Bacardi e James Oliver se unem no Drinks Tube

Já está no ar, com duas atualizações semanais, o Drinks Tube, novo canal de Jamie Oliver no YouTube. O projeto é resultado de uma parceria do chef com a Bacardi, e tem por objetivo desmistificar o preparo de drinks e coquetéis – mais ou menos o que Oliver tem feito nos últimos anos com seus programas culinários.

Além dos vídeos, a parceria inclui também o site e aplicativo Mixed Cocktailsque além de receitas ainda traz a história, curiosidades e um passo a passo de como preparar diversos drinks.

O conteúdo é bacana e bem feito, vale conferir.

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New Fruit20 Makes a Big Splash

fruit2oFlavored water gets a new look from one of the very first brands to hit the market as Fruit2O announces the re-launch of The site, which was completely overhauled, not only has a splashy new look, it also delivers more robust user content and additional features and information.

“The relaunch of marks a big milestone for Fruit2O as we redefine the Fruit2O legacy and refocus the brand on our heritage in fruit,” said Dave Zellen, brand manager for Fruit2O. “From this point forward, the story of fruit and the refreshment of water will be integrated into everything Fruit2O communicates to consumers. We expect this new web platform to serve as the communications hub for all ongoing marketing efforts including public relations, sampling, events and special offers.”

Fruit2O enlisted Enlighten, an Ann Arbor, MI-based web design company to revamp the site. The agency’s primary role in the redesign project was to use the experiential, emotional, and performance building blocks of the brand to inform and engage the consumer while communicating the overall character and equity of Fruit2O. Enlighten also created a refreshing new design, information architecture and provided Fruit2O with the ability to add new and relevant information.

Brian Yalung is the editor for Beneath the Brand and Beyond Madison Avenue. He is also the owner of several other premium blog sites like Probloggers Hangout. Stick around for unique and sensible posts coming your way.

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Pepsi Unveils Climate Friendly Vending Machines

058thmSoftdrink vending machines are growing in popularity in numbers and unknown to many, the type of vending machine carries certain quality control measures. For Pepsi, an aggressive softdrink brand in the market today, announces a groundbreaking pilot project that introduces the most climate-friendly vending machines ever placed in the United States.

Under the new program, The Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG) is placing 30 Pepsi-Cola vending machines in high-consumer traffic areas in the Washington, D.C. area. The machines, which feature the new Pepsi logo along with a special green refrigerant sticker, use less energy and generate 12% less greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than current vending machines. In addition to their energy efficiency improvements, the new machines use carbon dioxide (CO2), a natural refrigerant, instead of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). This marks the first time that vending machines cooled by CO2 have been introduced in the United States.

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According to Bud Light’s (from DDB Chicago) newest commercials, one word says it all – Dude. While the spots themselves are hysterical and can pretty much guarantee a laugh out of anyone, it’s the new website that really brings it all together – Here you can not only test your “dudeness” by clicking on the poster your prefer, dude, but you can also send coded dude messages to your friends (which will be decoded via text message). And in case anyone out there was wondering, I happen to be 68% Righteous Dude, 17% Game-On Dude and 15% Redneck Dude (where did THAT come from?!?).

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