Agency Again Strikes Viral Gold With Tiny Animals Enjoying Tiny Festivities

Workplace productivity has gone out the window once again thanks to “Tiny Birthday for a Tiny Hedgehog,” the latest time-wasting video from agency HelloDenizen that has first-worlders convulsively hitting replay.

The Los Angeles shop, on a self-promotional odyssey of precious proportions, unleashed “Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos” in April. It has nearly 8 million YouTube views (though you can watch it below if you’re late to the fiesta). Now the hamsters join their hedgehog pal for a bash that’s racked up 1 million views since launching a week ago.

HelloDenizen’s Joel Jensen describes the new video as an attempt to expand on earlier concepts and add some new layers. The results are mind-meltingly cute. You’ve got itsy-bitsy presents wrapped in fancy paper, itty-bitty balloons, eentsy-weentsy festive hats and widdle whiskers coated in creamy icing as furry faces happily munch away.

This birthday party takes the cake.

Southwest Shines With Flight Attendant’s Viral Video as Social Media Sours for Other Airlines

It's been a weird week for airlines in social media, and it's only Tuesday. On Monday a Dutch teen was arrested for tweeting a threat to American Airlines, and US Airways accidentally tweeted a photo of a woman using a model airplane as a sex toy. 

But here's one airline that's actually getting some positive attention this week: Southwest.

Known for being the goofy uncle at the airline family reunion, Southwest (or at least one of its employees) is the star of a video that's quickly gone viral, tallying more than 1.2 million views in two days. The clip is totally safe for work, and no lives were threatened, so they're already winning by a couple of points.

In the video, a flight attendant delivers one of Southwest's famously reinterpreted safety instruction speeches prior to flying. But even frequent Southwest passengers will be impressed by the quantity and quality of zingers she manages to fit into a mere three minutes. 

Some excerpts:

"Flight attendants are coming by, hoping you'll tell them how good looking they are."

"As you know, it's a no-smoking, no-whining, no-complaining flight. It's a 'please' and 'thank you' and 'you are such a good-looking flight attendant' flight."

"If you're traveling with small children … we're sorry. If you're traveling with more than one child, pick out the one that you think might have the most earning potential down the road."

"Sit back and relax—or you can sit up and be tense, either way."

Cats React to Viral Videos in Surreal Friskies-Branded Spoof

Forget about kids and teens, how to do cats feel about watching other felines online?

In a bit of branded self-satire, YouTube megaproducers The Fine Bros. partnered with Friskies to create Cats React to Viral Videos, an April Fools' version of their highly popular Kids React, YouTubers React and Elders React Web series. But, instead of naive kids and teens talking about pop culture events, the duo interviewed kittens, cats and some fellow YouTube stars in cat costumes about famous cat videos. 

(Apparently, cats don't love the clips as much as their human servants do.)

"The Friskies team has been a great collaborative partner," Benny and Rafi Fine tell AdFreak in an email. "Our fans have always been asking us to make a spinoff of our popular React franchise, but with cats instead."

The Fine Bros. have a history of working with brands, so the spoof didn’t feel unnatural.

"The Fine Bros are some of the top video creators in the world today and have never integrated a brand partner into their 'React' franchise before. With a video like ‘Cats React,’ however, it felt like the perfect opportunity for Friskies and the Fine Brothers to collaborate,” Shaun Belongie, senior brand manager for Friskies, said in an email.

The product that Friskies is trying to promote, Friskies SauceSations, isn't featured heavily in the video. It only appears in a few small scenes and in the title card at the end of the video.

Reach Entertainment's head of digital, Marc Hustvedt, whose agency produced the ad, explained that in order for a video to go viral, it needs to feel organic. Brand sponsors can't litter the ad with their logos, or people will be turned off and won't feel the need to share it.


Filmmaker Still Getting Paid to Wander the World, This Time in a J. Crew Suit

Viral filmmaker Casey Neistat continues to milk brand marketers for a personal travel allowance in his new clip for J. Crew's Ludlow Traveler suit, which he wears around the globe while offering vague tips on "how to travel in style."

The video shows Neistat and his dorky haircut doing all sorts of fun stuff in the suit, from impressing local ladies with bike tire maintenance, surfing and snowboarding in business attire. He also digs some random holes in the ground at one point.

Neistat has built a career on taking marketers' money and doing unexpected things with it, like jetting around the world with a friend on Nike Fuel's ad budget or taking $25,000 to promote the film version of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and instead using it to help typhoon victims in the Philippines

This time Neistat plays it a bit more straight, though he does try really hard to be quirky. (Look at his tiny skateboard! Isn't he just precious?) , but the video's all in good fun, and he's not wrong about dressing up for travel. It really does make the whole experience more pleasant. The only way to make it even better is to have someone else foot the bill.


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