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To protect identities and create a memorable visual, we zoomed in on lips and turned the footage sideways.

Advertising Agency:Cundari, Toronto, Canada
Chief Creative Officer:Sean Barlow
Creative Director:Paul Riss
Art Director:Emmanuel Torres
Copywriter:Daniel Cummings
Agency Producer:Colleen Allen
Production Company:Westside Studios
Director:Matt Barnes
Line Producer:Natalie D’Urbano
Editing Company:School
Editor:Mark Morton
Colour:Alter Ego
Audio:Tom & Dave
Sound Design:Tom & Dave

Quietman Makes Noise With New Executive Producer/Partner Sophie Gold

New York-based multidisciplinary company Quietman is excited to announce the addition of Sophie Gold as Executive Producer and Partner. Sophie brings her energy and influence to the legendary team at Quietman, who over the past 21 years has steadily continued to dazzle awards show juries, clients, and audiences alike with their gold standard of creative excellence.

Sophie Gold is known as a multifaceted talent; a hands-on Executive Producer, a marketing wiz and a sales maven all rolled up into one ultra-dynamic ball. She possesses an uncanny eye for spotting talent, and brings with her directors Brendan Beachman, Justin Coit, and renowned visual storyteller Gerald McMorrow.

A native of London, Sophie has experience leading teams across multiple territories, with a proven track record for elevating businesses on both coasts. Most recently, Sophie was EP/Director of Business Development at Moondog, where she successfully built their production arm from the ground and helped to establish their creative division.

Sophie’s tour de force status has been on the radar of Quietman EP/Partner Carey Gattyan for some time, saying: “With the current climate of our industry, everybody has to throw their hat into the ring and be aggressive and strong. I am consistently impressed by Sophie’s incredible work ethic and how she puts her own brand out there. I know Sophie’s strength in marketing and branding will raise Quietman’s profile even further.”

The high regard is mutual, says Sophie, “I so admire the vision that Carey Gattyan and Johnnie Semerad have for the company, which comes to life in the high caliber of production work and polish that they always deliver. They are a force to be reckoned with and I’m honored to become part of that legacy as a Partner.”

Founded in 1996 as a high-end VFX company, Quietman has evolved into a creatively integrated shop that covers the gamut of production and post production services. With the same core group of creative and production executives overseeing all disciplines, the Quietman team is able to craft beautiful content at all stages: from concept and design, high-end production, to editorial and finishing, in a harmonious manner.

Recently they’ve tackled the rebranding of Pepsi Zero Sugar for broadcast and social platforms, producing the spots from start to finish. Quietman also handled the VFX and 3D animation leading up to Lady Gaga’s show-stopping Super Bowl performance sponsored by Pepsi, along with creating new social content for Lays and handling the entirety of Matcha Love’s first-ever campaign. Meanwhile Sophie recently produced several commercials for Nissan’s partnership with the Star Wars franchise in support of the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Now with Sophie Gold coming on board, you can expect to hear even more noise from Quietman in the future.


Sonic Sweetener by Dentsu Beijing

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In order to help people reduce their sugar intake, we created “Sonic Sweetener”.
Based on the research by Dr. Charles Spence at University of Oxford, (and their support)
We created the sound track help focus your attention to sweet taste in food / drink, it makes you taste sweeter as a result.

Over consumption of sugar causes many health risks,
And it is becoming global issue. In recent years, many media such as New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC, Time magazine etc,,, are
Talking about this problem frequently. New facts has been revealed. US, UK and other countries started Sugar Tax (Soda tax).
In China, obesity is social problem. Over consumption of sugar is one of the reasons. Lack of awareness on this problem is contributing factor.
So, we wanted to propose unique, innovative idea to reduce consumption of sugar and enhance awareness.

Based on research by Dr. Charles Spence at University of Oxford, and their support, we created original sound track, “Sonic Sweetener.”
Because we naturally associate a specific soundtrack with sweetness, listening to the soundtrack helps focus our attention on the sweeteness in the food / drink, and that is why it feels sweeter as a result. Thus, it could help people reduce their sugar intake.

*XINCAFE is café / creator’s space in Shanghai. They have always paid attention to the diet habit of younger generations in China, and also supports innovative technologies.

The project website is here.

Advertising Agency: Name, City, Country BEIJING DENTSU ADVERTISING CO., LTD.
Executive Creative Director: Kazuki Tsuburaku
Creative Director: Takamori Kadoi
Art Director: Atsushi Fujimaki (IMGSRC)
Copywriter: Takamori Kadoi / Si Tan
Planner: Takamori Kadoi
Sound Production: LADER PRODUCTION
Sound Designer: Chester Beatty
Producer: Ryo Harada
Technical Advisor: Qian Wang (University of Oxford)
Product Designer: Yuki Zetsu, Kazuya Otsuka
Producer: Shinji Takahashi, Ryuta Ohara
Technical Advisor: Qian Wang (University of Oxford)
Film Producer / Director: Taiki Soma (DNA CHINA)
Cinematographer: SIE RUIMING
Executive Producer: Taiki Soma & Chow Xin Yi

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AIB Bank "The Toughest Trade:" (2017) 1:00 (Ireland)

Rothco has created the third season of “The Toughest Trade,” for AIB Bank and the Gaelic Athletic Association. This branded entertainment documentary series continues to test the theory that amateur GAA players can compete at a professional level.In this season, Donegal footballer Michael Murphy joins top rugby side Clermont Auvergne while on the flip side, Welsh rugby star Shane Williams takes on life as an amateur with F.C. Glenswilly. Then in episode two, Wexford hurler Lee Chin travels to Canada to try his hand at Ice hockey with NHL team the Vancouver Canucks. In exchange, Canucks star Alex Auld heads to Wexford to play hurling with Faythe Harries. Out of those sports I only know hockey, really, but it sounds like an interesting enough premise that I would watch for sure.

For anyone lucky enough to live in Ireland, or have access to their TV, The Toughest Trade will air on channel RTÉ2 tomorrow, March 1st, 2017 at 9.30pm and Fri 10th March 2017 at 10.35pm.


Lawn Doctor "Brown Spot" (2017) :20 (USA)

Are you the house on the street with the brown lawn instead of the well-manicured lawn? If so then you’re a — wait for it– grasshole. Do something about it.

Lawn Doctor "Dandelion" (2017) :18 (USA)

Is your lawn spreading dandelions all over the neighborhood? Come on, man. Don’t be a grasshole. “Neighbors talk. We can help,” is a good concept but I’m not sure about the pun here.

Lawn Doctor "Weeds" (2017) :20 (USA)

Good lawns makes for good neighbors. So what do you think a lawn full of weeds does? I don’t know– make neighbors who same you into fixing your lawn?

Lawn Doctor reminds you: don't be a grasshole

Ugh the pun. It hurts. But I guess it’s one way to get people to start thinking about the shape of their lawns and how they should start maintaining them to keep up with the Joneses who will be mocking you behind your back. Neighbors talk, you see. And the last thing you want is for them to talk about your lawn with such contempt. How were you even allowed to buy in this neighborhood? Tsk, tsk, tsk.

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Samsung Heir's Indictment Could Put Deals, Big Decisions On Hold

The indictment of Samsung Electronics Co. de facto chief Jay Y. Lee and four other top executives on bribery and embezzlement charges threatens the company’s ability to make major strategic decisions, including acquisitions and management changes.

While the world’s biggest maker of mobile devices has capable managers who will, as before, continue to roll out new products and expand the business, any acquisitions, major management shuffles and changes to the corporate structure will probably have to wait until Mr. Lee’s legal issues subside.

The vice chairman is accused of directing tens of millions of dollars to entities controlled by a confidante of President Park Geun-hye, in return for government support of a 2015 merger that cemented his control of the group. The indictment is yet another blow to the Suwon, South Korea-based company as it tries to regain its footing following the Note 7 debacle last year and the prosecution of the chaebol’s heir.

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Fashion Advertising is Out of Ideas

Category: Beyond Madison Avenue
Summary: Fashion ads tend to be idealess. Labels are selling an image, not the clothing. Image advertising can still be conceptual, but most fashion ads and campaigns are created by fashion photographers. And most fashion photographers don’t have a clue what an ad “concept” is. To them, a concept is different weird poses…

Time Inc. Asks for Formal Bids From Potential Buyers

The publisher of Time, People and Sports Illustrated is asking suitors to submit offers by next week. The company rejected a buyout offer last year.

Books of The Times: Review: Elif Batuman’s ‘The Idiot’ Sets a Romantic Crush on Simmer

In this first novel, set in 1995, Selin, the daughter of Turkish immigrants, falls for an older student from Hungary during her freshman year at Harvard.

Obamas Make Book Deal With Penguin Random House

The company will publish forthcoming books by former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, concluding a heated auction among multiple publishers.

Tuesday Odds and Ends

-In case you missed it: Here’s W+K’s “The Rest Of Us” spot for Samsung Galaxy which made its broadcast debut during the Academy Awards (video above).

-Havas announced growth of more than 4% for Q4 of 2016, but the network was unable to match its double digit boom from last year.

-Cheil Worldwide’s global CCO Malcolm Poynton is NOT an imperialist. So is he a globalist?

-Eastman Chemical Company appointed Schafer Condon Carter (SCC) as agency of record for its LLumar brand. Its first work for the brand is expected in June. 

-Dunno about the staying power of Snapchat Spectacles. But at least five brands are using them!

-Digital marketing agency Chacka Marketing hired Mike Marcus as director of business solutions.

-Graphic designer, typographer, author, designer and art director David Carson joined 72andSunny’s maker studio HECHO EN 72 as an artist in residence.

We Hear: Deutsch Re-Edited a Taco Bell Spot Some Found Offensive

A Deutsch ad for Taco Bell’s Naked Chicken Chalupa was initially released in two versions, one of which has found the brand receiving some criticism for perceived racial insensitivity. A tipster claims that the agency re-edited the offending footage, but a network mistakenly ran the initial version at least once … and from there it spread across social media.

Deutsch deferred to the client when asked for further comment. We reached out to Taco Bell but have yet to receive a response.

The spot in question follows in the Reefer Madness-esque retro PSA parody style of other ads promoting the chain’s recent menu offerings. In the spot, the narrator throws a Taco Bell wrapper toward a nearby trashcan. But in the offending version he misses the trashcan entirely and instead hits a nearby baby stroller, pushed by a black woman. One Twitter user responded, “Let’s talk about this racist ass Taco Bell commercial.”

According to a party close to the matter, Deutsch planned all along for the wrapper to end up in the trashcan. But the actor couldn’t seem to get the wrapper to its intended target. According to this party, the agency decided the screw-up was funny and sent that version to air. After learning that some had responded negatively, they re-edited an earlier take, which found the wrapper falling closer to the intended target, and utilized effects to make it appear to go in the trash can (despite the lid apparently covering it).

One YouTube video entitled “Racist Taco Bell commercial,” for example, takes issue with the offending moment and has received over 3,000 views.

Accusations of racism in Taco Bell’s advertising are not completely new, though many past complaints focused on a perceived insensitivity toward Hispanic Americans.

Here’s the full, initial edit of the ad, posted by someone who apparently finds it funny.

And here’s a 15-second version, promoting the Naked Chicken Chalupa Box, containing the CG-edited scene. It appears to be the only version up on the The Council for Eating Fried Chicken the Same Way You Always Have channel.

From here it seems like a minor difference, but some viewers very clearly were not amused.

YouTube TV Arrives to Take on Hulu, Netflix and Traditional Pay Television

What’s on YouTube tonight?

Quite a bit of TV actually. On Tuesday, the Google subsidiary introduced YouTube TV with about 40 networks onboard to stream their live broadcasts and cable feeds to its subscribers.

YouTube will charge $35 for the “over the top” service, which will include all the major broadcast networks and cable channels such as ESPN, Disney and FXX.

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A Transgender Bride Makes the Most of a Rainy Wedding Day in This Defiant, Upbeat Insurance Ad

During Sunday’s Oscars telecast, as American ads celebrated young creativity and unity in times of division, one campaign running in Canada took a different tack. In a spot starring transgender actress Joslyn DeFreece, Toronto-based home and auto insurance company Sonnet took a “glass half full” approach to whatever challenges may disrupt the key events of…

Lady Gaga, Pharrell and Ellen Bring the Love in Revlon’s New PSA

If your definition of love is Lady Gaga in blonde bangs, you might enjoy this 30-second PSA that debuted on the Oscars telecast. Directed by Hollywood A-lister Brett Ratner, the black-and-white spot promotes “The Love Project,” a new social initiative from Revlon which, according to the cosmetics giant, “is based on the view that love…

Google anuncia “YouTube TV”, a mais nova rival das TVs por assinatura

A internet não vai matar a televisão, a TV quem vai migrar para a internet. É o que fica claro com o anúncio feito hoje pelo Google na Califórnia, divulgando a chegada do seu novo serviço de streaming de canais de TV, o YouTube TV. Dentre os canais oferecidos pelo serviço estão a ABC, CBS, […]

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McDonald's Steps Up Sustainable Fish Message in Time for Lent

McDonald’s is not changing its Filet-O-Fish recipe, but it is tinkering with its marketing to emphasize sustainable fishing practices as the busiest season for the fried fish is about to begin.

Two new commercials and an upcoming digital video showcase the wild-caught Alaskan pollock used in the sandwich.

The Filet-O-Fish is available year-round, but the Lenten season, which this year begins March 1, is its biggest selling time. About 25% of all Filet-O-Fish sandwiches are sold during Lent, McDonald’s said.

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