For Your Internet Business To Be A Success You Need A Business Blog

If you already have a booming business and your web site has many visitors, you might wonder why you must have a business blog. To continue with a level of success or to improve on that success, it is now essential to have a blog as part of your online presence. A business blog is essential to retaining your current client base and growing it. It can add value to a site that is already thriving, which wouldn’t be possible without utilizing a business blog.

A static site doesn’t create the feeling that there is someone real somewhere, someone you could talk to. People want to know there is a real person, who will respond when a question is asked. A site which is purely text and some pretty graphics is not enough. Your buyers can post comments and questions on your blog, to which you can respond in person, enabling you to develop a connection with your customers, something that you can’t do with a static web site. People have become comfortable with social networking, and love to discuss things, especially intended purchases. A blog can be frequently updated to always reflect the latest information. The information you share can hence always be appropriate and up to date.

Search engines are responsible for 80% of a site’s visitors, and site owners are aware of this. The best way to get relevant traffic is through the search engines. When people type in a relevant query a search engine will direct them to your offerings. By doing this highly relevant website traffic is pushed to your web site. To get on the search engines without much hassle, the pages must be indexed, which happens much more quickly with blogs than static pages.

Blogs have something special, the ping function, which makes it quicker to generate traffic to a blog than a static page. Each time a new blog post is made, it is pinged, letting the search engines know that new content has been put on the web site. Spider bots are then directed by the search engines to analyze the material on your blog to determine if it is new. Your fresh content will be indexed if the spiders okay it, so that when one of your keywords are searched on, your page will show up in the results. You next need to concentrate on getting a high page rank for a lot of people to visit them.

Internal links are instantly created when you put up something new, which doesn’t happen automatically with static webpages. There you need to link them together by hand, in addition to setting up a logical site map. You spend invaluable time on technical tasks which are carried out as a matter of course with a blog. If you have a blog instead, you have more time to manage your business. For anybody with an online business, a business blog is quickly becoming crucial.

Atasun Optik: Enlarge Text Button Application

Advertising Agency: WORKS, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Ahmet Naci F?rat
Art Director: Fatih Gül
Copywriter: Semih Sakarya

Samsung: Eyes On The Road

Advertising agency: Cheil, Singapore
Creative Director: Jimmy Lee
Copywriter: Christan Sow
Junior Art Director: Allan Zhuang
User-Interface Designer: Alvaro Bruch Jacinto
Front-End Developer: Tony Yun Ting Chew
Back-End Developer: Serene Xin Hui Lee
F/A Artist: Chin Peng Tay
Account Director: Joyce Chen
Account Executive: Amanda Yue Ting Heng

Leica C: Leica No Instagram

Advertising Agency: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Buenos Aires, Argentina
General Creative Director: Fabio Fernandes, Eduardo Lima
Creative Director: Theo Rocha
Head Of Art: João Linneu
Copywriter: João Paulo Testa
Art Director: Ricardo Pocci
Rtvc: Victor Alloza, Rafael Paes
Account: Marcello Penna, Melanie Zmetek, Marcelo Bocchini
Planner: José Porto
Photography: João Paulo Testa, Luciana Dal Ri, Ricardo Pocci
Producer: Juliana Hasegawa
Graphics Producer: Jomar Farias, Leandro Ferreira, Robson De Vitto
Production Company: Bistrô Filmes
Director: Felipe Macedo, Edu Figueiredo
Assistant Director: Tayz Perez
Photography Director: Betho De Oliveira
Executive Producer: Fabrízio Penteado
Producer: Karen Braune
Editor: Celso Vilalba
Post Production: Rosana Sallum
Motion: Esteveão Puggina, Rosana Sallum
Voice: Tarsila Amorim
Camera Assistant: Felipe Freua, Dimitri Carmello
Electrical: Vinícius Oliveira
Account Manager: Marcela Brotto
Logger: Rafael Bonsaver

Afroreggae: Ta no mapa! – Putting favelas on the map

URL: http://www.afroreggae.or/tanomapa

Advertising Agency: JWT, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Ricardo John
Chief Integration Officer: Mauro Cavalletti
Head Of Planning: Fernand Alphen
Head Of Art: Fabio Simões
Copy: Paulo Amaral, Sleyman Khodor, Helio Marques
Art Direction: Vitor Veras, Lucas Reis, Henry Kage, Fernanda Sousa
Production Director: Marcia Lacaze
Producer: Paula Ferrari
Photography: Regis Fernandez
Production Company: Nitro B
Director: Gabriel Gemenez
Audio: S De Samba
Voiceover: Simoninha
Media: Maira Toledo, Elaine Endo
Project Manager: Hesli Carvalho
Digital Producer: Rodrigo Alberini
User Experience: Mayra Sasso, Carolina Tod.
Other Credits: Maplink, Fillet, Digibase

Eristoff: Howling Live With Real Wolves Via Your Webcam

Advertising Agency: Happiness, Brussels, Belgium

Oreo: Cookie Balls Song feat. JINX

Advertising Agency: The Martin Agency, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Alexander
Group Creative Director: Jorge Calleja
Creative Directors: David Muhlenfeld, Magnus Hierta
Planning Director: John Gibson
Strategic Planner: Gigi Jordan
Group Account Director: Darren Foot
Account Supervisor: Laurel Busony
Account Executive: Molly Holmes
Broadcast SVP/Managing Director: Steve Humble
Senior Broadcast Producer: Kathy Lippincott
Junior Broadcast Producer: Maggie Shifflett
Group Project Manager: Giao Roever
Animation Company: Hue & Cry
Lead Animator: Andrew Prousalis
Animation Artists: Matt Deans, Georgiy Kuznetsov, Stephen Loveluck, Ryan Musselman, Liam Ward
Audio Post Company: Amplified Wax
Engineer: Jimmy Hill
Music: English Major
Composer / Arranger / Mixer: David Muhlenfeld
Voiceover talent: Jinx

Philadelphia: Lactose Free Launch

Advertising Agency: DLVBBDO, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Federico Pepe, Stefania Siani
Digital Creative Director: Emanuele Viora, Andrea Jaccarino
Art Director: Davide Di Gennaro
Copywriter: Alessandro Lapetina
Director: Edoardo Lugari

Kore: Kore Virus

AIDS is losing media coverage because infection rates have dropped in most countries. But in Haiti AIDS still is a public health threat. So we want to put AIDS back on the agenda by spreading a message to fight AIDS in the same way that AIDS spreads: with a virus. A different kind of virus. A computer virus for the good.

Advertising Agency: Loducca, Brazil
Creatives: Alex Adati, Gregory Kickow, Raphael Franzini
Creative Directors: Cássio Moron, Fábio Saboya, Sérgio Mugnaini
Chief Creative Officer: Guga Ketzer
Technology Director: André Michels
Programmer: Paulo Almeida
Account Director: Juliana Tomas Lopes
Approval: Marc Baptiste

World Toilet Organization: Brown Friday

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Singapore

GIO Studio: Aggression

This is the first official GIO Studio jewelry collection video, Aggression.

Advertising Agency: Mots Agency, Timisoara, Romania
Creative director: Octavian Mo?
Executive producer: Daniela Nedovescu
Director / Editor: Octavian Mo?
Written by: Daniela Nedovescu

SickKids Foundation: Antonio

Advertising Agency: JWT, Canada
Chief Creative / Integration Officer: Brent Choi
Creative Director: Ryan Spelliscy
Art Director: Christian Martinez
Copywriter: Tyler Schell
Agency Producer: Raquel Rose
Account Team: Neil MacLellan, Michelle Ching
Director: Jake Kovnat
Production Company: Sons & Daughters
Post-Production: Panic & Bob
Editing House: Marco Pazzano
Music House: Eggplant
Media Agency: Mindshare
Audio Post Director / Music Supervisor: Adam Damelin

Amnesty International: Mi Gesto


This campaign drives Chileans to sign a digital petition so that the presidential candidates in the current election commit to uphold human rights in Chile if put in office. The main idea is that by being able to make a simple digital gesture, one makes a human one. The integrated campaign includes print, radio, web, a music video and smartphone app. In addition to making one’s digital gesture via the app, the user can also “interact” with the presidential candidates in an innovative way.

Advertising Agency: Atalah & Viveros, Santiago, Chile
Creative Directors José Atalah, Eduardo Viveros
Creatives: Felipe Díaz, Alexander Rengifo
Executive Producer: Crystal Campbell
Art Director: Vinicius Costa
Designer: Vinicius Costa, José Checa
Directors: Leo Mena, Rodrigo Marín
Executive Producer: Wladimir Martínez
Head of Production: Alejandro Castillo
Production Assistant: Gonzalo Ziegele
Director of Photography: Enrique Warnken
Art Director: Patricio Roldán
Stylist: Renno Dakota
Technical Producer: Cristián González
Gaffer: Galo Macaya
Grip: Diego González
Makeup Artist: María Paz Gómez
Camera Assistant: Rodrigo Mancilla
Colorist: Plataforma Digital
Editor: Daniel Heusser

Carrefour: The 50th Year Race

In 1963, consumers discovered the very first hypermarket created by Carrefour, the 2nd retailer in the world.
50 years since the first Hypermermarket opening, Carrefour reinvents it and create the very first hypermarket accessible with the google street view technology. We’ve created the 50 years race, where users could explore the shop and find hidden gifts. A funny way for consumers to rediscover their store. A hudge digital operation, available online, mobiles and tablets. First time in France a brand uses a life size display. This may become tomorrow’s beta version of hypermarkets.

Advertising Agency: Cake, Paris, France
Creative Director: Alban Penicaut
Copywriter: Kevin Nugeron
Art Director: Geoffroy Gomez, Maxime Tréton

Pedigree: Billboard Walk

Dogs need at least one good walk a day to stay healthy and fit. To encourage these walks, Pedigree promoted city walks all over Belgium making use of JCDecaux and Clear Channel’s bus shelter advertising network. Unique posters guiding people from bus shelter to bus shelter allowing them to walk their dog.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director: Peter Ampe
Creatives: Gertjan De Smet
Account team : Francis Lippens, Chloé Naessens, Kirsten Vanderbeke, Anita Jerez
Strategic Planner: Maarten Van Daele
Digital production: Bert Gybels
Graphic Design: Coraline Barbe, Gregory Klarfeld

Zulu Alpha Kilo: The Wall

Advertising Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo, Canada
Creative Director: Zak Mroueh
Copywriter: George Ault, Nick Asik
Art Director: Mooren Bofill
Executive Producer: Kevin Saffer
DoP: Rob Scarborough
Agency Producer: Tasha Dean, Bette Minott
Account Team: Jessica DeSantis
Camera Assistant: Alex Ordanis
Production Coordinator: Russell Saffer
Editing Company: PosterBoy
Editor: Danica Pardo
Online Artist: Steve McGregor
Video Post Facility: Alter Ego
Colourist/Transfer: Tricia Hagoriles
Audio Post Facility/Music House: Pirate Toronto
Audio Directors: Steve Gardner & Tom Goudie
Audio Engineer: Spencer Hall & Ian Boddy
Audio Producer: Kate Goora-Fried

ActionAid: DonateYourProfile Project


ActionAid is an organisation committed to many projects, like fighting hunger and poverty, but in Italy it is known primarily for the sponsoring of children. The brief was to communicate the work of ActionAid, but with a small media and production budget. The only thing we had were the stories of the people that ActionAid helps. So we spread these stories using the place where we already voice ours and other people’s stories: Facebook and Twitter. We created the Donate your Profile project. Not a fundraising campaign, but an online campaign where people can be the voice for ActionAid’s stories donating their Facebook and Twitter profile pictures, cover and wall.

Advertising Agency: DLV BBDO, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Federico Pepe, Stefania Siani
Deputy Creative Director: Valentina Amenta, Davide Fiori
Digital Creative Director: Andrea Jaccarino, Emanuele Viora
Artdirector: Camilla Sartor
Account: Tiziana Perotti, Lucia Scaffardi
Web Developer: Claudio Fedel, Filippo Sarzana
Social media specialist: Lucia Ferrazzano, Gianmarco Sillani
PM: Lorenzo Ferrante, Alessandro Peroncini

Gatorade: Smash your limits

Over the last ten years, sports brands have offered athletes applications, GPS watches and ever more advanced technologies to train with.
The real challenge was to launch a service that is new and useful to people while differtiating the brand from the existing ones.
That’s why we created a new professional profile: Gatorade social trainers.
For six months we’ve offered the service for free: personal training plans, trainer’s advice, a forum to chat with the other athletes and most importantly – all the boost that a real personal trainer can give you.

Advertising Agency: DLV BBDO, Milan, Italy
Executive creative directors: Federico Pepe, Stefania Siani
Digital creative directors: Andrea Jaccarino, Emanuele Viora
Art director: Vittorio Perotti
Copywriter: Dario Lo Nardo
Art director digital: Vittorio Perotti, Luca Guarini
Account digital: Cristina Pontello, Ilaria Milanino
Account ATL: Daria D’Angelo, Lucia Scaffardi
Project Manager: Alessandro Peroncini, Lorenzo Ferrante
Agency TV Producer: Tommaso Fajdiga, Marijana Vukomanovic

60 Pula Film Festival: Wish box

Advertising Agency: Sonda, Vižinada, Croatia
Creative Director: Jelena Šimunovi? (Sonda), Sean Poropat (Sonda), Anselmo Tumpi? (Sonda)
Designer: Tina Erman (Sonda), Zvjezdana Vuki? (Sonda), Aleksandar Živanov (Sonda), Davorka Tumpi?
Photographer: Domagoj Kuni?
Interactive application: Mirko Trkulja
Wish-Box construction: Višen Slamar and Sonda
Web: Euroart and Sonda
Filming: Zoran Mikletic?, Goran Škofic?, Dina Ronc?evic?
Film production: Zoran Mikletic?

Chupa Chups: #MonsterKids Moments

Advertising Agency: BBH, Singapore
Creative Director: Tinus Strydom
Art Directors: Kooichi Chee, Marcus Yuen, Germaine Chen
Engagement Planner: Lindsey Cummings
Business Director: David Webster
Account Director: Midori Watanabe
Account Manager: Bernice Ooi
Head of Production: Daphne Ng
Producer: Wendi Chong
Post: Pang Wei Fong, Elena Ho
Audio: Fuse Family