Getting Emotional with Culver’s Restaurant Advertising

Culver's Ad

One thing you have to consider when you invest in advertising for food such as burgers is you have to put some spunk to it. Many people normally do not value the product being promoted if no emotional feeling is added to the mix. Apparently this is what Culver’s restaurants have added to the advertising mix; the matter of being emotionally connected with a product.

It is a fitting preparation towards starting the whole climax of the advertising strategy. The market audience can get a feel of what they are missing with these emotionally added factors that are normally overlooked when advertising prowess is concerned.

“This campaign is intended to further that emotional connection with the brand that we didn’t have before, to show [the product] and take it up another notch,” said Contino. “Emotional messaging is becoming ever more important . . . We have to show how we deliver the most to our guests through great restaurants, food and experience.”

(Source) Brandweek