Brazilians Learn English by Taking Real L.A. Pizza Orders in Sequel to Famous Campaign

FCB Brazil had a big hit last May with its “Speaking Exchange” idea for CNA Language Schools—a campaign that connected young Brazilians wanting to learn English with elderly Americans in retirement homes looking for someone to talk to. (The work took home 10 Lions from Cannes, and was among the 10 most-awarded campaigns there.)

Now, agency and client are back with a follow-up, featuring another interesting way to get Brazilians some real-world practice with their English.

This time the partner is Bella Vista Pizzeria in Culver City, Calif. Customers who call the pizza place can choose to place their order as usual—or be connected to a student in São Paulo who can take the order instead. If they chose the latter, they’re compensated by way of discounts, depending on how long they chat with the students.

The video isn’t as heartwarming as the original. The pizza orders are way more transactional, and the cultural meeting point here is less starkly fascinating than before. But as mentioned at the end of the new clip, this model is probably more scalable—and thus, perhaps even more useful in the long run.

Indeed, CNA is now asking businesses in the U.S. that accept customer orders by phone to visit the CNA website and sign up for similar programs.

Client: CNA
Agency: FCB Brasil, São Paulo
Creative Directors: Joanna Monteiro and Max Geraldo
Digital Creative Director: Pedro Gravena
Creative Directors: Adriano Alarcon and Carlos Schleder
Copywriter: Alessandra Muccillo and Lui Lima
Art Director: Andre Mancini and Rômulo Caballero
Creative Technologist: Márcio Bueno
Digital Production: Bolha
Project Manager: Lia D’Amico and Suelen Mariano.
Information Technology VP: Gerson Lupatini
Account: Mauro Silveira, Alec Cocchiaro, Pedro Führer, Diogo Braga and Thiago Figueiredo
Planner: Raphael Barreto, Frederico Steinhoff, Alice Alcântara and Stephanie Day.
Media: Alexandre Ugadim, Cris Omura, Rafael Amaral, Monica Oliveira, Aline Lins and Camila Oliveira
RTV: Charles Nobili and Ricardo Magozo
Production Company: Crash of Rhinos
Director: Miguel Thomé
Co-Direction: João Luz
Photographer: Marcos Ribas
Account Production Company: Diego Melo and Mary Lacoleta
Editor:  Miguel Thomé
Sound Producer: Cabaret
Editor: Guilherme Azem
Account Sound Producer: Cayto Trivellato
L.A. Producer: EAT (Entertainment, Art, Talent)
Client Supervisors: Luciana Fortuna, Nicadan Galvão e Ricardo Martins

Brilliant YouTube Banner Ads in Peru Cover Subtitles to Promote English Lessons

Learning a new language is never easy, and for many Peruvians, it’s a lot easier to just read the Spanish subtitles on their favorite U.S. movie trailers.

Armed with that insight, language school Euroidiomas has been trolling these viewers with clever YouTube banner ads that covered subtitles on movie promos and urged them to sign up for English classes.

“The action’s up there, not down here,” notes one ad.

“Go to watch movies, not to read them,” says another.  

Clever as they may be, it’s unlikely they worked very well if (as in the case study below) the ads were written in English. We’re going to guess the real ads were in Spanish and that this version was just created for us English speakers to appreciate the campaign. 

Now, if we’re done, I’d like to get back to this Tortugas Ninjas trailer. 

Via Creative Criminals.

College President Will Buy Your Textbooks for a Year if You Can Beat Him at Madden NFL

If you’ve ever seen a movie about college, you know that the dean or president or whoever is always the villain, and if you can beat him at his own game, the day will be yours.

And so it is at Columbia College in Missouri, where the villain is the perfectly named President Dr. Dalrymple, and his game is Madden NFL 25.  

Dalrymple (who actually seems like a pretty fun guy and not much of a villain) has issued the video challenge below to students at his small private college, promising to buy one pupil’s textbooks for a year if he or she can win the school’s Madden Challenge on Oct. 17 and then defeat the president in a one-on-one showdown.

How big of a prize is on the line here? A recent survey of students found the average cost of books for an academic year was about $1,200. Of course, there’s no way to quantify the value of knowing the president had to cut a check for your books himself. (If he also had to carry your books to your classes for a week, turnout for the challenge would probably triple.)

The audio production on the “epic trash talk” video isn’t the best, but you have to give Dalrymple points for zingers like: “You can play as any team you’d like—the St. Louis Rams, the Dallas Cowboys, the Chicago Bears. You can even choose a professional team.”

Since students will be competing on last season’s copy of Madden (not the new Madden 2015), it’s doubtful this is a paid partnership with Electronic Arts. But we’ve put in a call to the college to find out and will update if we hear back.

RIP Jim Mullen, Founder of UNC’s Advertising Program (1922-2014)

If you live outside of Tarheel Country, this news may not stop you, but it should. Jim Mullen, who founded the University of North Carolina’s advertising program, died this week at Carolina Meadows Retirement Community, where he lived with his wife, Dorothy.

I didn’t attend UNC, but I heard about Mullen’s legacy through a friend of mine who has a tattoo of tar on his heel (yes, really). That friend, who is something of a bigwig in the advertising world, had to fight back the sadness as he told me. That is the kind of impression that everyone in advertising wants to make on clients, colleagues and people.

While you may not have heard of Mullen personally, he is widely credited with helping the school earn its current prominence in the ad world.

“Jim was an original in so many ways. He was smart, opinionated, witty and wide open to new approaches and potential faculty members with unusual qualifications,” said John Sweeney, a professor of advertising in the school. “He started the advertising specialization here in the days of ‘Mad Men’ yet was never bound to the restrictions or assumptions of that era. His mind was too quick and sharp to be locked into anyone else’s worldview.”

He held bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees from the University of Minnesota as well as a master’s degree from Harvard University. He was also was a World War II veteran. Mullen was 91.

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New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media.

Google Thanks Every Teacher on Earth for Helping Kids Discover the Worlds Beyond

Google thanks "every teacher on Earth" for inspiring students to reach for the stars in this clip that uses space exploration and astronomy as its central theme.

Space is a great fit for Teacher Appreciation Week because the best teachers, regardless of the subject, take us on bold journeys and open vistas filled with wonder. The ad notes that gazing at the night sky is like looking into the past (since starlight takes an immensely long time to reach Earth). By presenting limitless possibilities, teachers unlock our minds and give us glimpses of our future selves.

Of course, Google resources are touted, but it works in context, and the company did give something back, donating $340,000 this week to fund every classroom request made by teachers in Atlanta on

The spot risks a snag when the teacher confides, "When I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was go to the moon." Presumably, that aspiration went unfulfilled, which is kind of sad. Still, she's elated to be sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm, so in that way her dream still soars.

Quinto álbum do Kaiser Chiefs chega em março

Os britânicos do Kaiser Chiefs vêm divulgando seu novo trabalho desde o final do ano passado, quando mostraram o primeiro single do disco. Agora divulgaram uma data oficial de lançamento.

Education, Education, Education & War está previsto para ser lançado dia 31 de março e já está em pré-venda no iTunes. Já é o quinto disco dessa banda de Leeds que conquistou o mundo em 2005 com seu mega-ultra-blaster hit I Predict A Riot.

Segundo a própria banda, o disco novo é temático e aborda uma questão de “todos contra o mundo”, colocando em pauta o individual versus o coletivo e sugerindo que somos melhores quando trabalhamos em conjunto do que sozinhos.

Depois de um approach ousado em seu álbum anterior, The Future Is Medieval, onde o consumidor podia escolher 10 entre 20 faixas, montar um álbum com sua tracklist e capa personalizados e ainda vendê-lo pela internet, agora o Kaiser Chiefs retorna ao modo tradicional de comercialização (CD, vinil e download). E mais do que isso, diz que retorna também a uma sonoridade mais parecida com Employment e Yours Truly Angry Mob (os dois primeiros álbuns).

Só esperando pra ver. Por enquanto já dá pra ouvir Bows & Arrows no vídeo acima e Misery Company. Em março a gente descobre a verdade.

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This Delightfully Sarcastic College Recruitment Ad Will Make You Want to Enroll Today

Looking for a good way to spend the next few minutes? May I recommend … (looks at camera and grins cultishly) … this amazing recruitment video for Monash College?

In a coup of ironic low-budget filmmaking, a group of students, faculty and alumni from the Melbourne, Australia, university have created "A Dave in the Life of Monash," possibly the most oddly endearing recruitment video since their fellow countrymen at Central Institute of Technology attracted students with gruesome teleportation deaths.

In the Monash video, a student named Sam wanders across campus, searching for his friend Dave. Each student he meets is glowing with over-the-top praise for the school's amenities. "He could be at one of our … (looks at camera) … many social sport competitions!" "He was heading off campus to give back to the community and get invaluable life experience in one of our … (looks at camera) … many volunteering opportunities!"

I was sold a minute in, when the student manning the cookout grill says, "I hope you like your sausages delicious and your peer groups supportive!" (One current student has taken issue with some of the claims, noting that opportunities for volunteering and joining student groups can be more limited than the school lets on. But I suppose such criticisms are the price you pay when you go so cheekily hyperbolic in your sales pitch.)

Somehow balancing superlative sarcasm with actual campus pride, the video goes to show that colleges don't have to take themselves too seriously to earn serious consideration from potential students.


College Recruitment Ad Hides a Real Graduate in a ‘Digital’ Kiosk

Soliciting testimonials from alumni isn't a new way to advertise a university, but this example definitely takes it to a new and charming extreme.

Canada’s Royal Roads University decided to let alumni speak for themselves by physically embedding them in what passers-by assumed to be digital ad kiosks.

In the case study below, the university and agency Cossette Vancouver show how they constructed a special display box that hid a live alumna inside. When people pressed a "Connect" button on the display, a panel dropped down, revealing the actual woman they thought they'd be hearing from digitally.

Some were so surprised that they thought she was a very realistic video or perhaps a robot.

Nothing screams "I love my university" louder than a woman’s willingness to stand in a claustrophobic box all day and talk to surprised strangers. But the clip would obviously be more effective if we saw high schoolers or even parents praising the approach rather than hearing seniors talk about how nice it was to talk to a "real person." Still, I look forward to other inventive executions in this campaign.

Agency: Cossette Vancouver
Client: Royal Roads University
Creative Director: Michael Milardo
Art Director: George Lin
Copywriter: Pierre Chan
Director of Account Services: Chris Miller
Strategic Planner: Ute Preusse
Account Supervisor: Robyn Smith
Account Team: Philippa Groom, Megan O'Rourke
Producer: April Haffenden


Media Decoder: Documentary Planned on Malala Yousafzai, Girl Shot by Taliban

Davis Guggenheim, the documentary-maker behind “Waiting for Superman” and “An Inconvenient Truth,” is making a film about Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani education advocate.


Advertising: College Fund Tinkers With Its Slogan to Stress Investing in Students

The United Negro College Fund is introducing a campaign with the tagline, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste but a wonderful thing to invest in.”


Graduation Ceremony Gift

Advertising Agency: NoBox Advertising, Dubai, UAE Creative Director: Yosef Khouwes Art Director: Yosef Khouwes Production: Crystal Gallery Via [AdsOfTheWorld]

Chilean Students Ignite

23 year-old Camila Vallejo strikes the match.

From Adbusters Blog

Waves of unrest are sweeping through Chile. Led by the youth, this burgeoning revolution, which started as a protest for access to education, now threatens to overrun the governing neo-classical economic paradigm.


It’s your dream!

Advertising Agency: Silverneon Advertising , Oman Art Director: Pushpender Sharma

Good Times on Campus

Fight for your mind in 2012.

Darren Fleet

From Adbusters #99: The Big Ideas of 2012

Students at the University of North Carolina get down and boogie with the SuperTarget mascot at a midnight shopping spree officially endorsed by the school’s top brass.

Teddy bears, booty shorts, sandals, cut off jeans, hand claps, crunking, shopping carts … welcome to the school where learning doesn’t have to be just about books.

This year’s welcome week at the University of North Carolina was outsourced to a host of consumer companies, including the mass wholesaler SuperTarget. The box store giant organized a fleet of buses to take freshmen on a midnight shopping frenzy in their store as the week’s grand finale. The entire event was officially chaperoned by the vice chancellor of the university, who also acted as Target’s tour guide for the evening. The New York Times also reported that American Eagle Outfitters hired popular sophomores on the same campus, ideally those with significant online social network presences (500+ friends), to be brand ambassadors. Their job during the week was to recruit their friends into volunteer moving squads, all wearing gift AE swag, to help new students carry their belongings into their dorms and to give a warm welcome on behalf of American Eagle.

On a more optimistic day, I would tell you that the students involved in this fiasco are able to identify the not-so-subtle-manipulation at work, and that if a party isn’t in the school budget, then why not let SuperTarget or Walmart or Nike throw a bash; or that free duds from a company desperate for market share is a fair trade for a poor students’ time. On a more realistic day, I would tell you that this cohort is the same one that American sociologists are pointing to as the empty-headed Icarus generation now beginning to fly.

Christian Smith and his colleagues at Notre Dame University recently produced a study Lost in Transition: The Dark Side of Emerging Adulthood which revealed that the majority of America’s young adults on campus navigate ethical propositions based only on time, feeling, benefit and desire. Principles such as honor, valor, virtue, morality, God, chivalry, familial piety, ideas that dominated the Western mindset well into the 20th century, were non-factors. Most surprising to them the Times writes is that participants in the study were not at all bothered by “rabid consumerism” and lacked even the basic language to formulate ethical queries about consumerism. To them the market was a benign and neutral reality.

The implications of this objective ethical free-fall are contested and the debate flounders between pragmatic optimism and cautious realism. It isn’t that bad to have finally chased superstition, pre-judgment, and patriarchal precepts to the ends of the earth. On the downside, the trend points to the emergence of ethical silo’s where moral considerations – like should I care about the environment or should I help a stranger or should I buy this product – are nudged to the periphery of the soul in the same way that religion and philosophy have been pushed over the course of the 20th and 21st centuries, out of sight, out of mind.

—Darren Fleet

Tired of watching the same Holywood cliches?

Click Images To Enlarge

Ad Agency: JWT, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Chafic Haddad
Copywriter: Ranadip De
Art Director: Husen Baba Khan

Via [DubaiLynx Website]

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Pembrokeshire College: Phil

Pembrokeshire College: Phil

Advertising Agency: Face, UK
Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter: Neil Holoryd
Photographer: Adrian Ray

Pembrokeshire College: Carolyn

Pembrokeshire College: Carolyn

Advertising Agency: Face, UK
Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter: Neil Holoryd
Photographer: Adrian Ray

Pembrokeshire College: Neil

Pembrokeshire College: Neil

Advertising Agency: Face, UK
Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter: Neil Holoryd
Photographer: Adrian Ray

The British Council: Meet your hero

The British Council: Meet your hero

To Increase the awareness and also the number and quality of submissions for The British Council of Australia’s “Realise Your Dream” scholarship programme. This is an annual competition that rewards six artistic young Australians with a trip to the UK and a mentorship with the creative guru of their choice.

We produced an integrated campaign based around the thought, ‘Determined to meet your hero?’ For young Australians simply getting to meet, let alone work with one of Britain’s creative leaders (like Stella McCartney or Damien Hirst) is potentially a life changing opportunity and a prize our target would do anything to win. We dramatised this passion by showing the extreme, possibly psychotic lengths some people will go to, to meet their hero. And, in turn, highlight how you do much better entering the British Council’s Realise Your Dream programme.

In 2007 The British Council campaign reached over 2,000 000 people across Australia. They received more submissions than ever. Over 20,204 unique visitors to the website became 875 officially registered entrants (up 12% on 2006). Perhaps more importantly, this year’s entries were of a far higher quality than previous years. The 6 lucky winners ranging from a rap artist to an indigenous art curator are already living and working in Britain.

Advertising Agency: M&C SAATCHI, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Ben Welsh
Art Director: Michael Jones
Copywriters: Dave Shirlaw, Oliver Devaris
Agency Producer: Rod James
Designer: Michael Jones
Computer Artist: Rozanna Kulik
Interactive Director: Matt Cumming
Photographer: Adrian Cook, AD-Photography
Producer: Pete Masterton, Plaza Films
Director: Paul Middleditch, Plaza Films