BSSP Launches First Work for Mitsubishi

Last September, Mitsubishi named Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners as its new creative agency of record, following a review which did not include longtime incumbent 180LA.

Now BSSP has launched its first campaign for the brand, promoting the 2018 Eclipse Cross with “A Classic Reborn.”

The campaign is centered around a “Duo” spot featuring violinist Damien Escobar and pianist William Joseph performing acover of Twisted Sister‘s “I Wanna Rock” in a parking garage. Their performance is interspersed with footage of the 2018 Eclipse Cross in action, leading into the new “A Classic Reborn” tagline.

The instrumental covers of a classic rock radio staple is nothing new for automotive advertising, as advertisers can’t seem to resist the comparison of the precision necessary for a good musical performance to that required out of a vehicle. “A Classic Reborn” does gain some authenticity from the pedigrees of the musicians involved in the performance, however, and the spot manages to showcase the vehicle’s features more convincingly than most.

“You get a lot of bang for your buck with the Eclipse Cross – distinctive styling, it’s fun-to-drive, and has a ridiculous amount of technology,” BSSP chief creative officer John Butler said in a statement. “The product speaks for itself, we didn’t feel we needed to create a false reality around it.”

“The juxtaposition of classical instruments playing a contemporary song adds emotion and intrigue to the cinematic footage of the Eclipse Cross,” added Mitsubishi Motors North America chief marketing officer Francine Harsini. “Eclipse Cross is not your typical crossover; it is defiant and clever and offers savvy show-and-tellers a vehicle that’s loaded with style and features at a great price that demands to be seen much like this campaign.”

Client: Mitsubishi Motors North America
Agency: Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners
Production Company: Sibling Rivalry
Music: Shindig Music
Editorial Company: Cleaver Editorial
Visual Effects: JAMM
Color: The Mill NY
Mix: One Union

The Martin Agency And Lidl Introduce the Vanhills, Business Moguls At Heart of First Campaign Together

The Martin Agency invites viewers to meet the Vanhills, a new fictitious and seemingly unethical 1-percenter family behind a large chain of supermarkets, as it kicks off its first campaign for the expanding global German discount grocer Lidl, “Don’t Let Them Waste Your Money.”

“This new campaign is designed to raise awareness about the costly inefficiencies of traditional supermarkets and the savings that Lidl’s streamlined approach brings to customers every day,” Elina Elvholm, director of brand marketing at Lidl U.S., said in a statement. “When customers shop at Lidl, they experience less complexity, lower prices and better quality choices.”

“Don’t Let Them Waste Your Money” launched today with its first 30-second video, “Apple Pyramid,” which will be televised in six U.S. states near Lidl locations (the supermarket chain opened its first 20 stores in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina over the summer, with plans to grow its footprint to 100 stores along the east coast).

The larger campaign encourages consumers to “rethink grocery,” as it persuades them to believe they are “being ripped off” if they shop at any grocer other than Lidl. The Vanhills, for their part, serve as the face of large, “broken and bloated,” supermarket chains that use “tricks to con consumers into paying more for inferior and inefficient products,” according to a statement from The Martin Agency.

As we saw from the first ad, the fake Vanhill’s Inc.’s chairman Lance Vanhill questions why the company wastes money on employing a worker solely responsible for stacking apples in a pyramid to make them appear fresher. His mother, CEO Kitty Vanhill, scoffs at him, saying: “What do you know about anything? It’s either fruit pyramids or we start selling apples that are actually fresh.”

Kitty Vanhill then pauses, as if she’s considering the preposterous notion, before she and the rest of the gang (including the stock hand) burst out in laughter.

The Vanhills will be worked into a series of TV ads for Lidl in the coming weeks.

“When you get a chance to work with a brand as fearless and competitive as Lidl, you have to deliver work the category won’t see coming,” noted David Muhlenfeld, vp and creative director at The Martin Agency. “So we went semi-ballistic and took a cheerful hammer to fruit pyramids and all the other tricks traditional groceries use to make you pay more than you should.”

Here’s a few other clips carrying the #rethinkgrocery message:


EVP Chief Commercial Officer: Boudewjn Tiktak
Director of Brand Marketing, Media & Advertising: Elina Elvholm
Senior Marketing Manager: Paula Morris

Agency: The Martin Agency
Chief Creative Officer: Karen Costello
Creative Director: David Muhlenfeld
Associate Creative Director: Scot Crooker
Associate Creative Director: Mikolas Manulik
Global Account Director: Britta Dougherty
Account Director: Gillian Merrill
Account Supervisor: Cori Kaylor
Group Planning Director: Mike Kelly
Senior Strategic Planner: Cecelia Parrish
Chief Operating Officer: Steve Humble
Executive Content Producer: Brett Alexander
Senior Content Producer: Holly Flaisher
Associate Content Producer: Sara Montgomery
Junior Content Producer: Nicolette Steele
Senior Project Manager: Tatiana Mazzariol
Director of Business Affairs: Kerry Ayers
Business Affairs Manager: Julie Lefton
Senior Financial Affairs Manger: Kelly Clow

Production Company: Tool
Director: Shawn Z
EP: Brad Johns
EP/Managing Partner: Oliver Fuselier
EP/Managing Partner: Dustin Callif
Head of Production: Amy DeLossa
Producer: Andy Coverdale
DP: Robert Yeoman

Production Company: Spang TV
Director: Jordan Rodericks
DP: Phil Dillon
Exec Producer: Melanie Cox
Producer: Amanda Ricks

Editorial: Mondial
Editor: Nick Wurz
Post Producer: Ash Bruce
Asst. Editor: Lane Maloney
Gfx: Liz Lukens
Color: Company3/Billy Gabor
Conform: Will Renton

Music Company: Tiny Lion

GS&P Shares a Jean-Claude Van Damme ‘Pep Talk’ for Tostitos

Goodby Silverstein & Parnters launched a new campaign for Tostitos about the importance of friendship.

The campaign is centered around a 30-second spot featuring a “Pep Talk” from Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Van Damme’s advice? Stop declining your friends’ invitations to hang out due to being busy. Because he might take your place — at everything from house parties to poker night to your best friend’s wedding. The message is simple: Don’t let Van Damme steal your friends.

“You just got Van Dammed. Don’t get Van Dammed,” Jean-Claude says at the conclusion of the spot, followed by the “Get Together Already” tagline.

Two 15-second spots see Van Damme sharing some advice from a “Wise Man” (himself) and comparing friends to salsa. Three 6-second ads further extend the effort.

The campaign clearly positions Tostitos as a go-to option for friendly get-togethers. That makes sense for the party staple and builds off the direction GS&P took for the brand in its “Super Bowl Invite” campaign for the band. That effort similarly focused on friendship, giving viewers the chance to invite friends to their Super Bowl party with their very own Super Bowl ads.

We haven’t heard from Van Damme in awhile, but he was, of course, something of an advertising staple for a few years. He famously starred Forsman & Bodenfors’ classic “Epic Split” spot for Volvo Trucks in 2013, following an appearance in Deutsch’s GoDaddy campaign a few months prior. He then went on to sculpt an ice bar in VCCP’s spot for Coors Light in the U.K.

Badger & Winters Launches First Work for JCPenney

Badger & Winters won agency of record duties for JCPenney at the beginning of the year, following a review.

Now, the agency has launched its first campaign for the brand, introducing both the retail outlet’s seasonal wardrobe and a fresh tagline. A 30-second spot features a woman trying on a series of spring outfits, while the voiceover, her sister provide moral support.

“Get your pep talk from your sister and your new spring wardrobe from JCPenney,” the spot concludes, leading into the new tagline, “Style and value for all.”

JCPenney had been using mcgarrybowen’s “Get Your Penney’s Worth” tagline for around two years. Mcgarrybowen’s work for the brand included the June 2016 body positivity spot “Here I Am.” If the debut campaign is any indication, Badger & Winters work for the brand appears to be moving its advertising to more of a focus on fashion, as well as value.

Barkley Named AOR For At Home, Refreshes Brand With Spring Campaign

Retail chain At Home debuted a new spring campaign from Kansas City-based agency Barkley, which it named as its agency of record, following a review.

“We are excited to be launching our spring ad campaign to continue educating customers about At Home’s endless possibilities for every room, style and budget,” At Home chief marketing officer Ashley Sheetz said in a statement. “After an in-depth review process, it was clear that Barkley is a great fit for us. They understand our brand and our customer, making them best suited to tell our story.”

The campaign is centered around a 30-second spot entitled “Refresh, On Repeat.” It opens on a family arriving at a new house and shows them experimenting with a variety of decorative options, as At Home prices for the items pop up. “This is not a showroom,” the voiceover begins, “this is a place to experiment, play and refresh.”

The brand says “yes,” it continues, “to decorating the walls,” “rearranging the furniture” and “the seasonal make over…and over.”

The spot concludes by positioning At Home as “the home décor superstore,” cementing its focus as a budget-friendly outlet for all home decorating needs.

“We are thrilled to be working with At Home to increase the company’s brand awareness and put customers into the At Home mindset,” Barkley CEO Jeff King said in a statement. “The Spring campaign focuses on At Home’s core customer: home décor devotees who love to continuously refresh and redecorate their homes.”

Last summer Barkley absorbed fellow Kansas City agency Meers. In December, the agency welcomed Jessica Walden-Morden as its newest creative director.

Droga5 Launches International Women’s Day Extension of ‘The Truth is Hard’ For The New York Times

Droga5 launched the latest extension of its “The Truth is Hard” campaign for The New York Times with a spot released for International Women’s Day.

“Shining a Light on Women’s Rights” focuses on the publication’s coverage of various women’s rights issues around the globe. Continuing the minimalist approach of previous ads, it does this via lines from The New York Times stories reporting on events in places such as Tehran, Mexico City and Lansing, Michigan.

At its conclusion, the spot zooms out to reveal the full series of articles, followed by a single story being read on mobile. The line “The truth will not be overlooked” then appears onscreen, followed by “The truth connects us” and “The truth has a voice.”

The spot follows The New York Times confirming that it will continue working with Droga5 after the agency fired former chief creative officer Ted Royer, citing a commitment to “maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for all our employees,” shortly after placing him on leave and launching an investigation.

“As we have seen repeatedly, the issue of appropriate workplace conduct has impacted most industries and we were very concerned when Droga let us know this news. Based on what we know now, we’re comfortable continuing to work with our team there,” New York Times spokesperson Eileen Murphy said in a statement at the time.

Droga5 London then abruptly parted ways with executive creative director Rick Dodds nearly a month ago. Later last month, Droga5 went through a round of layoffs at its New York headquarters that impacted around five percent of its staff.

Grand Marnier Invites You to ‘Live Grand,’ Destroy Art in New Spot From JWT New York

JWT New York launched a new “Live Grand” campaign for Grand Marnier, the first since Campari’s acquisition of the brand, centered around a spot directed by Joseph Kahn, best known for directing music videos for the likes of Taylor SwiftLady GagaBritney Spears and Katy Perry.

The spot, which will run on broadcast and digital, opens on a formal party with guests politely mulling about. “With Grand Marnier, you dare to put a twist on the traditional,” the voiceover begins, as the guest pulls a crank opening the ceiling and letting the rain in. As he leads guests into the cognac basement, color runs down from paintings to stylize their drab outfits and the real party gets started.

It’s a certainly an odd setup but the spot attempts to make up for its lack of logic with style (including designs from Sonia Rykiel by Bjork and Lady Gaga stylist Edda Gudmundsdottir.) We really can’t condone the destruction of fine art, though.

“‘Live Grand’ is about the journey of taking a good experience and transforming it into a grand one,” Kahn said in a statement. “I was inspired by the deep, rich heritage of Grand Marnier, the brand aesthetic, and the creative license to submerge viewers in a fantastical world that plays into the rich Cognac and bitter orange cues found in this iconic French spirit.”

“Joseph Kahn has built a brilliant career defined by originality and a disdain for convention,” added Campari America vice president, marketing Melanie Batchelor. “We knew immediately that he was the perfect fit for Grand Marnier. With ‘Live Grand,’ we’re inviting the world to join us in celebration – while reintroducing this beautiful blend of Cognac and exotic bitter orange to a new generation of stylish and sophisticated spirits drinkers.”

W+K’s Latest Delta Spot Urges You to Get Up Off Your Lazy Ass Already

You know who’s lazy? The “Dreamers,” according to White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly.

Also, the people who aren’t making the most of the many opportunities earned by traveling with Delta!

The latest spot in the brand’s “Keep Climbing” campaign from Wieden + Kennedy New York urges viewers to consider the fact that they’ll never get anything if they wait around for it to just land in their laps.
As in previous ads, Oscar winner Viola Davis delivers a voiceover so compelling that we don’t even really care what’s she’s paid to promote. Spontaneous trips to Thailand? Sure!

“Runways” argues that there opportunities for adventure everywhere as long as you choose to use them. Call it an improvisational approach to travel.

This may well be true if you’re in your ’20s or your ’60s. But if you’re 38 with a newborn? That’s a totally different story.


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy New York
Client: Delta
Title: “Runways”

Executive Creative Director? – ?Karl Lieberman
Creative Directors? – ?Jaclyn Crowley, Sean McLaughlin, John Parker
Copywriter? – ?Garrick Sheldon
Art Director? – ?Toliver Roebuck
Executive Producer? – ???Cheryl Warbrook
Edit producer agenc?y – ?Dom Tunon
Account Team? – ?Liz Taylor, Jacque Parrish, Lauren Smith
Brand Strategy Director? – ?Sean Staley
Director of Social Strategy? – ?Jessica Breslin
Social Strategist? – ?James Williams
Head of ?Integrated ?Production? – ?Nick Setounski
Business Affairs? – ?Carla Curry, Lindsey Timko, Brit Fryer
Project Manager? – ?Jason Pelton, Ashlea Ramirez
Traffic Manager? – ?Sonia Bisono

Production Company? – ?Iconoclast
Director? – ?Megaforce
DP? – ?Arnaud Pottier
Executive Producer? – ?Valerie Romer
General Manager? – ?Charles-Marie Anthonioz
Producer? – ?Cathy Hood
Production Supervisor

Editorial Company? – ?Rock Paper Scissors
Editor? – ?Mikkel Nielsen
Post Producer? – ?Lisa Barnable
Post Executive Producer? – ?Eve Kornblum
Editorial Assistant? – ?Alex Liu

VFX Company? – ?The Mill
VFX Lead Flame? – ?Keith Sullivan
Colorist? – ?Sofie Borop
Senior Producer? – ?Collin Moneymaker / Luis Martin

Sound Studio? – ?Sound Lounge
Sound mixer? – ?Tom Jucarone
Sound Designer? – ?Adrian Aurelius (Ballad)

Doner L.A. Created a Pop-up Museum Dedicated to Your Favorite Trashy Reality Show, Bridezillas

If you happened to be hanging out in Times Square this week, doing whatever it is people do when they’re ready to give up on life, you may have come across a brilliantly garish celebration of that one thing that truly makes us Americans: reality TV.*

The show is Bridezillas. It debuted way back in 2004, ran for 10 seasons and became the highest-rated original show on WE Tv (wow, really?), though we have to admit we’ve never watched it aside from some choice clips on The Soup.

But now we don’t need to watch it at all, because our friends at Doner L.A. summed up the whole experience via The Museum of Natural Hysteria, a pop-up exhibit celebrating the show’s history and its upcoming reboot.

The whole thing started last Friday, but you’ll have to hurry to see it because it will be all gone on Monday morning like the broken dreams of a million brides-to-be whose weddings turned out to be somehow less than perfect.

Everybody walked the dinosaur, and lots of proudly D-list celebrities showed up, but we’re not going to include their pictures here because we don’t feel like taking the time to download them from Getty Images.

Highlights of the exhibit include “Bridezillas Throughout History,” “Zilla Did What?,” “Channel your Inner Bridezilla” and, of course, “Do it for the ‘Gram.”

#BridezillasMuseum did prove popular on the Instagrams via those looping posts like this one and this one, which we can’t properly embed because Facebook really, really hates WordPress.

Here’s your statement from WE Tv president Marc Juris:

“In its initial 10-year run, ‘Bridezillas’ was a phenomenon, cementing in popular culture, and Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, a lexicon for that life milestone that sometimes transforms mild-mannered women into unnaturally obsessive and intolerably demanding brides-to-be. WE tv viewers have been calling for us to bring back the series since we wrapped it up in 2013, and we’re answering their call, not only with new fresh and frantic episodes of their beloved show, but a full scale museum in the crossroads of the world—Times Square.”

In summary, we all get the reality we deserve.

*We know the British came up with it. But do they have a reality star running their country right now?


Client: WE tv
Show: Bridezillas
Agency: DonerLA

EVP, Chief Creative Officer: Jason Gaboriau
Design Director, Creative Director: Drew Brooks
Associate Creative Director: Brynn Malek
Associate Creative Director: Sammy Glicker
Associate Design Director: Steev Szafranski
Senior Art Director: Lauren Culbertson
Copywriter: Ryan Sims
Senior Designer: Mallory Hern
Jr Art Director, Designer: Alex Gunderson
SVP, Director of Client Service: Perry Cottrell
VP, Brand Leader: Sara Schwartz
Brand Leader: Erin Karsh
Executive Producer: Autumn Hines
Art Production Supervisor: Kathryn Lyons-Urbanek

Production Company: BeCore

The Richards Group and Orkin Remind Us Why Termites Don’t Do Standup

WHAT’S THE DEAL with airline peanuts? And while we’re at it, why aren’t termites funny?

The latest campaign for Orkin (you know the man) by The Richards Group looks to get to the heart of that eternal probing question.

Now get ready for some serious PUNishment.

What, you thought these bugs were done? The hits keep coming.

They do high culture, though.
Can’t stop, won’t stop.

ABH: Always be hustlin’

The outdoor assets give us a clearer idea of what all these intentionally bad jokes set out to do.

The campaign kind of made us think of the days when we first arrived in New York, fresh-faced and naive, ready to fall prey to those folks who stand on the corner with a bunch of flyers asking, “Do you like live comedy?”



Client: Orkin
Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas
Creative Directors: David Morring, Tim Tone
Copywriters: David Morring, Katie Bernet
Art Director: Tim Tone, Amanda Jackson
Producer: David Rucker
Director/Writers: Ben Hurst/ Dave Thomas
Production: Community Films
Post Production: Charlie Uniform Tango
Editor: Alex Campos
Visual Effects: Allen Robbins/Joey Waldrip/Artie Peña
Colorist: Joey Waldrip
Audio Mix/Sound Design: Russell Smith
Puppeteers: Legacy Effects
Clients: Kevin Smith, Cam Glover, Marissa Williams
Brand Management: Pete Lempert, Jessica Walker, Kristin Trumble

TDA_Boulder Pulled Trump-Mocking Ads for Hapa Sushi, Following City’s Complaint

Earlier this month, TDA_Boulder launched a campaign for Colorado sushi chain Hapa Sushi playing on Trump-fueled fears of a nuclear apocalypse, entitled “Eat Well Before It All Ends.”

The ads featured actual (frightening) tweets from Trump, followed by the “Eat Well Before It All Ends” tagline.” It appears they did not sit well with everyone.

The Denver Post reported that the Downtown Denver Partnership raised concerns regarding the “political nature” of the ads, which appeared in seven kiosks along the 16th Street Mall and offered the opportunity to change the content.

“When the city respectfully asked us to edit the copy on the ads, we decided to pull them instead,” TDA_Boulder partner, executive creative director Jonathan Schoenberg explained in a statement. “The Hapa ads are engaging because they are unedited tweets from the President, and if we edited our tagline, the work wouldn’t make sense, or have the same effect.”

TDA_Boulder has made a habit of launching attention-grabbing and potentially controversial campaigns for the sushi chain. In 2014, the agency developed a pairing menu for cannabis strains and types of sushi, following Colorado’s legalization of recreational cannabis.

TDA_Boulder Plays Off Trump-Fueled Fears of the Apocalypse With ‘Eat Well Before It All Ends’ For Hapa Sushi

Are you concerned about the possibility that an incompetent Commander in Chief could lead us to the brink of nuclear disaster? Does the fact that the Doomsday Clock is now the closest it has been to midnight since 1953 give you anxiety? Do you like sushi? What do these questions have in common?

TDA_Boulder launched a campaign for Colorado sushi chain Hapa Sushi playing on apocalyptic fears, entitled “Eat Well Before It All Ends.” The campaign looks no further than the president’s twitter feed for inspiration. In fact, it more or less provides the creative for the agency, as there’s perhaps no better source to stoke existential fears of humanity’s demise. The tweets in question include a 2015 pre-presidential run rant about the “only global warming we should fear” being caused by “nuclear weapons” in the hands of “incompetent pols” and Trump’s recent baiting of North Korean leader Kin Jong-Un, naturally leading into the “Eat Well Before It All Ends” tagline. Might as well try the fugu!The campaign is running across social media outlets, in OOH and in Colorado-focused print publications such as Yellowscene, Out Front, 5280 Magazine, The Rooster, Boulder Weekly and Denver Hotel Magazine, ColoradoBiz Magazine.“Unfortunately, our president is Trump. Fortunately, he makes a joke out of himself so we don’t have to,” RDA_Boulder executive creative director Jonathan Schoenberg said in a statement. “We decided to use his tweets as a scary indication that the world as we know it might end under his power. But, let’s eat some really good sushi before it does.”

Suggesting you should go ahead and go for it since we all might die is certainly a bold strategy for a sushi restaurant about 1,000 miles away from the nearest ocean, but it is certainly attention-grabbing. Taking a stand against Trump will likely not scare away too many local patrons for Hapa Sushi. According to a November poll, 64 percent of Coloradans held an unfavorable view of the president.

It’s not the first time TDA_Boulder has played on recent events for the Denver-based sushi outlet. Following Colorado’s legalization of cannabis in 2014, the agency developed a pairing menu for cannabis strains and types of sushi.

And since we may not find a better excuse to include it in a post, here’s the most beautiful song ever written about the nuclear apocalypse, “Final Day” by Young Marble Giants.

‘Nothing Beats a Londoner’ in W+K London’s Latest for Nike

W+K London touts its home city in “Nothing Beats a Londoner,” a new campaign for Nike.

The long-form spot “Nothing Beats a Londoner” features some 258 young residents of the city, as well as a series of cameos from the likes of Mo Farah, Harry Kane, Dina Asher-Smith, Gareth Southgate and Skepta. The celebration of London and its young athletes begins with a young runner referring to cycling as “light work.” This sets off a series of one-upmanship that spans the remainder of the ad, featuring a series of increasingly difficult athletic feats.

Each of the young athletes in the spot were given their own section of the ad as standalone content, which they promoted via social channels. The full version of the ad launched online, on broadcast and in cinemas today.

“‘Nothing Beats a Londoner’ champions a special, unbeatable attitude we’ve discovered in the U.K.’s capital. The campaign is from London, for London, and celebrates the next generation of sporting stars against a city backdrop thriving with a culture of sport in every street, park and building,” W+K London creative directors Paddy Treacy and Mark Shanley said in a statement. “Despite the star cameos, the creative flips the traditional model and holds kids up as the inspiration for all – championing them, their spirit and incredible athlete mindset.”

MullenLowe LA Launches First Campaign for Whole Foods

MullenLowe LA launched its first campaign for Whole Foods since winning creative duties last October, following a review.

“Whatever Makes You Whole” takes a humorous approach in promoting the Austin-based grocery store chain, which of course was acquired by Amazon last year. A series of 15-second spots promote various aspects of the Whole Foods shopping experience, from free samples to cheese experts to wine and tapas bars.

Each ad in the campaign manages to highlight a different section of Whole Foods, such as its meat or pasta selection or the fact that you can claim to be “grocery shopping” while hanging out at the wine and tapas bar. The humor doesn’t always land as intended, ranging from the not quite funny but sort of charming situation in the dad joke-fueled “Pastabilities,” which hints at Whole Foods’ range of pasta selections, to the cringey vegan-turned-paleo guy in “Paleo,” a spot that manages to support the types of stereotypes about Whole Foods shoppers the campaign should be looking to counteract.

JWT Atlanta Launched ‘A Nation’s Call’ Campaign for Marines During Super Bowl LII

Not all Big Game ads ran during NBC’s broadcast of Super Bowl LII.

Among those that ran didn’t was a spot launching JWT Atlanta’s new campaign for the U.S. Marines, “A Nation’s Call.” Instead, a 30-second spot ran twice during NBC’s livestream of the event. A full-length version of the ad is also running online.

“A Nation’s Call” hammers home a familiar message, shot with impressive production quality (your tax dollars at work). Among shots of looming military aircraft, ships, tanks and more a voiceover explains begins “It’s not just the ships, the armor…” as the vehicles disappear.
The spot concludes, of course, with a nod to the “will to fight” of the Marines themselves, who “answer a nation’s call.”

“Undoubtedly, the equipment, technology and innovation fueling a modern Marine Corps operation gives Marines a decided advantage and an ability to reach objectives further inland than ever before,” said JWT Atlanta executive director, account management Sean McNeeley said in a statement, “but a Marine’s willingness to engage and determination to defeat is essential to Battles Won.”

LtCol John Caldwell, national director of marketing and communication strategy for the United States Marine Corps explained that while there’s wide recognition of Marines as “the few, the proud,” the number one online query regarding the branch of the military asks what is that they do.

“This ad, ‘A Nation’s Call,’ definitively answers that question – it shows our service defining capability to project a self-contained and overwhelming force from a sea-based location to an inland objective,” he said in a statement. “But most importantly, this ad makes crystal clear the fact that more than any weapon system or materiel platform, our success remains reliant upon the indomitable fighting spirit and determination to win inside each and every Marine.”

Agency of Record: J. Walter Thompson Atlanta
Chief Creative Officer: Vann Graves
Executive Creative Director: Doug Darrigo
Creative Director: Tom Wilson
Associate Creative Director: Brian Steele
Associate Creative Director: Daniel Prado
Producer: Jane Jacobsen
Executive Director, Account Management: Sean McNeeley
Business Director: Andrea Villa
Director of Strategy: Randy Shepard
Senior Planner: Liliana Vazquez
Account Supervisor: Reese Glisson
Senior Account Executive: Darcy Hannon

Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Henry-Alex Rubin
Producer: Leah Allina
Executive Producer: Drew Santarsiero
DP: Dion Beebe

Executive Creative Director: Murray Butler
Executive Producer, Head of Production: Sarah Hiddlestone
Senior Producer: Nick Fraser
VFX Supervisor: Steve Drew
CG Supervisors: Greg White, Gabriel Portnof

W+K and Duracell Pay Tribute to Some Coach Who Will Almost Definitely Win the Super Bowl

Maybe you heard that there’s a football game happening on Sunday. It will involve two teams from cities we don’t live in and, frankly, we don’t really care who wins AS LONG AS IT’S NOT THE PATRIOTS.

Just kidding, they are very good and it’s not just because Tom Brady decided to abandon his career as a Calvin Klein model to make millions of dollars by avoiding the crushing blows of other, larger men.

Wieden + Kennedy New York knows which team to root for. Or at least which team is closer to its client Duracell (headquarters in Bethel, Connecticut). So the agency and the brand made a little tribute to one Bill Belichick, best known for his signature hoodies, his flustered press conferences and his endless collection of Super Bowl rings.

As the campaign copy reads, “If batteries played football, Duracell would be the coach you want next to you in a Foxborough hole.”

(We are not too smart, but even we know that’s a New England joke.)

The release also tells us that the brand will be engaging in witty social media banter leading up to and during the game. For example…

This is going to be a blowout, isn’t it? UUUGGGGGGHHHHHH.

Carmichael Lynch Teams Up with Artist Simon Beck to Turn Target Field Into Snow Art Installation for The Great Northern

Carmichael Lynch took advantage of the snowy weather in Minneapolis, tasking artist Simon Beck with transforming Target Field into a snow art installation for The Great Northern, an annual 10-day winter celebration in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

While not part of the official Super Bowl Live festivities in the city (it does not have any affiliation with the Super Bowl), the effort uses the sizable audience in the city to draw attention to The Great Northern, which includes the City of Lakes Loppet Ski Festival, the Saint Paul Winter Carnival, the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships and other events highlighting winter outdoor activities in the Twin Cities.

“We’re thrilled to host Simon Beck at Target Field to bring the beauty of winter to life in a whole new way,”  Twins president and CEO Dave St. Peter said in a statement. “We’re obviously big fans of spring, summer and fall but we wouldn’t call ourselves true Minnesotans if we didn’t have an equal passion for winter, too.”

Beck created the installation using only snowshoes and manpower in ten hours over the course of two days. According to a press release, that added up to over 45,000 steps. 

Burns Group Brings Yellow Tail to the Super Bowl

Burns Group is bringing wine to a beer party.

More specifically, the agency is launching a Super Bowl spot for wine brand Yellow Tail which is running throughout most of the country via 80 regional media buys. Yellow Tail’s regional ad last year made it the first wine brand to run a spot in the Super Bowl in 40 years.

The 30-second spot, directed by Harald Zwart, focuses on a surprise party and, like last year’s ad, features the brand’s kangaroo mascot. It suggests that any party with Yellow Tail is a good party and the brand’s distinction as “America’s #1 imported wine.”

According to a press release, the ad will reach around 100 million viewers. The total media spend, with media buying handled by Havas Media Group, added up to around $10.3 million, around $5 million of that on broadcast. The integrated campaign also includes online and social media components, as well as a Yellow Tail Food Truck Tailgate Tour featuring celebrity chef Jeff Mauro, which was handled by agency French/West/Vaughan.

Youth Referee Abuses Power in Innocean’s Pre-Game Spot for Hyundai Kona

In addition to a spot running during Super Bowl LII, Innocean also created an ad for Hyundai’s new Kona SUV running before the Big Game.

The spot centers around a youth soccer game which was somehow scheduled on Super Bowl Sunday. Anxious parents mull around as the game starts and are soon relieved to find the referee doing everything within his power to end the game prematurely, namely handing out red cards at the slightest provocation.

It’s a bit of a far-fetched premise (Who would actually schedule a youth soccer game to conflict with the Super Bowl?) but then verisimilitude is hardly a prerequisite for Super Bowl advertising. Perhaps more to the point, the execution drags a bit, particularly in the 60-second version. Still, it will likely endear the Kona brand to those juggling parental responsibilities with the desire to sit down and enjoy the game.

Chief Creative Officer: Eric Springer
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McCann, Mucinex Know You’re Not Really Sick on ‘#SuperSickMonday’

A lot of people are going to feel the need to call in sick on Monday morning, and not because of the particularly bad flu season.

Whether it’s due to a hangover, fatigue, or just because the goddamn Patriots won the Super Bowl again, a lot of Americans are going to want the Monday after the Super Bowl off from work. You know it, I know it, Reckitt Benckiser brand Mucinex and its agency of record McCann know it. So McCann New York/McCann Humancare worked up a spot slated to run after Super Bowl LII with a wink at the “#SuperSickMonday” phenomenon. It features the brand’s animated (and pretty gross) mucus character chiding viewers for faking it before ending with the line, “When you’re really sick, take Mucinex.”

The campaign was inspired by a recent survey by Mucinex and The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated which found nearly 1 in 5 employees admitted they had previously missed work following the Big Game.

“We know that a late night watching the Big Game can make it hard to get up and go to work the next day,” Reckitt Benckiser equity lead, U.S. Health Brian Dolan said in a statement published in LBB. “As a brand that takes pride in helping fight sickness and avoid missed time at work, we decided to give a wink to this once-a-year cultural phenomenon, when people choose to take a personal day on their own terms.”

“We’ve had fun with this campaign, giving a lot of the power to consumers and influential personalities in sports and comedy to talk about what #SuperSickMonday means to them. The timing of our ad right after the game syncs up with the immediate nationwide feeling of post-game blues, latching on to that moment when you begin to rationalize calling out sick,” he added. “We think this approach will help us increase brand awareness at a time of year when lots of brands are advertising in a more traditional way. By giving people a laugh now, we hope they will turn to Mucinex when they’re actually sick.”


CREATIVE AGENCY: McCann New York/McCann Humancare
STRATEGY DIRECTOR: Jessica Yin / Experience Strategy Director?
STRATEGY DIRECTOR: Jessica Yin / Experience Strategy Director?
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