to hard labor. I was sentenced to a system that is akin to slavery.”

“Except for Me” – Richard (2022) (USA)

PSA & Public Interest

“I would work a day for a stamp.”

“Except for Me” – Johnny (2022) (USA)

PSA & Public Interest

“Slavery never ended. It eveolved. It changed.”

“Except for Me” – Britt (2022) (USA)

PSA & Public Interest

“America would have to make a different choice. To choose to care about peoples’ humanity versus profit.”

“Except for Me” – Jose (2022) (USA)

PSA & Public Interest

“I had no idea that there was an exemption clause to the thirteenth amendment.”

“Except for Me” – Jerome (2022) (USA)

PSA & Public Interest

“If you call eleven cents or fifteen cents an hour, paid, we’re fooling ourselves.”