WotNext.. Porn Peddling by Telstra?

**** Update : Thursday 6th December. As expected, the Federal Communications Minister has today ordered an investigation by ACMA into the sale of adult content ****

Australia’s #1 Telcommunications carrier, Telstra is this morning embroiled in a scandal involving it’s YouTube styled user generated content site WotNext, which was found to have a number of soft-porn clips.

WotNext is unique in that it has a revenue sharing model whereby contributors earn money each time a user of Telstra’s NextG mobile service downloads a clip. Each clip is charged at $1 and Telstra takes 50%, with the other 50% being credited to the user.

The key issue is that no age verfication takes place either on the site, or the mobile handset, therefore minors can access adult content.

News.com.au and the Sydney Morning Herald are both reporting the story, with News.com.au having captured and censored one of the clips for publication.

It will be interesting to see whether Telstra will undertake an audit of its userbase to ascertain whether any minors have indeed accessed adult content and whether Telstra is prepared to refund any money it earned through minors having access. No doubt the incoming Communications Minister, Senator Stephen Conroy, will be asking Telstra to ‘Please Explain’.

Furthermore, Telstra may have potentially committed a criminal act by selling porn to minors. The Australian Media and Communication Authority’s (ACMA) “Internet Content Guidelines” and “Adult Verification Scheme” has specific guidelines relating to the access of adult content online.

Earlier this year, the site was lauded for its effort by the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA) when it won Best of Show at the 2007 Mobile Marketing Awards. The agencies credited include, George Patterson Y&R and Tiger Spike.

Unlike YouTube, Telstra claim the site is moderated. However this Google cache snapshot, clearly shows at least one of the controversial videos was posted back in July 2007, casting doubt over Telstra’s assertion that the site is moderated.

Beware the pitfalls of user generated content!


Some weird and wonderful work amongst the stuff that’s been awarded at this year’s AWARD and ADMA awards.

Big kudos to Saatchi and Saatchi New Zealand who picked up Agency of the Year, and to Tequila and Host, who had a number of winners peppered through different categories

It seems AWARD certainly hasn’t been easy-going with the pencils, and I’ve heard from one judge who confirmed that it was indeed “a tough year”.

Some of the categories are of course getting even more blurred. Mobile and innovative media? Should that be included here?

More work is spilling out into other sections, which is awesome. Mobile is crossing over into online (and vice versa), and integrated work is becoming the standard rather than the exception.


Well, below are the main winners in the categories that as of 2007, are currently known as “Interactive”.

(Compare to what won at Cannes in the Cyber category here.)

Only two banner executions picked up anything, and those were part of the follow-up Staedtler The Pen is Mightier than the Mouse campaign by Host.


Nicely-told story of the Battle for the Bronchs done by Tequila


The black character does look a little like Allen Iverson, no?


It almost looks like Tenacious D themselves had a hand in The Greatest Website in the World again by Tequila Australia


Tight make-your-own-ad for Nike with Kimewaza Battle by Beacon Communications Japan


ElectroCity by Rivet New Zealand is the kind of game you would have tried to get your school teacher to let you play instead of doing real work. Nicely crafted too.



Golden Compass Daemons by Tequila again. (You might have to dig deep into the Flash for it.)



And the Hallensteins Interactive Changing Room by Saatchi’s New Zealand which I believe also won in the newly-created Dressing Room Innovation Category


Over at ADMA, some of the big winners were the lovingly-crafted Home Sweet As by Host, the Aussie-as Ashes Viral by Tribal DDB and Clemenger Proximity picking up a big tick for “social networking” withV-Raw

A text only PDF of ADMA and AWARD winners can be found here and here respectively. And Campaign Brief, in a great move forward with digital technology, have actually got color pictures of the winners in their PDF round-up.

More work to be posted as we come across it.

Well done to those who won. To those who didn’t, we best get working for next year.

The Upside Down Under

Kevin Rudd may have knocked off John Howard to become Australia’s Prime Minister, but now the hard part comes in trying to lead a country that has never had a sense of direction.

Snoop Dogg – Sensual Seduction


For those of you who don’t know, Snoop Dogg is a rapper. A gangsta, bitch-slapping-cop-killing rapper.
But Snoop, on top of this, is an artist with an amazing trayectory that has already surpassed hip hop, and he’s had the vision to collaborate with artists of all kinds.
Now, for a change, he recently released a hottt video. There are many like this one, I know, but this must be one of few I’ve seen that is so well executed.
Check the small details, like when the image repeats itself as the echo fades. Classic!.
And while we’re at it. The song is pretty damn cool too.
He’ll be coming to Chile soon, so those of you who are going, let me know how it was.

Graduating Design Students

It’s December which means that all the universities and colleges will be hosting their graduating exhibition. In the hope that the students will get a good job somewhere.

You would expect this part of the course to be the most important. The entire 2-4 years of study is wasted unless you get a job. Theory, attendance, attitude are all meaningless it all comes down to how good your book it. Does your work stand out from the pack? But how do you stand out when ou’r work is shoved into a corner of a room somewhere.

With that in mind why don’t the uni’s make more of an effort to sell their students to prospective companies. Why isn’t there a special screening of students just for potential employers? Why doesn’t every uni have an online database of students with their work samples?

Hyperisland seem to do this well but no uni (well none that I have seen) even come close to having a way to access a list of students and their work online.

There’s talented people all around Australia but there’s no way I’m going to Canberra on the chance I can see someone. Let alone Perth, Adelaide or any of those states.

What this does create is a way for the determined students to get a leg up on other students, but sadly the most determined students aren’t always the best.

Does anyone else have the same experience? or am I expecting too much?

Economic Indoctrination

The neoliberal indoctrination of young economics students in universities around the world all starts with one textbook – N. Gregory Mankiw’s Principles of Economics.

The Canadians have creeped me out.

Holy jumping bass! I know I must be way, way late to the conversation about this campaign but, sweet baby peas, this made me jump right out of my chair.

I had heard tale of a campaign from the big, snowy that made Safe Happens look like an Archie comic, but  I just ran across it today. What say ye people? Horror film or effective ad? I’ll go first. Generally, I don’t go for the gore. But I have to admit these do change my thinking about safety. Or, at least, they really have made me think about safety. Somehow that gets me over the "taste’ hump.

Yanick Dusseault



Gattaca, War of the Worlds, The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.
Only a few of the movies Yanick Dusseault has made his amazing matte paintings for.

The Digital Pitch

The rise of the digital media gives advertisers unprecedented access to your personal life. With billions of dollars at stake, corporations are using this powerful medium to hone their ads precisely to your interests and unconsciously influence your ideas and values.

cosasnotansimples at DesignYouTrust


Today I noticed that my website had climbed a few spots more than ussual in the Blogalaxia rank, which then led me to check my stats to find out that my web had been featured at the always awesome DesignYouTrust, a blog dedicated to showcase graphic design at its best around the world.
An absolute and total honor that leaves me more than happy with renewed energy to keep working.

V Water London



Hotshop Awards 2007


Australian Creative magazine are again running their Hotshop award for 2007. This time they remembered to include “Digital/Interactive” in the official entry form!

It’s $110 an entry and entries close Jan 23, 2008 so plenty of time to get a sexy looking entry together. Last year there were around 11 interactive agencies who entered. Let’s see if we can boost that up for this year.

Munk Yourself!


20th Century Fox wants you to Munk Yourself for Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Create your own chipmunk character and record a custom message (which gets chipmunkatized) and send it on to friends. It’s similar to Simpsons avatar or Simponize Me, except the emphasis is on recording your own message and the users voice rather than uploading your face.

Designed and built by Soap Creative using Oddcast technology.

The Simple Life: How To Bring The Land Back To Us

Long before organic grocery stores and hybrid cars, our grandparents led the kind of sustainable lifestyle that everyone from environmentalists to celebrities are now endorsing. As the world struggles with its ecological crisis, it’s time to look back at how the previous generations lived if we want to save the planet for the next.

Changing Climate

Once the preserve almost exclusively of environmentalists and scientists, 2007 was the year when climate change went big business. But this corporate volte-face raises some serious problems about  whether we should accept this overture or steer clear of what still looks like industry greenwashing.

Fred Eerdekens



What you can do by proyecting shadows.

Bearded Ski mask


Gotta get me one of these… and so can you for about US$135.

Treuce with my server


If you were around my website in the last 4 or 5 days, you might have noticed that sometimes it appeared full, other times some posts were missing, then some comments and so on. I even think one or two posts were lost for good.
The thing is after some conversations with my hosting provider and their really good attention, en theroy my website is now fully functional as it should be. No missing contents, no bugs, no nothing. Or at least it should.
So to all of you who saw my website pop up differently every time you went into it, my appologies, and if you have a comment, complaint, advice, etc. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment to this entry.
Much love everyone and thanks for visiting my website.

Ben Newman + Ric Stultz + Joe Infurnari

Ben Newman

  • Ben Newman est un illustrateur de Bristol. Le style très découpage + matière trash est cool :)

Ric Stultz

Joe Infurnari

  • Joe Infurnari a réalisé une BD en ligne appelé The Process que je vous invite à lire.
  • Il a un site très complet sur ses réalisations graphiques… Il est fort ;)

The Futures Channel


I got to this website through a post in ComputerLove about cell phones design and the importance of millimeters. A really good video, but then I noticed on the side there was this video about skateboards design, and after I saw that one, I saw another one about bicycle design, and then another about guitars design, and I’ve been hopping from video to video throughout all morning.
An excelent website with videos on science applied to non-traditional matters under the m.o. “Connecting learning to the real world”.
Link: The Futures Channel.