13th Street: Shivers Guaranteed


Advertising Agency: Nickandjack, Paris, France
Art Directors / Copywriters: Nicolas Dumenil, Jacques Denain

Scotiabank: FLUXe Interactive Art Experience

Advertising Agency: Capital C, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Steve Di Lorenzo
Creative Director: Mary Pallattella / Event
Art Directors / Designers: Steve Di Lorenzo, Nick Cangialosi
Copywriters: Sarah Jane Bowler, Steve Di Lorenzo, David Horovitch
Artist / Illustrators: Eduardo Recife, Nanami Cowdroy, Lorenzo Petrantoni, Alex Kurina, Eepmon | Eric Chan|Eepmon | Eric Chan, Hugh Elliott, Janice Kun, Sectr | Christian Toth|Sectr | Christian Toth, Zena Holloway
Curated By: Steve Di Lorenzo / Pixel
Technology: Rob King, Craig MacKenzie, Kenith Chau, Tao Zhang, Nelly Radfar
Sound Design: Graham Miller
Event Produced By: Mary Pallattella, Themmy Papas
Account Managers: Jason West, Angela Lowe, Kim Sanderson
Project Manager: Gillian Lai
Information Architect: Andrew Lovett-Barron
Social Media: Aubrey Podolsky, Marc Schwartz

Samsung Smart TV: Free APPs download, what else do you want?

In crowded China Smart TV market, product definition of Smart TV is confused by other local brands. An internet TV is not a real Smart TV. Samsung as a later imported brand, has powerful TV Application Store which support countless various Applications download and full-3D audiovisual experience. Samsung should be differentiated with other local brands, and tends to make clear to consumers that no one but Samsung Smart TV can be called “real smart TV”.

Install a “Samsung Smart Box” at a site, many different kinds of gifts, such toys as characters of various applications (sports, music, movie, game, SNS etc.), endlessly pop out from the “Smart Box”, consumers can take it for free. Through the direct experience, let consumers know the unbelievable benefits that Smart TV applications can be downloaded for free! CBD(Central Business District) , where is the most white collar-intensive area in Beijing, is chosen as the interesting event site. Carry the activity out twice in rush hours (during the lunch break and the closing time). Promote product focus on the target consumers by interactive outdoor billboard combined with the spread of on-line viral video.

The activity attracted huge crowds, white collars from nearby office buildings have take part in this interaction. Over 4,000 APP toys have been taken away. Real-time on-the-spot broadcast swept 10,000 people. Viral video has been uploaded and spread across the internet, such UCC website as Ku6.com, youku.com. Also as been forwarded on the Sina micro blogs at the same time from April 19th. Activity attracted increasing attentions and comments. from netizen, received overall good reviews. Judging from the feedback, Samsung Smart TV stands out from other brands, Consumers strongly impressed by activity, and most of them are willing to experience Samsung Smart TV.

Advertising Agency: Cheil, Beijing, China
Chief Creative Officer: Jason Zhao
Executive Creative Director: Jacky Lung
Creative Director: Tody Hu, Nancy Yang
Copywriter: Nancy Yang
Art Director: Hong Luo, Yang Xiang

Asics: Boots Against Racism

Advertising Agency: Babel, São Paulo, Brazil
Copywriter: Ricardo Chester
Art Director: Solon Miranda

Zerwijmy Lancuchy: Tear the dog off the chain

Advertising Agency: Lowe GGK, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Directors: Kinga Grzelewska, Marcin Nowak
Art Director: Giedymin Jablonski
Copywriter: Patryk Michon
Illustrator: Giedymin Jablonski
Published: September 2010

WWF: High temperatures are killing polar bear

“By maintaining right indoor temperature in winter, polar bears can survive.”

Advertising Agency: A and B2, Seoul, South Korea
Creative Director: Dong soo Lim
Art Director: Mi jung Shin
Illustrator: Ji young Jung
Published: February 2010

Nestlé NIDO Kinder: Strong Kids

Advertising Agency: Octante, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Creative Directors: Emiliano Cortez, Martín De Pasquale
Art Director: Emiliano Cortez
Copywriter: Martín De Pasquale
Photographer: Andrés Nogueira
Published: April 2011

Strauss Food Group: ?All Names in the Country Share the Logo

Advertising ?Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive, Tel Aviv, Israel
?Chief Creative Director: Gideon Amichay
??Executive Creative Director: Tzur Golan
??Creative Directors: Yaneev Avital, Sagi Blumberg, Roy Cohen
??Art Director: Dan Shany, Adva Alon
?Copywriter: Michal Perry, Nadav Raviv, Oz Frenkel
?Executive Client Director: Adam Polachek
?Account Supervisor: Hagit Erez, Amichay Kattan
?Account Manager: Sivan Talmor, Lia Gat, Michal Kalish
?Head of Strategic Planning: Yoni Lahav
?Head of Planning Group: Vered Golan
?Planner: Inbal Leitner
?Executive Branding Director: Zeev Ravid
?Branding: Ayelet Gerzon, Liraz Levi
?Published: March 2011

Teddy Bear Museum: The footprint poster

Advertising Agency: Supernormalvoice, Seoul, South Korea
Account Executive: Saeyoung Kim
Creative Directors: Swan Song, Saeyoung Kim
Art Director: Swan Song
Copywriters: Saeyoung Kim, Swan Song
Photographer / Filming : Kisam Kim
Others: Junghyun Kim, Youngtae Lee, Yeonyi Yoo
Published: August 2010

Mercedes-Benz: Transparent Walls

For the PRE-SAFE® precrash system from Mercedes-Benz, we made chaotic traffic intersections safer. Everybody was able to look around the corners into the streets as if the walls were transparent, and could therefore detect potential hazards in time to avoid them. To achieve this, we used a camera to film what was going on around the corner. The images were projected onto an 18/1-format billboard on a building corner so all motorists and cyclists could see them.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Elbe, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Sascha Hanke
Creative Directors: Tobias Grimm, Jens Pfau, Jo Marie Farwick
Art Directors: Damjan Pita, Benjamin Busse
Client Counseling: Sven Dörrenbacher
Agency Producer: Jannik Endemann
Film Production: Erste Liebe Filmproduktion
Graphic Design: Samuel Huber
Creatives: Florian Hoffmann, Benjamin Busse, Frederico Gasparian, Alphons Conzen
Interactive Producer: Sascha Kurfiss
Regie: Mortimer Hochberg
Production: Justin Mundhenke
Copywriters: Florian Hoffmann, Henning Robert, Jan-Hendrik Scholz

Levi’s Square Cut Jeans: Soundwash

We created a multidimensional and interactive experience combining music and self expression in a unique way. We invited people to wash their Levi’s Square Cut jeans in sound in a special Sound Wash Machine in the Levi’s Soundwash Laundry using music the audience had mixed themselves from specially developed Soundwash laundry mixes. The idea extended across packaging, a Laundromat, online and mobile.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\TEQUILA, Hong Kong
Executive Creative Director: Mark Ringer
Group Creative Director: Esther Wong
Creative Director/ Art director: Ken Hui
Senior Copywriter: Mike Wu
Art Director: Jacqueline Hung
Producer: Daisy Chan
Director: Kevin Lei @ Fat Ball Slim
Digital Creative Director: Betty Ho
Production company: A Sound Device Company
Editor: Kevin Lei @ Fat Ball Slim
Photographer: Ricky Wong @ Redtangle Workshop
Photographer: Timon Wehrli @ Reddog Studio
Retoucher: Reddog Studio
Senior Digital Art Director: Liou Ming
Typographer: Joe Lee, Ken Hui, Jacqueline Hung
Flash Designer: Tony Mak, Victor Norgren, Lui Yuen Yi

Deadline 2 : Sticking Close to You

Continuation of Deadline stop motion in 2009, this time sticky note stop motion develop to outdoors, and travel 11 cities around the world in 40 days by 2 people.

Director: Bang-Yao Liu
Photographer: Wei-Chieh Tseng
Music: Fran Chen

SummerVille Resort: Umbrella

“Summer the whole year.”

Advertising Agency: Gruponove, Recife, Brazil
Creative Directors: Aliwton Carvalho, Gustavo Rêgo
Art Director: Marcelo Maciel
Copywriters: Rafael Nântua, Igor Moura

Europcar: Crush hour

Advertising agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Chris Garbutt
Creatives: Emmanuel Bougneres, Benjamin Dessagne
TV Producer: Antoine Bagot
Head of digital and branded content: Frederic Levron
Director: Gustav Johansson
Production company: Moonwalk
Post production: Nightshift
Music production: Studios Appollo

ClearWay Minnesota: We All Pay

The outdoor board by Clarity Coverdale Fury,Minneapolis is part of a multi-media campaign that ClearWay Minnesota is running to raise awareness of the continued dangers of smoking and tobacco products. The tobacco industry continues to spend almost $200 million each year in Minnesota to attract new, young customers to replace the thousands that die each year from tobacco related illness. Additional campaign work will continue to emphasize the aggressive marketing practices of the tobacco industry. All of the work is available online at www.weallpaytheprice.com, a website designed to educate Minnesotans about the harms of tobacco and expose the tobacco industryâs practices.

Advertising Agency: Clarity Coverdale Fury, Minneapolis, United States of America
Executive Creative Director: Jac Coverdale
Creative Director: Jerry Fury
Art Director: Jac Coverdale
Copywriter: Jerry Fury
Production company: 3 Ring Scenic

Prime TV, Psychic Investigators: Mind

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: James Mok
Creative Directors: Chris Schofield, Billy Mcqueen
Creatives: Nick McFarlane, Josh Stuart
Account Manager: Katie Loverich

Calgary International Film Festival: Crying billboard

Advertising Agency: WAX, Calgary AB, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Joe Hospodarec
Creative Director: Scott Luit
Art Directors: Brian Allen, Brad Connell
Copywriters: Tim Anderson, Stephanie Bialik, Andrew Payne
Photographer: Roth & Ramberg
Retouching: Robyn Jamieson
Outdoor Media: Pattison
Published: September 2010

THiNK! McCann Erickson: Everybody could make ads

Self promo site URL: http://www.think-mccann.com.ua/promo

Advertising Agency: THiNK! McCann Erickson, Kyiv, Ukraine
Creative Director: Eugene Kaminskiy
Creative Group Head: Alexey Demin
Art Director: Svitlana Boldyreva
Copywriter: Pavel Fedenko, Kateryna Goryslavets
Illustrator: Svitlana Boldyreva
Digital Producer: Serge Roberts
Interactive Design & Development: Folga
Published: November 2010

Toshiba LED TV: Ultra thin

Advertising Agency: Imelda Ogilvy, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Creative Director: Jure Požun
Art Director: Branislav Miloševi?
Copywriter: Andrej Baša
Published: September 2010

Singapore Customs: Anti Contraband Cigarettes Campaign

The latest campaign by the Singapore Customs, as part of a bid to stamp out illegal cigarettes, features the use of traditional and new media strategies, on top of a wide range of viral communications tactics and mobile community engagement roadshow. The ‘Don’t Get Burnt’ campaign aims to drive home the social consequences, as well as the severe penalties associated with buying, selling and/or possessing illegal cigarettes. The campaign, which was launched first in print on Tuesday, started its run in August. Pre-campaign blitz covers several ground activations and viral marketing tactics to raise public awareness and create discussion in different media platforms on the burn mark. The truck with the burnt mark even sparked discussion on online citizen site STOMP and in the newspapers. To reinforce the logo identification, anti-illegal cigarettes ‘ambassadors’ hit the streets wearing the burn mark T-shirts on Sept 20. Slips containing public advisory hotline were also distributed to smokers and members of the public at several locations, urging them to call and learn about the consequences of dealing with illegal cigarettes.

Advertising Agency: OG8 Asia, Singapore
Creative Director: Hill Tan
Art Director: Marq Wong
Copywriter: Rafiq Lehmann
Ground Activation: A Group of People
Published: September 2010