Penelope Cruz lesbian librarian does not equal instant viral.

The gossip rags and websites are all getting their knickers in a twist about Penelop Cruz and her sister Monica sharing a “lesbian kiss” in their baby brother Eduardo Cruz’ music video “Cosas Que Contar.”
See Daily Mail, The Superfish and Fox News for example.

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24c3: Programming DNA – A 2-bit language for engineering biology

Previously: 24c3: The history of guerilla knitting. There’s more links and images about the congress on MAKE.

0aadnaadventure.jpgI agree with Eliot Phillips from Hack a Day: Drew Endy‘s talk on Programming DNA at 24c3 was the best thing i’ve listened to last week. The video is there for you to agree or disagree with us.

Endy, co-founder of the BioBricks Foundation (BBF), came to Berlin with the hope that “the conferees of 24C3 will help me to understand how to best enable an overwhelmingly constructive hacker culture for programming DNA”. Endy campaigns for a more open culture of biological technology, where biological engineering would not have to be confined to the laboratories of high-end industry laboratories.

Using BioBrickâ„¢ standard biological parts, a synthetic biologist or biological engineer can already, to some extent, program living organisms in the same way a computer scientist can program a computer. The DNA sequence information and other characteristics of BioBrickâ„¢ standard biological parts are made available to the public free of charge currently via MIT’s Registry of Standard Biological Parts.

Another video features Drew Endy discussing BioBrick standard biological parts and in this podcast he talks about open source biology.

Oh! And don’t miss the comic he worked on together with Isadora Deese & The MIT Synthetic Biology Working Group: Adventures in Synthetic Biology.

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Nike Keeps Adding to Its Roster

SAN FRANCISCO ( — Nike has again expanded its agency roster, tapping El Segundo, Calif.-based 72 and Sunny for at least part of its European soccer account, a Nike spokesman confirmed.

Timberland, Arnold Part

NEW YORK ( — After a three-year relationship, footwear and apparel retailer Timberland Co. and its global creative agency, Havas' Arnold, Boston, are parting ways, and the retailer is putting its account into review.

David Lynch didn’t wait in line for iPhone

Thank God for David Lynch. Following his brief yet passionate analysis of product placement, the director now weighs in on the experience of watching a movie on one’s cell phone. To emphasize the point, someone has set the interview footage to the music from the iPhone commercials. And yes, Lynch lets another indignant F-bomb fly. Via Jason Kottke.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

Crispin haters unite in ‘most-overrated’ poll

I always find it interesting that any post on AdFreak that mentions Crispin Porter + Bogusky elicits a strong reaction. Invariably the shop is either “whacking off with technology” or “making themselves famous instead of just the product.” With Adweek’s Agency of the Year issue due out Monday, fashioned a poll asking which shop is the most overrated. Early bets in the office were that it would probably bring out the Crispin-hating hordes. Sure enough, in early results, Crispin has a wide lead, with Droga5 a distant second.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey

It’s Not What You’re Looking For, But What You Find

Jason Calacanis has some ideas for Twitter monetization. Namely, in feed advertising, SMS advertising and subscriptions. But that’s not the interesting part of his post. This is:

Ev shouldn’t worry about a business model for another two years. Just build the service to *massive* critical mass. Get to 100M users–which is where the service is headed. If the service gets to 100M monthly users it will be worth a couple of billion.

That’s what I learned at AOL: Once you have critical mass you can’t help but make a fortune. An absolute idiot with 10-20M users can make a ton of money. So, get to tens of millions of users and forget about money.

Speaking of Ev, The Economist is running a feature on him. The British magazine’s premise is that Ev is an accidental innovator. That Blogger and Twitter were not intended, but rather the outcome of something else he was working on.

The irony of trying to plan accidents, and orchestrate their frequent occurrence, is not lost on Mr Williams. So he tries mental tricks. One is to ask “what can we take away to create something new?” A decade ago, you could have started with Yahoo! and taken away all the clutter around the search box to get Google. When he took Blogger and took away everything except one 140-character line, he had Twitter. Radical constraints, he believes, can lead to breakthroughs in simplicity and entirely new things.

Consumers Want Digital Utility, Not Advertising

More than two-thirds of consumers who use the internet have used it to research package-goods products, according to a new survey by Prospectiv, a firm that provides online customer leads for marketers.

Of the consumers who use the internet to research package-goods brands (48%) do so primarily to get product information. Another 46% use the internet to seek savings or coupons, while 6% are primarily looking for tips on how to use the product.

[via Ad Age]

Patriots Dominate on Field and on the Dial

MINNEAPOLIS ( — The New England Patriots dominated the field over the New Year's weekend, and ended up dominating the top 10 ratings list as well, thanks to an unusual deal between the NFL, CBS and NBC to air the most talked about game of the season.

Obama Girl Declares Love For Adrants

It’s not often one of the hottest women on the planet creates a personalized video just for you but that’s exactly what our fave political babe, Obama Girl, did for us today. In the video she calls for a…

“Happy Honda Days” (Returns)

I don’t know about you, but as I watched my fair share of football this holiday season, I was belted with another huge amount of automobile ads. Some were okay, some were pitiful, and a couple just seemed to hit the mark.

So, in the spirit of the season, I’ll just speak to one that seemed to do all the right things with just the right weight, just the right way. It did not blow me away with brilliance, but captured my attention enough to make me sit through the :30 stint and come away with the message and a decent feeling.

This is the newest version of “The Happy Honda Days”. The festive seasonal music played while the various red Honda vehicles cruised slowly between huge red baubles set up along the stark white floor and backdrop. The cars were the stars and we even caught a 2-3 second glimpse of one of the car’s attractive interiors.

The message was about all the great deals we could get on the new Hondas in stock including the Accord, the “popular Civic”, the “fun-loving Fit“, etc. The commercial concluded with an attractive lease offer on the mainstay 2008 Honda Accord LX for $259/month (for 36 months) with $2,606 down at signing (including the security deposit). Affordable, simple, and practical. Sounds like Honda, eh? Happy Honda Days!

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ABC’s ‘Lost’ Launches Yet Another Alternate Reality Game

There is just way too much complexity to ABC’s Lost and everything that goes with it to actually attempt to describe and explain everything. However, while trolling Flickr, we found some images of billboards for Oceanic Airlines, the name…

Returning Soldiers Urged to Buy Breast Implants

Before Flickr, we’d actually have to get off our asses and travel the globe in search of interesting advertising. No longer. Now we can just sit on our ass and scroll through hundreds of ad-related images provided by budding…

The TV-show theme song: dead and buried?

First it was original movie soundtracks, now it’s TV-show theme songs that are getting an official belated Internet eulogy. The writer laments a world in which “modern TV producers fear flip-happy viewers” and cater to them by launching right into the plot with little or no musical opening. My guess is the writer doesn’t get HBO, because Oz, Deadwood, The Wire, The Sopranos and Entourage all have distinct theme songs that covered their opening credits (The Wire and Entourage are still active shows, as far as I know), as does Law & Order, a show popular enough to warrant its own channel. Not to mention, Strong Bad has already covered this topic. And maybe it’s a good thing that network-TV theme songs have gone the way of the minidisc. Modern shows may talk down to the viewer in every other conceivable way, but at least they assume we know what we’re watching.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

Booty Branding (aka Assvertising) Bountiful on Flickr

In what could possibly be construed as a sort-of NSFW image (hey, she is wearing a bathing suit), we have here some lusciously prime booty beef donning the Apple logo in some sort of twisted brand appreciation. Oh yes,…

Circus animals that aren’t clowning around

Lpdalion Here’s an ad from a Portuguese campaign to raise awareness of the plight of circus animals. The headline simply reads, “The animals are not clowns.” See two more executions here and here. As they say, there’s nothing sadder than a sad clown. Via ptFOLIO’s Flickr stream.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

Old Spice slides headfirst into more silliness

It doesn’t take much to make people laugh. This new Old Spice spot from Wieden + Kennedy, for example, shows a guy who slides all the way from second base to home plate, while also delivering a witty, many-claused endorsement of the product, which he picks up while rounding third. The YouTube uploader describes it in simpler terms: “This dude totally keeps on sliding and it is hilarious.” See some earlier Old Spice spots here and here.

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Toyota and M&S top multinationals ethical index

LONDON – Toyota and Marks & Spencer have topped a ranking of 198 multinationals according to how ethical they were perceived to be in 2007, while oil giant ExxonMobil finished bottom.

Looking for Some Action? Turn to Fox

NEW YORK ( — With the writer's strike still ongoing, Ad Age TV Editor Brian Steinberg casts a critical eye on some of TV's mid-season series to help marketers determine which may prove to be the best showcases for their ads and products. Today, he looks at Fox's shot at reviving the Terminator franchise, made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger, now California's governor, who will not be back.