SKYN – Save Intimacy (2018) :45 (France)

SKYN - Save Intimacy (2018) :45 (France)

Technology is destroying our intimacy.

BETC brings back the Fashion Charity Sale

If you happen to be in Paris next weekend, you might want to go shopping. For a good cause. BETC has once again partnered with anti-AIDS NGO called AIDES for a Fashion Charity Sale.
The sale will run from the 9th to the 11th of June in Les Magasins généraux which also happens to be the new office building of the BETC. This is located in a Parisian suburb called Pantin.

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BETC brings back the Fashion Charity Sale

If you happen to be in Paris next weekend, you might want to go shopping. For a good cause. BETC has once again partnered with anti-AIDS NGO called AIDES for a Fashion Charity Sale.
The sale will run from the 9th to the 11th of June in Les Magasins généraux which also happens to be the new office building of the BETC. This is located in a Parisian suburb called Pantin.

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Welcome to The World Of Playdoh

Oh how fun this must have been to create– literally. Play-Doh is a nice reminder that while apps and photo editing tools are nice, nothing is better than getting your hands into the mix. This was also built around the insight that when kids play they, they don’t just play. They build worlds around them. It took months of trial and error until these Play-Doh crafted lines were ready for the spotlight. Every piece was shot in studio by French photographer Marc Da Cunha Lopes. When’s the last time you saw a hand-made campaign?

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Consuming Too Much Info? You Might Be Infobese, Say These Very Strange Ads (NSFW)

There’s more than one way to feel the flab. But however much time you spend on the treadmill, French ad publication Influencia hopes to draw your attention to a more insidious fitness foe you may be overlooking—infobesity. 

It’s getting the conversation started with a surreal campaign from Glory Paris.

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Who Is Louise Delage? The Troubling Truth Behind an Overnight Instagram Success

We all know a girl like Louise Delage. You’ve been on Instagram for years and are scraping by with 50 likes on a good day—then she appears on the scene, with her fun little life, and cultivates over 16,000 followers in a few months.

In the years following LonelyGirl15, we learned to be wary of that kind of success. Who is this girl, and what does she do? But “personal branding,” Instagram stardom and the overall pressure to demonstrate the most photogenic parts of our lives has perhaps blunted our critical knives. Aren’t we all stars for somebody? 

So when Louise Delage arrived on Instagram on Aug. 1, bearing drinks and a cheerful, sun-soaked smile, few wondered who she was. Many assumed she was one more chic Parisian. Maybe she had one of those depressed Instagram husbands whose sole role in life is to capture their muses for an insatiable audience.

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McCann Created an Escort Service That Had a Macabre Surprise for Anyone Who Tried It

Prostitution has always been fraught with the risk of violence, but today the internet provides broader scope and anonymity. Alongside the sense of entitlement that some people get when they pay for something, this both strengthens the industry while making it harder to see its victims.

That’s why French organization Le Mouvement du Nid launched its own escort website, with help from McCann Paris.

Wait, what…? 

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Parents Will Love This Sweet, Heartbreaking Ikea Ad With a Kid Picking Out Furniture

The first trip a person makes to Ikea is often with his or her parents. Buzzman Paris brings that bittersweet visit to life in “My Son,” an ad that opens on a mom strolling the store with a boy who can’t be more than 10 years old. 

For someone so young, the kid proves oddly precocious. He makes a beeline for a kitchen island, admiring the surface material. He lauds the practicality of slide-out drawers, and measures furniture while his mother wistfully observes. 

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We Tested This South Park Fart-Smelling VR Device, and Now We Can Never Unsmell It

The inside of my nose smells like South Park, and I’m worried it will never go away.

If you weren’t following the Olympics—which saturated all media—too closely, by now you probably know about Nosulus Rift, a bizarre odor-VR product created for Ubisoft’s latest South Park game by Paris agency Buzzman and its product arm, Productman, which launched in June.

Some background: The game, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, will be released in December, so it’s deep in promotions period. Demos are already circulating at conferences like Paris Games Week and Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. 

In the story, all your favorite South Park characters have formed a superhero squad, and you’re the new kid, trying to fit in. You are also blessed with a unique superpower—magical farts, which enable you to fight enemies, piss off Cartman … and also travel in time.

Enter the Nosulus Rift, Productman’s first-ever product. 

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This Ad for a Snorkeling Mask Is So Elegant, You Won't Want to Hit the Beach Without One

This ain’t your grandpa’s snorkeling mask.

To promote Tribord’s Easybreath full-face snorkeling mask, French agency Rosapark released a spot that almost seamlessly blends water and sky—a visual metaphor for how the Easybreath lets you breathe underwater just like you do on land. 

“Easybreath is a real innovation in the world of diving—gone is the need for a separate mask and snorkel, and the difficulties some people having using them,” explains the agency’s creative director, Jamie Standen. “Our brief was to get across the scale of this invention.” 

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McDonald's "Gvavicheese VA" (2016) 1:26 (France)

This ad is a spoof of Gravity. And it is hilarious. Dabitch quipped that French food is so good they have to make really good McDonald’s ads to make up for it. I tend to agree.
“Are their pickles on there?”
“You know there are pickles, man!”
The rug pull at the end is also decidedly French. I’m freaking lovin’ this.

French road safety Sécurité routière #Toustouchés / #Allaffected (2016) :30 (2016)

French road safety Sécurité routière #Toustouchés / #Allaffected (2016) :30 (2016)
As France revs up to slow down in the summer break, Sécurité routière French road safety – continues their campaign to highlight the absurd risks of driving too fast. In February “Shockwave” showed the real shockwave of a collision, all those lives shattered, ended and affected by a single crash. For only a small gain in time, such as 7 minutes for a journey between Paris and Lille if you’re 10kms/h faster, the consequences of a crash are hugely disproportionate.

The campaign, currently airing on TV, with billboards and other OOH already up shows the graphic chain reaction of a crash, reminding everyone that we are #allaffected by a crash. The dramatic effect of flying bodies is not simple gore, it’s to remind you of all the people who are not in the crash who are affected by the crash. The billboards shows bodies flying through the air, trailing a speeding car.

However due to the horrible truck attack in Nice, with so many children hurt or dead after a truck literally targeted people enjoying fireworks on the boardwalk, this campaign may have to be rescheduled or pulled completely from the air.

Sécurité Routière – The Sunshine Highway – France anti speeding poster

The summer campaign version of Sécurité Routière’s All affected campaign, which shows the real effect of speeding, so many lives are affected by a single collision. This campaign is called « The Sunshine Highway » and the film with it follows the same flying bodies idea as the earlier film “Shockwave”.

Tribord Easybreath – Breathe underwater (2016) :60 (France)

Tribord Easybreath - Breathe underwater (2016) :60 (France)
How do you sell something that makes you look like an antenna-headed teletubbie, without having the audience break out in giggles?

Simple, show people what you’ll see when you use this. As the mask covers the entire face, it allows you to breathe naturally underwater, to inhale through your nose and exhale your mouth. It’s just like it is on land, except you’re floating, gazing at your surroundings. The interchanging, often indistinguishable, images of sky and water underscore how natural this feels. I’ll have to try this, I love snorkling. Suddenly, the camera flips 180° and we see the swimmer from below, realizing his whole immersive experience was provided by the Easybreath mask. The selling is all in the visual execution here. conceived by Rosapark and well directed by Fleur&Manu who merged underwater and sky. The music is created by composer Laurent Perez Del Mar. Gorgeous all around.

I won’t mind looking like a white alien teletubbie in this mask if it feels like this. Sign me up.

Europcar and Mercedes "Carousel of dreams' (2016) :48 (France)

Who says we have to stop dreaming as we get older? Not Europcar, who together with Mercedes-Benz, built an adult sized-carousel featuring Benzes instead of horses. This spot is so wondrous it’s almost a shame. Because this actually a real event. They built a gigantic carousel in London that was 5 meters high and 11 meters wide, with 5 of the latest Mercedes-Benz models. And real people were invited to sit in the cars and go in a circle under a cloud of over 10,000 balloons. I would have loved to have seen the actual people who participated in the event. When Toyota built an amusement park ride for Camry a few years ago, it was highly entertaining to watch real people get driven through it. This spot ends up feeling fake which is a shame since it wasn’t.

Euro 2016 Foes Spread the Love, Not HIV, in Risqué French AIDS Awareness Ads

Talk about sexual healing. On the heels of Skittles shedding its rainbow for London Pride, Euro 2016 is seeing color in some unexpected places.

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Porn Stars Lose Their Partners in French Cable Ads That Would Never Fly Here (NSFW)

Mainstream American marketing doesn’t like to touch pornography at all, but this French campaign for pay-cable TV provider Canal+ revels in it—in amusingly offbeat fashion.

The agency, BETC, wanted to communicate that Canal+ now has gathered together the best porn content, leaving other providers a bit … empty-handed. So, it filmed mock sex scenes—with real porn stars—but with only one of the two people present.

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Transavia "#HolidaysOnDemand" (2016) 1:48 (France)

Introducing the first VoD platform that gets you moving. Transavia partnered with Canal to create an extra option along side each movie: the HOD option. If you choose SVOD you’d watch the movie as usual but if you chose HOD, you would discover how to live the movie, not just watch it. Ticket sales increased by 14%.
Overall, more than 120 movies were linked to Transavia destinations. Hopefully none of them were Midnight Express.
I’ll see myself out.

McDonald's France wants you to come as you are

McDonald’s is official partner of the UEFA Euro 2016 and it wanted to extended a welcome hand to the European fans who will descend on France this summer. Under their tagline Come As You Are, BETC Paris and McDonald’s celebrates all fans, regardless of the teams they support. Photographed by Kim Reenberg, the visuals demonstrate the power of good sportsmanship, tolerance and diversity by showing fans holding up scarves that support two countries. with the country names merging to become a new country.

Why Famous French People Are Suddenly Hating on Their Own National Soccer Team

In eyebrow-raising Twitter fodder this week, the French former professional soccer player and coach Raymond Domenech tweeted, “#JeNeSupportePasLesBleus,” which translates to “I can’t stand the Blues.”

This was weird—especially in advance of the Euro 2016 event, which France is hosting this year. “The Blues” is a nickname for French national sports teams (because, you know, of the blue uniforms). But it refers most often to the national soccer team … which Domenech used to coach. 

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