Couponing at Bed Bath and Beyond

Coupons. Everyone has heard the buzz word floating around in today’s shopping circles. Research indicates that people of every economic status partake in couponing. However, many people feel too overwhelmed or intimidated to begin their own couponing journey. The truth is, it really is not that hard to begin couponing at popular stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond. All it takes to become an avid couponer are the right resources, the correct information, and the right attitude. Unfortunately, a lot of the information circulating on the internet is conflicting and a little confusing; it can be difficult to pick out the helpful information in a sea of “information overload.” For a brief overview of how to use Bed Bath and Beyond coupons to earn significant discounts and savings, read over the information below. Most people are surprised by how quickly their savings start adding up after beginning a well-based couponing lifestyle.


Where To Find Coupons

The oldest and most traditional method of locating the right coupons is that of newspaper hunting. Magazines and newspapers often contain booklets that have been issued by certain stores. Statistics indicate that inserts and newspaper coupons are the most popular coupon method, with about 87% of all coupons offered via that vein and about 40% of all coupons redeemed in that vein.

However, even though this method is the oldest, it is not necessarily the only or best way to secure great deals. Most people do not realize that stores often carry the very same brochures on-location; Bed Bath and Beyond coupons may be right within the entrance of the store itself. These brochures are usually free and packed with helpful information about how to save money while shopping; take advantage of this resource by grabbing a brochure during an upcoming store visit.

The Technological Couponer

Couponing has transformed along with the changes in technology; many couponers use online resources instead of traditional methods when it comes to saving money at the store. Since the Internet is found in most homes in America, online couponing provides a way for busy individuals to find coupons right from the comfort of their livingroom. In fact, many people claim that couponing online is even faster than the traditional “circle and clip” method. Why? Couponing via the Internet is very simple for people in today’s technology immersed society; people are developing an intuitive sense concerning technology and couponing provides a way for them to easily surf for coupons. Bed Bath and Beyond coupons, like other major stores, are often added to the store website on a regular basis. Users simply have to check the discount and sales page to learn what deals are available for the week. Coupons can be printed off with the click of a mouse.

There are also many resources outside of the store’s webpage. Many people claim that one of the most reliable websites used for finding coupons is Ebates. Bed Bath and Beyond coupons and cashback by Ebates provide users with a quick and easy way to cash in on discounts. Other websites offer similar services (i.e. Retailmenot and; however, most of these websites are considered lesser in quality when compared to websites such as Ebates.


The (Even More) Technological Couponer

For those who consider themselves extremely technologically savvy, mobile couponing is the best way to go. Smart phones are one of the most used methods when it comes to accessing and cashing in on coupons during present day. So why is mobile couponing so popular? The answer is simple. It seems as if almost everyone is carrying around a cell phone these days, which means that couponing resources are in the hands of a large number of people. People who often travel or spend a lot of time at the office enjoy the freedom of accessing coupons on-the-go.

Mobile couponing works because stores send coupons to certain mobile phones on a regular basis. People with smartphones are able to sign up for the service by giving cashiers their email addresses or phone numbers. The good news? Coupon to mobile services are usually totally free. In fact, couponing from a cell phone does not even include printing costs. Mobile phone users are able to show the cashier their phone screen for instant savings; the cashier can simply scan the barcode image on the screen.


Before starting a couponing spree, it is important that couponers familiarize themselves with the “rules” behind couponing. There are many regulations set on couponing since coupons are, essentially, standing in place of real cash. To avoid embarrassment and remain informed, take a look at this list of common couponing regulations:

  • Coupons that are “standalone,” or can be redeemed for free without any other purchases, are often fraudulent and are not frequently accepted by stores.
  • There is a certain way to go about using two coupons at once; however, most of the time, this practice is unacceptable. Any stores that allow the “stacking” of coupons will make it clear that they are an exception to this rule.
  • Coupons are not supposed to be manufactured by anyone except for the store offering the deal. Those who make their own coupons and pass them off as legitimate discounts are committing a form of counterfeiting. Remember, coupons are like money.
  • When a coupon is published, it is intended to be used on a specific item with a specific set of qualifications. Before trying to use a coupon on the wrong item, make sure to take size, unit, etc. into consideration.

Keep the information above in mind when carrying out couponing endeavors. With a little research and practice, most people master the art of couponing in no time.

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You are a first class ad exec steeped in the most sophisticated approaches. You’ve studied at great schools and apprenticed at world-class agencies. And now your client wants….coupons and sampling. Before you say ewww, think for a moment. Everyone loves a discount, and there is always a place for a quick trial before making a purchase. Sometimes simple tactics can be the most effective. There’s a reason they’ve lasted this long.

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Don't Worry About Brow Levels