Take a Gorgeous Deep Sea Dive in Microsoft's New Breathless Fantasy for the Future

Microsoft is back with the latest installment in its “Productivity Future Vision” series—and this time, it’s drifting through the story of a marine biologist, Kat, and a corporate executive, Lola, who collaborate on a complex undersea project. Naturally, thanks to Microsoft, they get thoroughly immersed in their work.

The goal of the six-minute film is to whet viewers’ appetites for Microsoft products and services that are roughly five to ten years away. In this regard, the impressive video—with visual storytelling that puts some sci-fi epics to shame—makes a big splash. Sexy tech on display includes scuba gear that generates holograms for oceanographic study and a segmented bracelet that’s also a computer (it forms a larger display when its pieces are joined). There’s also a hyper-flexible magazine-like digital device that works with a stylus. One especially cool demo even shows hologram Lola “beaming” into a meeting, and interacting with data on a wall-size blackboard-screen, just as if she was in the room.

As in Microsoft’s previous productivity plays, as well as its home-of-the-future clip a ways back, the new video assures a shimmering techtopia of endless endeavor, achievement and connectivity. In this particular clip, there’s an emphasis on seamlessly “fluid” communications and information sharing—hence the aquatic theme. In effect, though, all that water reminds me of the blue screen of death… but I’m sure nothing could possibly go wrong.

And frankly, Microsoft’s notion of the future has always seemed kind of fishy, anyways. Everyone’s toiling all the time. Even the future house is overstimulating, with its motion-activated wallpaper and tweets dancing through the halls. Watching this stuff gives me a sinking feeling that we’ll be drowning in technology, with no time to come up for air. Maybe the company should develop an inflatable device that helps us float around the pool as we unplug and decompress.

On the bright side, Internet Explorer’s finally capsized. We’ll see if its successor, code-named Project Spartan, is really such a catch.

The 6 Futuristic Inventions in This Electrolux Design Contest Will Blow Your Mind

A few weeks ago, we were super excited to hear news of a real working hoverboard. And now that we’ve tackled Back to the Future, Electrolux has its sights set on the Jetsons. 

The Electrolux Design Lab has whittled down 1,700 entries from 27 countries to six finalists in its tech design contest for students. The theme of the competition is to prototype healthy living solutions for the future—specifically, culinary enjoyment, fabric care and air purification.

“For this year’s global design competition, we asked students to submit concepts based on our theme ‘Creating Healthy Homes,’ ” says Lars Erikson, head of group design at Electrolux. “The finalists’ concepts are truly innovative and offer new ideas on how we might be living our lives in the future, whether it’s eating healthier or being more sustainable.”

The winner will be announced next week. And while there’s no guarantee these products will ever hit the shelves of your local Best Buy, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

1. Set to Mimic
Your kids will eat that cauliflower now—because it tastes like potato chips! If this thing ever exists, I’ll be putting some grass and dirt on the plate, and saying “STEAK!”

2. Future Hunter-Gatherer
In the future, you can hunt fish with a lightsaber, and a man will deliver one to your door in plastic wrap!

3. Pure Towel
Here’s the one I could actually imagine being sold at Bed Bath & Beyond. 

4. urbanCONE
In the future, the air will be cleaner. But it will also be full of drones and these weird things. 

“Here you go, honey, I drank a two-liter of Coke Zero and turned the empty bottle into this dress. Let’s go. We’re late.”

6. Lotus
This “seed of fresh air” would be particularly handy if you have flatulent roommates or partners. 

One Day My Child You Will Be

Après l’initiative d’Adele Enersen avec Mila’s Daydreams, c’est au tour du photographe Malo, de prendre en photo son bébé. Dans sa série « Un jour, mon enfant tu seras », il imagine le futur métier de son enfant : de boucher, catcheur à curé en passant par boxeur. Une série amusante à découvrir dans la suite.

Portfolio d’Eric Maloberti
Exposition jusqu’à fin février à la Bettina à Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Eric Maloberti 11
Eric Maloberti 10
Eric Maloberti 9
Eric Maloberti 8
Eric Maloberti 7
Eric Maloberti 6
Eric Maloberti 5
Eric Maloberti 4
Eric Maloberti 3
Eric Maloberti 2
Eric Maloberti 1
Eric Maloberti 12

Futuristic Styled Apartment in Moscow

Les décorateurs d’intérieur russes de chez Geometrix Design ont imaginé cette maison à Moscou avec pour seul mot d’ordre : le futur. Et ils ont merveilleusement réussi à rendre compte de la dimension futuriste avec un jeu sur les formes cubiques des objets et des murs en relief. Plus d’images dans la suite.

Futuristic Apartment in Russia 13
Futuristic Apartment in Russia 12
Futuristic Apartment in Russia 11
Futuristic Apartment in Russia 10
Futuristic Apartment in Russia 9
Futuristic Apartment in Russia 7
Futuristic Apartment in Russia 6
Futuristic Apartment in Russia 5
Futuristic Apartment in Russia 4
Futuristic Apartment in Russia 3
Futuristic Apartment in Russia 2
Futuristic Apartment in Russia 1

Artist Imagines Meeting Her Young Self

Dans la lignée de l’excellent travail de la photographe Irina Werning avec Back to the Future, voici la très belle série de Chino Otsuka qui s’est imaginé et incrusté elle-même dans ses photos d’enfance : une pose à coté de l’enfant qu’elle était. Plus d’images de son projet intitulé « Imagine Finding Me » dans la suite de l’article.

Beach 2

3D Printing Future Exhibition

Le 8 octobre 2013 a eu lieu l’exposition 3D : Printing the Future au Science Museum de Londres. L’occasion de découvrir les dernières avancées et prouesses dans le domaine de l’impression 3D, notamment grâce à des photos de Oli Scarff. Plus d’images des projets sur le site et dans la suite de l’article.

3D Printing Future Exhibition10
3D Printing Future Exhibition9
3D Printing Future Exhibition8
3D Printing Future Exhibition7
3D Printing Future Exhibition6
3D Printing Future Exhibition5
3D Printing Future Exhibition4
3D Printing Future Exhibition3
3D Printing Future Exhibition2
3D Printing Future Exhibition1
3D Printing Future Exhibition
3D Printing Future Exhibition12

The Future of Wingsuiting

Le studio « Is this it » a réalisé cette superbe vidéo appelée Outlines suivant le champion du monde de Wingsuit, Espen Fadnes. Avec des images magnifiques, cette création s’interroge avec passion sur l’avenir de cette pratique très impressionnante. A découvrir en vidéo dans la suite de l’article.

The Future of Wingsuiting 6
The Future of Wingsuiting 5
The Future of Wingsuiting 4
The Future of Wingsuiting 3e
The Future of Wingsuiting 3
The Future of Wingsuiting 1z
The Future of Wingsuiting 1
The Future of Wingsuiting 2

The World of Mad Men in 2013

Afin de célébrer le retour de la célèbre série TV « Mad Men », les équipes du site Shutterstock ont imaginé les équivalences entre notre époque et celle de la série. Un phénomène et un style graphique décrypté à travers plusieurs éléments, objets et personnages, le tout dans une comparaison entre les années 1960 et 2013.


Google Glass

Google a dévoilé aujourd’hui une nouvelle vidéo de présentation de ses lunettes intelligentes. Proposant une multitude de possibilités qui font rêver comme visioconférence, GPS, recherches internet, traduction ou enregistrement vidéo. Ce projet incroyable Google Glass annoncé depuis avril 2012 est à découvrir en vidéo.

Google Glass17
Google Glass16
Google Glass15
Google Glass14
Google Glass10
Google Glass9
Google Glass8
Google Glass7
Google Glass6
Google Glass4
Google Glass5
Google Glass2
Google Glass3
Google Glass1

Air Drive Photography

Le français Renaud Marion a imaginé cette superbe série d’images sobrement intiulée « Air Drive ». Volontairement rétro-futuriste afin de montrer comment le photographe imaginait les années 2000 dans son enfance, les clichés retouchés par Armand Mongallon sont à découvrir dans la suite de l’article.

Air Drive5
Air Drive4
Air Drive3
Air Drive2
Air Drive
Air Drive6

Lacoste – Polo of the Future

Voici la nouvelle campagne de Lacoste en exclusivité sur Fubiz, par l’agence MNSTR sur une réalisation du duo Fleur et Manu. A l’occasion de leur 80 ans, le film met en scène le futur du polo et propose des interactions avec une nouvelle génération de vêtement. Un concept à découvrir en vidéo dans la suite.

LACOSTE Polo Future 4
LACOSTE Polo Future 7
LACOSTE Polo Future 8
LACOSTE Polo Future 9
LACOSTE Polo Future 10
LACOSTE Polo Future 11
LACOSTE Polo Future 3
LACOSTE Polo Future 1
LACOSTE Polo Future 5
LACOSTE Polo Future 6

New York Circular Tube

Le Municipal Art Society of New York a demandé à plusieurs cabinets d’architecture de proposer des projets de réaménagement du Grand Central. SOM a eu l’idée de concevoir ce New York Circular Tube, avec une architecture unique et une passerelle reliant les deux tours. Un projet époustouflant à découvrir en images.

New York Circular Tube2
New York Circular Tube10
New York Circular Tube9
New York Circular Tube8
New York Circular Tube7
New York Circular Tube6
New York Circular Tube5
New York Circular Tube4
New York Circular Tube3
New York Circular Tube1

The Future of Table Tennis

Voici ce projet de table de ping-pong futuriste imaginé par Robert Lindström. En effet, la table répond au toucher des joueurs et de la balle. Utilisant un processeur ainsi que la reconnaissance vocale d’Apple, cette table voit et entend la partie, jusqu’à pouvoir discuter d’un point et rappeler au joueur leurs coups.

The Future of Table Tennis 4
The Future of Table Tennis 9
The Future of Table Tennis 8
The Future of Table Tennis 7
The Future of Table Tennis 6
The Future of Table Tennis 5
The Future of Table Tennis 3
The Future of Table Tennis 2
The Future of Table Tennis 10

Eurostar Interior Design

Découverte de Christopher Jenner qui nous propose sa vision d’avenir de l’Eurostar, reliant Paris à Londres. Avec un design splendide, ce projet à la fois simple et futuriste permet de donner une âme et une identité à ce train joignant 2 des plus grandes capitales du monde. Plus d’images dans la suite.

Eurostar Interior Design3
Eurostar Interior Design2
Eurostar Interior Design

Renault Alpine

La voiture de Renault Alpine fête ses 50 ans. Pour célébrer cet évènement, la marque lui offre un concept-car baptisé Renault Alpine A110-50, alliant performance et design dans un film magnifique de Julien Rocher, produit par l’Ecurie et tourné avec la participation des célèbres pilotes Jean Ragnotti et Erik Coma

Renault Alpine8
Renault Alpine7
Renault Alpine6
Renault Alpine5
Renault Alpine3
Renault Alpine2
Renault Alpine1
Renault Alpine

BMW i8 Spyder Concept

Après les premières images, BMW nous dévoile son nouveau concept car. Un véhicule aux lignes splendides représentant la voiture de sport du futur. Avec des hautes performances mais surtout un design incroyable, ce modèle à couper le souffle est à découvrir dans la suite.










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Why Facebook Will Do Search And Why Google Needs Social

Mark Zuckerberg posted a picture of himself in front of his computer, and an eagle-eyed blogger noticed that his version of Facebook sports a larger-than-usual search box. An unintended leak or not, Facebook competing in search is only a matter of time just as, in retrospect, it was inevitable that Google would integrate social elements deeper into its main product.

This is why.

It wouldn’t be a revelation to say that no large-scale ad delivery system is perfect.

Reason one is that, at any given moment, only a fraction of the exposed audience is actively on the market for the benefit that the advertised product delivers.  Yes, I actually might be interested in switching to your cell phone plan, but talk to me in 15 months when my contract is about to expire. This is the efficiency problem of advertising: in order to reach the few people who are interested right now, the delivery systems by necessity overshoot and spam the crap bejesus out of thousands who promptly tune out.

Reason two is that few would admit they believe advertising. People consider the source and recognize the nature of the claims as self-serving and discount them accordingly.  This is the effectiveness problem. The advertisers’ typical recourse is to bypass rational thought altogether and to beat the claim into the audience’s subconscious through incessant repetition.

(Now is a good time to note that we are are talking only about ad delivery here. Effectiveness of creative is a different topic.)

That’s what the main media planning principles of “reach” and “frequency” are about — solving for efficiency and effectiveness. In the picture above, this situation is illustrated by the undesirable lower-left quadrant that says “You Are Here.” You are there because most of the existing large ad delivery systems are both inefficient and ineffective.

Except for two.

Google with all its imperfections is the most efficient way to deliver ads — only people who need something now would actively look for something and see an ad for it.

And even though it took them awhile, Facebook is figuring out that they have this whole effectiveness thing down. According to many studies (the one below, and others, including my own), friends are the most trusted source of product information. Facebook has hundreds of millions of friends, and Facebook also sells advertising, and now Facebook is putting two and two together to make advertising that comes from friends.

But Google and Facebook each solve only half of the efficiency/effectiveness problem.  The impeccably timed search ads Google delivers are still self-serving. And the perfectly trustworthy social ads on Facebook still show up at the wrong time. In other words,  Facebook and Google each have what the other doesn’t, and they are going to fight for it.

On Google’s end, this is what the whole Search Plus Your World business is about — fixing the source problem.  That’s why the push to get people to +1 stuff, and then connect people into social graphs via Gmail and Google+, and then use +1ers as implicit endorsers. Not, you might notice, unlike Facebook.

And Facebook needs to fix its targeting. “Interests” have an expiry date and “likes” of pop-culture icons are only tangential indicators of predisposition towards, say, vacuum cleaners. Facebook does have several more precise mechanisms for intent targeting useful for certain categories (a recent change of status to “engaged” is a reliable signal for the wedding industry), but by and large nothing as precise of an intent indicator as search.

Hence the picture of Zuck in front of an extra-large search box.

Coca-Cola Future Room

A l’occasion des 125 ans de la marque Coca-Cola, Antilop a transformé la galerie Santralistanbul en une salle futuriste et immersive. Reprenant l’univers de la marque mondialement connu, le concept très bien réalisé se dévoile en vidéo dans la suite de l’article.






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Future: The Pirate Bay Loads Up on Physical Goods

Not science fiction anymore, this: “Once chairs and other things become content, the prospect of rampant chair piracy turns from unimaginable into very real.”  The Pirate Bay is opening a new category for the new kind of piratable stuff: “We believe that the next step in copying will be made from digital form into physical form. It will be physical objects. Or as we decided to call them: Physibles. Data objects that are able (and feasible) to become physical. We believe that things like three dimensional printers, scanners and such are just the first step. We believe that in the nearby future you will print your spare sparts for your vehicles. You will download your sneakers within 20 years.”

In the world where all merchandise is either basic materials or data about how to arrange them, what is the role of brands?

Keloid Trailer

Visuellement magnifique, Keloid se base sur les suppositions du chercheur Eliezer Yudkowsky et prend comme sujet la place du robot et son émancipation face à l’humain. Keloid est un court-métrage réalisé par le studio Big Lazy Robot qui se dévoile en partie dans un trailer dans la suite.





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