Heat Celebrates ‘Golf Without Limits’ for EA Sports

Heat recently launched a 30-second online spot for EA Sport’s Rory McIlroy PGA Tour 15 entitled “Shots” which celebrates the game allowing players to take more shots than ever before thanks to enhanced gameplay and no load times between holes.

Set to the LMFAO track “Shots” featuring Lil’ Jon, the spot shows gamers taking shots on a variety of courses both true to life and fantastical. While not explicitly addressing the game changes, the ad makes it clear that the franchise is making an attempt to appeal to more casual golf fans. Voiceover near the end of the spots tells viewers, “Play any way you want,” followed by the text “Golf without limits.” Of course, that song selection in itself, beyond being a pun somebody working on the spot couldn’t resist, also attests to the fact that Heat are targeting a broader audience for EA Sports, attempting to appeal to gamers who normally wouldn’t pick up a golf simulation. Of course by doing so, they risk alienating longtime fans, something they attempt to address by opening with more traditional shots before showing the wilder side of the game. The game is slated for a July 14 release, a handful of days before the beginning of the U.S. Open, which Rory McIlroy will miss this year with an ankle injury.


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Fifa 2010 Campaign

L’impressionnante campagne de promotion pour le jeu FIFA 2010 vient d’être lancée. Une manière de montrer la force de la communauté entre le football et le jeu-vidéo. Une publicité produite par EA Sports, sur une idée de l’agence Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam.



Le jeu est prévu pour le 2 octobre en Europe.

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“G” Thing vs. EA Sports: Integrated Branding


nba finalsI couldn’t help but to express my utter annoyance of brands that put all their hard earned money into sponsorship options without that sponsorship/product placement being truly relavent. 

Key example: Watching the NBA Finals you have Gatorade’s “G-thing” plastered all over the bottom of the screen and courtside. I wonder, how much did they pay for that lil’ splish splash?

What was there? Oh, just the logo no deeper relavance to the finals than that. Yeah, yeah, I know your saying well Gatorade’s a “sports” drink and it’s a “sports” playoff, it should be there. I totally agree but that’s Marketing 101, it’s time for brands to go deeper. 

Like EA Sports for instance is present during these same finals but they integrated their brand in a smooth, non-”G”akward way. The commentator was placed virtually onto a court while a computer EA Sports generated Kobe Bryant was playing against commentator as he shows how to play defense against Kobe , gives pointers, things to watch for, etc–all in this virtual world–NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ BOUT!!! Woohooo imagine that, complete relevance, showing the brand goods, and not pandering to me–it’s no dream world, that’s real branding baby! 

This is the way to integrate brands beyond the mind numbing (in frankenstein voice) “we will repeat…repeat…repeat…repeat…and you will buy…buy…buy !”


Jinean Robinson is a CCIO (Chief Creative Infections Officer) who has been in the communications industry for over 8 years, specializing in creative strategy and implementation, 360 branding communications, and brand development. Join her at http://twitter.com/germllc or her firm’s website at http://germonline.com/