Pringles Were Not Made for You, You Were Made for Pringles

Packaged goods advertising is often mind-numbing. So, imagine everyone’s surprise to learn that Pringles is Mind Popping. What is Mind Popping? This is Mind Popping: the universe is shaped like a Pringles chip. Saying so takes ‘self-absorbed’ to a saltier place. But it’s fun, so let’s watch. Pringles worked with London-based advertising agency Grey/UK on […]

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Now on Spotify: Magically Delicious Sugar-Coated Grooves

General Mills-owned cereal brand Lucky Charms is in the entertainment business. I’m happy to see the packaged goods brand recognize it and act on it. According to The Drum, Lucky the Leprechaun has dropped his debut album, “Magically Delicious,” which is now available across all major streaming platforms but promoted exclusively on Spotify. The album […]

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Safety First, Let’s Shake On It

It is Back to School season. Due to the pandemic, the annual tradition is now fraught with concern for everyone’s safety and well being. Consequently, educators around the nation are busy mapping out safe ways for students to return to schools, classrooms, and dorms while social distancing. Thankfully, some helpful materials are being made available […]

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Washington Wine In Crushable Cans, Plus Peanuts In A Paper Bag

Are you hungry for some ad snacks? You’ve come to the right place. Animation Is Having A Moment Earlier this summer, Chateau Ste. Michelle (Washington’s founding winery) introduced a new bottled offering – its first foray into canned beverages. Four new wines in smaller serve aluminum bottles are now available across Washington, Oregon, New York, […]

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Feather’s Story Is The Story of Our Time

Agency MABU in Bismark, ND created a beautiful animated video for its pro-bono client, National Congress of American Indians. “Feather’s Story” is the first-person account of a child’s struggle with the negativity and chaos of the modern world. The combination of a child’s story, watercolors, stunning animation, traditional dance, and original song combine to make […]

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If Your Feel Restricted By Your Garments, It’s Not Duluth Trading’s Fault

Building a brand while making the register ring—it’s every CMO’s dream. Sadly, it’s not a reality for most, as the ads they make and run fall into either the direct marketing (or drive-to-retail) camp or the brand camp. Duluth Trading Company rises above the din of ad noise with its long-running animated ad campaign that […]

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Animated Cult Classic Gets A Boost from New Sixty-Second Remix

Archer is animation with attitude. Lovingly spoofing Bond, excessive machismo, and occasionally Smokey and the Bandit, the series’ absurdity and intelligence have resonated with audiences since the series premiered in 2009. Thanks to FX Networks, fans of the animated series are able to feast on classic Archer episodes twice weekly on Tuesday and Friday nights. To promote the […]

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America Is Ugly. Americans Who Vote Are Beautiful.

Alamo Drafthouse invited writers, actors and filmmakers from all over the United States to collaborate on the most outrageous, entertaining and non-partisan under-30-second PSAs imaginable, all with one goal: Urging American citizens to vote. The winning PSA in the Filmmaking Frenzy for America contest will now screen nationally at Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas and online until […]

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Hippos Don’t Ice Skate

The hippopotamus, or hippo, is a large, mostly herbivorous, semiaquatic mammal native to sub-Saharan Africa. Traditionally, hippos don’t ice skate, but this one does… Instant Finance and Contagion agency want loan seekers to believe anything is possible—and if hippos can skate on ice—clearly, anything is possible.

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Be Bright, Use A Light

One cyclist in four rides without a bike light in Brussels (I believe the numbers are even higher in Portland, OR), putting themselves and others at risk of serious accidents. To tackle this problem, independent agency mortierbrigade came up with an innovative experience for their client Bike for Brussels: the first “Bike Light Lane”. When […]

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Martin Agency Makes Custom Crafted Set To Showcase Mass Produced Butter

Butter is everything at Land O’Lakes. Award-winning advertising is everything at Martin Agency. Combine the two and commercials like this happen: Martin’s creative team tapped artist/designer/director Kyle Bean and the team at Hornet to get meticulous for the dairy. Bean and his team hand-crafted, seamless stop-motion animations. Every single set element was custom made, down […]

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Big Chicken Small Movie

The citizens of Marietta, GA take fried chicken seriously. In 1963, Georgia Tech architectural student Hubert Puckett designed the town’s BIg Chicken landmark for what was then called Johnny Reb’s Chick, Chuck and Shake. According to the Atlanta Constitution Journal, KFC considered tearing down the bird structure in 1993 after high winds damaged it, but […]

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A Child’s Pain Is The City’s Pain Is The Nation’s Pain

The kids who rely on Youth Ambassadors in Kansas City are in the line of fire today. In other words, the kids are not currently living a storybook childhood. Perhaps, that’s why these animated tales from VML contain such awesome power. The agency is presenting some of the harshest truths about our culture in a […]

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19 Mind-Bending Videos From Advertising's Stop-Motion Master

Short film maestro PES has just signed with BlinkInk, a sensible arrangement that positions the guy who made Honda’s Emmy-nominated “Paper” under the same roof as the Layzell Bros (of Harvey Nichols’ “Shoplifters”) and Greg Barth (whose Hello Play! 360-degree video has the kind of dreamworld weirdness that Michel Gondry pines for).

To celebrate—because we’ll take any excuse to celebrate—we’ve compiled this handy retrospective of ads PES has directed over the years. 

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Mike Diva Makes The Impossible Possible: The Donald Can Dance!

Art Net News calls it, “a hypnotically-brilliant video.” The New Republic says, “It makes the end of the world seem as sweet as bubble gum.” All high praise for North Hollywood-based Mike Diva, the director behind one of the best political ads of the season, hands down. If Trump’s team knew what they were doing, […]

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Lexus Offers Animated GIFs to PopKey Community

PopKey is a smart phone keyboard application where you can find, send and store animated GIFs via text. Lexus and Team One have placed a group of holiday-themed animate GIFs on PopKey to inspire and motivate people who would play with such things to drive a Lexus. Puppies and kids. This is advertising today, yesterday […]

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You Rule, G.I. Joe

RPA and Honda have conjured up some terrific animated videos to help promote three worthy causes this holiday season. The videos feature favorite nostalgic toys such as Gumby and Pokey and Skeletor and He-Man singing their renditions of familiar or newly created holiday tunes. Each video has a charity associated with it. The video that […]

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Kia's Hamsters Are Back, and Getting Lucky With Sexy Lady-Hamster Girlfriends

Kia’s oddly endearing and enduring hamsters have returned, this time dabbling in experiments that make Weird Science look scientifically responsible by comparison.

The new ad from David&Goliath for the plug-in 2015 Kia Soul EV takes us into a laboratory, where everyone’s favorite human-size hamsters are performing tests on the electric vehicle—and, inadvertently, their normal-size pet hamster. The results change the researchers’ priorities faster than you can say “hamster balls.”

Check it out below, and know that any feelings of discomfort are totally normal. But also know that life can be lonely for terrifyingly huge man-rodents, and they need love, too.

Credits below. Hat tip to our friends at Unruly Media.

Client: Kia Soul

Agency: David&Goliath
Founder & Chairman: David Angelo
Chief Creative Officer: Colin Jeffery
Creative Director/Copywriter: Matthew Curry
Associate Creative Director/Art Director:  Kristian Grove Møller
Copywriter: Courtney Pulver
Art Director: Michael JF Wilson
Executive Producer, Managing Director: Carol Lombard
Executive Producer: Paul Albanese
President: Brian Dunbar
Group Account Director: Brook Dore
Account Director: Adam Blankenship
Account Supervisor: Nancy Ramirez
Executive Director, Head of Planning: Seema Miller
Managing Director Business Affairs: Rodney Pizarro
Business Affairs Managers: Tony Kim & Camara Price

Production Company:
Director: Colin Jeffery
Executive Producer: Frank Scherma
Producer: Kathy Rhodes
Director of Photography: Toby Irwin;  2nd Unit DP: Greg Baldi
Production Designer: Tom Foden
Wardrobe Stylist: Anette Cseri

Special EFX: Legacy Effects

Editorial: Union Editorial
Editor: Jim Haygood
Assistant Editor: Erik Jessen
Executive Producer: Michael Raimondi
Senior Producer: Joe Ross

Post-Production/VFX: MPC LA
Executive Producer: Asher Edwards
Producer/Deputy Head of Production: Mike Wigart
VFX Supervisors: Andy Boyd (3D Lead), Jake Montgomery (2D Lead)
VFX 3D Team: Ian Wilson, Stew Burris, Corinne Deorsay, Kristen Eggleston, Dameon O’Boyle, JT Lawrence, Huisoo Lee, Aaron Hamman, Charles Trippe, Zach Dimaria, Michael Lori, Roxanne Zuckerman, Danny Garcia, Lee Par, Gizmo Rivera, Jackie Cooper, Jadan Duffin, Brady Doyle
Production Coordinator: Ashley Greyson
Grade: MPC LA
Colorist: Mark Gethin, Ricky Gausis

Music and Sound Design: Hum
Music Editor: Dan Hart
Sound Designer: Dan Hart

Audio Mix: Margarita Mix, Santa Monica
Mixer: Nathan Dubin

Toshiba Creates Futurama-Esque Ad Mocking Its Own Industry

Toshiba skewers a certain hype-driven West Coast tech-topia in the brand’s new animated spot, “Sillycon Valley.”

Packed with fun visual gags, the spot from goodness Mfg. takes us to a highly caffeinated zone of hyperactive technophilia  that boasts computer goggles for canines (doggles!), WirelessWater (the bottles are WiFi hotspots), Asimo-type robots on public-works details and 5D printers that inadvertently summon slimy tentacled monsters.

A java-drone flying Starbucks colors soars above the local wind-farm—and almost everyone’s eyeballs are glued to their smartphones, if they’re not hip enough to have Google Glass. 

“Animation is a great way to deliver over-the-top humor,” goodness Mfg. ecd Tom Adams tells AdFreak. “It immediately transports the audience into another world where they don’t take things too seriously.”

Of course, tech excesses have been parodied to death—in HBO’s Silicon Valley and just about everywhere else—so Toshiba’s not doing anything especially innovative. Plus, this is a commercial, ultimately promoting the Encore 2 tablet for the back-to-school season, so the satire can’t bite too deep, lest it risk being branded as hypocritical.

All that said, the spot hits just the right tone. It’s snarky, but not too mean-spirited, with a look that fits the tech biz to a T—busy yet sleek, over-bright and self-consciously befuddling.

The commercial feels kind of like a spoofy segment on The Simpsons or Family Guy, which makes sense, as Friends Night, the studio that produces Fox’s Animation Domination HD programming, worked on the project.

“Because they come from a TV background, they were able to move quickly which was very important to us,” Adams says. “We were able to complete the project from concept to the final approved version in about six weeks.”

Overall, the effort seeks to position Toshiba’s products as “providing products and services that offer solutions, not empty promises,” Adams says.

(That’s also the thrust of “Unleash Yourself,” a live-action spot with a cartoon-y feel that shows Satellite Pro laptops magically morph into useful or fun items in various situations. You can watch that one below, as well.)

“Today’s savvy consumers are constantly questioning the practicality of new technology,” Adams says. “We decided to have fun with this shift in attitude [emphasizing that Toshiba makes devices to] meet the real-world needs of today’s consumer.”

Laptops and tablets are great, but I’ll take a pair of those “smart-scissors” revealed during the animated extravaganza’s crazed climax. It looks as if they’d cut through the clutter—and just about anything else.

Pop Culture Cars Illustrations

Ido Yehimovitz, un artiste basé à Tel Aviv, a réalisé la série Greatest Rides – pt.1 qui rassemble des illustrations de véhicules faisant référence aux films et séries qui nous parlent à tous et qui ont également marqué l’enfance de l’illustrateur : de Ghostbusters à Jurassic Park, en passant par Les Tortues Ninja.