Agency Will Send Copywriter to Space If Enough People Like Its Facebook Page

Up, up and away?

FCB Paris plans to send one of its creatives into space. The agency will use almost 37,000 balloons to hoist intrepid advernaut Baptiste Szuwarski toward heaven. The 25-year-old copywriter is the lightest member of the creative staff at 114 pounds, probably 113 if he shaves—and his weight, we’re told, makes him the perfect choice for this publicity stunt.

Since March 10, for each like on its Facebook page, the agency has inflated a balloon at its offices on the Champs-Elysées to support the mission, calculating somehow that it will take exactly 36,895 to get the job done. (The page has 2,200 likes overall, so there’s a stratospheric way to go.) FCB says the precise launch date is … sigh … up in the air. #GoodLuckBaptiste is the hashtag.

Balloons? Sounds like hot air to me. And the fact that the agency emailed a PDF

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press release makes me doubt its technical prowess. Besides, if we’re going to banish an ad exec from the planet, I think everyone agrees Donny Deutsch should be the one to go. (Kidding, of course. He’s got a new TV show, and who isn’t psyched about that?)

Bon chance, Baptiste! Though you will be risking your very existence on this fateful voyage, it still beats filling out timesheets and meeting with clients.

“Dying is not an option,” Szuwarski tells AdFreak. “At least, for me it isn’t!”

XKCD Live-Sketched the Comet Landing Every Few Minutes for 12 Incredible Hours

If you missed the excitement and tension of Wednesday’s Philae lander completing its 10-year journey to a comet’s surface, here’s a pretty fantastic way to relive it.

Web cartoonist Randall Munroe, creator of the massively popular xkcd, live-cartooned the Philae module’s separation from the Rosetta spacecraft and its gradual, often nerve-wracking descent to the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.

Despite the marketing and media world’s obsession with producing real-time content, Munroe truly created something light years beyond what most big-budget brands or news outlets would attempt (or even imagine in the first place).

Here’s how it all looks put together:

His 142-frame project spanned across 12 hours and charmingly captured both the scientific status of the lander’s descent and the emotional uncertainty of scientists and fans back home. As with any project taking place hundreds of millions of miles away from Earth, the comet mission had its share of perilous moments, and several of the xkcd panels capture these brief (in retrospect, but heart-stopping in the moment) instances of doubt.

The animated GIF above was created by the Explain xkcd wiki, where you can also find a list, link and timestamp for every frame. There’s also a fan-created version you can scroll back and forth through. 

Below are a few our favorite moments:

Walter White Boldly Goes Where No Meth Dealer's Gone Before

When you have zero coding skills, how do you keep busy at your company’s hackathon? For the non-engineers at i.TV, the answer was to blast a meth dealer into space.

“The hackathon leaves those of us without coding skills regretting the fact that we’re not technical wizards,” marketing director Johnny Galbraith tells AdFreak. “So instead of sitting on our  hands, we decided to launch Walter White into space and get it on film.” 

The second-screen company owns the social networking tool tvtag (formerly GetGlue), and users were asked to pick which popular character should get launched: Walter White (Breaking Bad), Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead) or Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones). In the end, Walter White won the chance to be tvtag’s first Space Ambassador.

The tvtag team spent a day building the Walter White bobblehead vehicle and then drove out into the Utah desert to launch. The video shows the team launching the vehicle, and a camera records Walter White’s glorious flight through the atmosphere and its landing, where the bobblehead sadly becomes decapitated. (Symbolic of the Breaking Bad series, perhaps.)

The reactions on YouTube are, as expected, full of comment gold. They range from a Jesse Pinkman-esque “Science, bitch!” to, “Misleading, thought he would be hustling meth to aliens.”

“The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Like us, so many Breaking Bad fans are still bummed that the show is over. So it’s been awesome reading through all the ‘Yeah, science!’ comments. One person was mad that we would endanger the International Space Station with our project, but we’re happy to report we dodged that bullet by about 1 million feet in altitude.”

Galbraith recognizes they’re certainly not the first to launch a bobblehead into space. Earlier this year, snack brand Little Debbie launched a carton of Cosmic Cupcakes and a bobblehead into space.

This is a fun new trend, but I’d like for someone to focus resources on figuring out how to get a pizza to my house while it’s still hot. Maybe we could strap some rockets to those fancy Domino’s motorcycles?

Interstellar Trailer

Focus sur la bande-annonce d’Interstellar, le prochain film de Christopher Nolan avec Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway et Jessica Chastain en tête d’affiche. Ce film raconte les aventures d’un groupe d’explorateurs qui découvrent un tunnel cosmique et qui dépasseront les limites du savoir et de la conquête spatiale.


Johnny Express Animation

Coup de cœur pour cette animation à propos d’un livreur de l’espace qui tente de remettre un paquet à un client vivant sur une toute petite planète. En recherchant le propriétaire de l’emballage, une situation à la fois chaotique et très drôle s’invite à l’animation. Écrite et animée par Kyungmin Woo, découvrez plus de détails en photos.

Johnny Express Animation by Alfred Imageworks 4
Johnny Express Animation by Alfred Imageworks 3
Johnny Express Animation by Alfred Imageworks 2
Johnny Express Animation by Alfred Imageworks 5
Johnny Express Animation by Alfred Imageworks 1

Google Thanks Every Teacher on Earth for Helping Kids Discover the Worlds Beyond

Google thanks "every teacher on Earth" for inspiring students to reach for the stars in this clip that uses space exploration and astronomy as its central theme.

Space is a great fit for Teacher Appreciation Week because the best teachers, regardless of the subject, take us on bold journeys and open vistas filled with wonder. The ad notes that gazing at the night sky is like looking into the past (since starlight takes an immensely long time to reach Earth). By presenting limitless possibilities, teachers unlock our minds and give us glimpses of our future selves.

Of course, Google resources are touted, but it works in context, and the company did give something back, donating $340,000 this week to fund every classroom request made by teachers in Atlanta on

The spot risks a snag when the teacher confides, "When I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was go to the moon." Presumably, that aspiration went unfulfilled, which is kind of sad. Still, she's elated to be sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm, so in that way her dream still soars.

Silk Scarves With NASA’s Photographs of Space

Celine Semaan Vernon (Slow Factory) a conçu une collection permanente de foulards, appelée

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« Hubble ». Le concept réside dans le fait que l’imprimé du foulard vient d’une photo d’objets célestes prise par le téléscope de la NASA « Hubble ». La collection est à découvrir à travers les photos du shooting et ceux de la NASA.


Suspended Flowers Installation

Focus sur Rebecca Louise Law, une artiste qui conçoit des installations éphémères. Connue pour ses transformations d’espaces, elle utilise des des milliers de fleurs suspendues formant des compositions spectaculaires. Les compositions sont réfléchies au niveau des couleurs, des espèces de fleurs et des formes.

Suspended Flowers Installation 1
Suspended Flowers Installation 7
Suspended Flowers Installation 6
Suspended Flowers Installation 5
Suspended Flowers Installation 4
Suspended Flowers Installation 3
Suspended Flowers Installation 2
Suspended Flowers Installation 0

Equateur – The Lava

Kadavre Exquis a réalisé le tout nouveau clip d’animation du groupe français Equateur pour leur chanson « The Lava ». Produite par Rods, la vidéo montre un univers de fusées, de combats dans l’espace, dans un style futuriste. Une très belle animation à l’image du son new wave, à découvrir dans la suite de l’article.


Science Fiction: New Death


Inspired by the work of J.G. Ballard, our story looks to the bleak, man-made landscapes of the future and asks: What happens when virtual environments become indistinguishable from reality? Will our global culture allow us to choose where to live, and who will stop us? What will we do with knowledge that becomes freely available to all? continue

Runway Office in San Fransisco

Les récents bureaux de Runway situés à San Fransisco sont célèbres pour leur architecture intérieur atypique. Tel un loft, l’espace et la lumière caractérisent ces bureaux. Un espace à la fois, conceptuel, moderne et esthétique à découvrir sur Fubiz en détails et en photos ci-dessous.

Runway Office in San Fransisco 1
Runway Office in San Fransisco 2
Runway Office in San Fransisco 3
Runway Office in San Fransisco 4
Runway Office in San Fransisco 5
Runway Office in San Fransisco 6
Runway Office in San Fransisco 7
Runway Office in San Fransisco 8
Runway Office in San Fransisco 9
Runway Office in San Fransisco 10
Runway Office in San Fransisco 11

20 Square Meter Studio in Tel Aviv

Réalisé par Raanan Stern et Shany Tal, ce studio multifonctionnel à Tel-Aviv a subi une transformation à partir d’un appartement exigu en un espace de travail polyvalent et fonctionnel. L’espace est seulement de 20 mètres carrés mais parvient à s’adapter à une multitude d’options de stockage, ainsi que d’un lit caché.

20 Square Meter Studio 1
20 Square Meter Studio 2
20 Square Meter Studio 3
20 Square Meter Studio 4
20 Square Meter Studio 5

Illuminated Code from Space

L’artiste italienne Haari Tesla fait le lien entre l’infiniment petit et l’infiniment grand en confrontant deux univers qui se ressemblent quand on les observe : celui des micro-organismes et de l’espace. Le rendu donne l’impression de voir des nébuleuses, supernovas et galaxies. Une plongée astrale à découvrir.

Space 11
Space 10
Space 9
Space 8
Space 7
Space 6
Space 5
Space 4
Space 3
Space 2
Space 1

KOSMICA: Full moon politics


Space scientist Lucie Green gave a wonderful presentation about the Earth magnetic bubble and about how the moon is electrically charged, Dr Jill Stuart focused on space politics, Tomas Saraceno talked about cities that are lighter than the air, Kevin Fong asked us to reflect on how past expeditions might actually belong to the future. Finally, WE COLONISED THE MOON presented the largest Moon smelling session ever done on our planet continue

#A.I.L – artists in laboratories, episode 51: We Colonised The Moon


Sue and Hagen’s installation, performance and graphic works seek to demonstrate that the future may indeed be frightening, but also highly entertaining. Previous projects have included creating solutions for space waste by disguising satellites as asteroids, building a solar powered solarium because ‘the sun dies anyway’, synthesising the smell of the moon and embedding it into scratch and sniff cards continue

PSA Warns Rest of the Universe About Ferocious, Deluded Beasts Known as Humans

Humans fit a lot of stuff in the time capsule on Voyager 1 to give any aliens who stumble upon the space probe a sense of our civilization. But they might have just included this mock PSA by Tom Scott for the Interstellar Safety Council, warning alien species about human ferocity and unpredictability. So many good moments here, particularly the section on our vulnerabilities, which of course our arrogance causes us to all but ignore.

Scott says his video was inspired by this Tumblr meditation, which reads:

     It's funny how science fiction universes so often treat humans as a boring, default everyman species or even the weakest and dumbest.
     I want to see a sci fi universe where we're actually considered one of the more hideous and terrifying species.
     How do we know our saliva and skin oils wouldn't be ultra-corrosive to most other sapient races? What if we actually have the strongest vocal chords and can paralyze or kill the inhabitants of other worlds just by screaming at them? What if most sentient life in the universe turns out to be vegetable-like and lives in fear of us rare "animal" races who can move so quickly and chew shit up with our teeth?
     Like that old story "they're made of meat," only we're scarier.

We're certainly a threat to ourselves. Why wouldn't we be a threat to others?

Via Co.Create.


Space Coast Series

Après son projet CARL, le photographe anglais David Ryle a fait une nouvelle série appelée « Space Coast » qui associe l’univers spatial avec un bord de mer sur Terre. Les fusées et les astronautes se confondent avec les palmiers et les gens enduits d’huile bronzante qui se prélassent sur la plage.

Portfolio David Ryle

Space Coast Series 14
Space Coast Series 13
Space Coast Series 12
Space Coast Series 15
Space Coast Series 11
Space Coast Series 10
Space Coast Series 9
Space Coast Series 8
Space Coast Series 7
Space Coast Series 2
Space Coast Series 6
Space Coast Series 5
Space Coast Series 4
Space Coast Series 3
Space Coast Series 1

Should We Colonise the Moon?


My notes from a round table discussion at The Arts Catalyst about the concept of moon colonisation, asking: “Should We Colonise the Moon?”. What’s the future for the Moon – theme park or quarry? continue

Best Space Photography of 2013

En 2013, les différents agences spatiales et structures d’observations des étoiles NASA, Hubble Heritage, ou ESA ont pu nous fournir des clichés d’une beauté incroyable. Que cela soit pour montrer des planètes, des galaxies, des nébuleuses ou des éruptions solaires, découvrez une sélection des images dans la suite.

LHA 120-N11 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
The sky around the star Gliese 667C
Best Space Photography of 2013-15
Best Space Photography of 2013-14
Best Space Photography of 2013-13
Best Space Photography of 2013-7
Two very different glowing gas clouds in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Best Space Photography of 2013-4
Best Space Photography of 2013-17
Best Space Photography of 2013-2
Best Space Photography of 2013-1
Best Space Photography of 2013-8
Best Space Photography of 2013-3

Space Bruce Animation

Space Bruce est un film d’animation du plus bel effet imaginé par Mehdi Louala, Eva Navaux et Gabrielle Locre. Dans cette création, un ornithorynque courageux et un brin malchanceux se lance dans la conquête de l’espace. A découvrir en vidéo et en images dans la suite de l’article.

Space Bruce5
Space Bruce4
Space Bruce3
Space Bruce2
Space Bruce1
Space Bruce
Space Bruce6