Easily Distracted From Tasks? These Hilariously Weird Ads Show Why That Can Be Bad

Droga5 London has found a creative way to promote new productivity service Setapp: by showing just how wrong things can turn when we get distracted and don’t finish a task. In a series of comedic spots, the “Don’t Get Sidetracked. Get Setapp” social campaign showcases three scenarios where failing to complete a task leads to…

Chiltern Railways has some really big deals

Summer– it’s a really big deal. So big in fact, your Chiltern Family Travelcard starting at just £25 will get you return travel, two for one entry at top London attractions and unlimited bus and tube travel. Considering how bloody expensive the tube is these days, that is a really good deal indeed.

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All the Ads in This London Subway Station Have Been Replaced by Pictures of Cats

It isn’t often in advertising that we get a happy ending that isn’t totally fictional and “brought to you by. But here one is, in all its furry glory!

In early May, we wrote about Glimpse Collective’s Kickstarter quest to replace all the ads in a London Underground station with images of cats. By the end of that month, U.K. animal rescue center Battersea joined forces with them, offering its cats up as models, in hopes that nice Londoners would experience love at first sight. 

Despite that endorsement, things weren’t looking good. In the last few days of their campaign, Glimpse—which created the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service, or #CatsNotAds—had raised $17,487, just over half of its objective (£23,000, or nearly $30,500). The company appealed to agency heads to provide rescue funds, and we closed our minds and hearts, awaiting the inevitable snuffing-out of a beautiful dream. 

But this week we discovered God exists, and loves us. On Monday morning, commuters passing through London’s Clapham Common Tube station were accosted by feline friends. 

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Is Boring, Oregon, Really Boring? Find Out in This Wonderfully Weird Ad Shot There

Pop culture is full of stories about people trying to escape the boring-ass town they were born in. Not so in Boring, Oregon. As one inhabitant remarks, “Nobody leaves. They think they’re gonna go, but they stay.” 

Just like the Hotel California! 

In a short film by Ogilvy & Mather London, a brand that we won’t mention until later (to avoid spoiling the reveal) takes us directly to Boring—which actually exists!—to learn its charms, attributes and history. 

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Meet Leo, the World's Creepiest, Hungriest, Most Lecherous Gambling Mascot

It isn’t often you watch a 30-second spot that leaves you with feelings you can’t understand.

For online casino Leo Vegas, London ad agency Now has released “Carcass,” the first of a two-part series featuring client mascot Leo, the “undisputed king of mobile casino.” 

The spot opens with Leo leaning against a bar and eyeing some (literal!) fresh meat across the way. It’s an irresistible lure: He saunters over and takes its stub of a hand, leading it to the dance floor, where the pair get familiar in ways that leave us, well, queasy at best. 

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These Brilliant U.K. Posters Ask Pokemon Go Players to Help Find Missing Persons

British nonprofit Missing People wants some of the millions of Pokemon Go players traipsing the country to be on the look out for something other than cartoon creatures: actual humans.

An outdoor campaign from the organization, which helps search for missing persons and provides support to them and their loved ones, repurposes iconography from the popular augmented reality game, which requires users to rove their cities for digital creatures in real-world locations.

The campaign, launched during a Pokemon Go event in Trafalgar Square, drew a crowd some 4,000 strong. Working with BBH Barn, the Publicis agency’s internship program, Missing People created posters featuring the faces and names of those “missing near here,” wrapped inside Pokeballs, the imaginary tools used to trap Pokemon.

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NSPCC – Pantosaurus What’s in your pants belongs only to you (2016) 2:00 (UK)

NSPCC - Pantosaurus What’s in your pants belongs only to you (2016) 2:00 (UK)
As soon as the music starts up and I hear “pants, pants, Pantosaurus” my memory center glitches between the Baltazar intro and “Togs, togs togs, togs togs, undies”, which gives some indication that I may have watched too much TV in my life. But that is what kids do! And they love animations! And sing-alongs stick like glue, as proven by the extremely popular dumb ways to die, and that horrible purple dinosaur who claimed to love everyone whose song still echoes in every 90s kid’s head.

Aardman animation director Lucy Izzard strikes gold with this infections little clip that is designed to educate little kids about modesty and how to defend themselves from would be perverts. Sinister topic handled with sugary sweet animation makes the medicine go down.

What’s in your pants belongs only to you
Your pants cover up your private parts
Your private parts belong only to you
If someone asks to see just tell ‘em no

Pantosaurus likes to wear his pants, he wears them all day long
They cover up his private parts, and that’s what makes him strong
If someone asks to see or tries to touch him underneath them
He tells them no, then tells someone he trusts and likes to speak to.


f someone asks to see or tries to touch under your pants
And says to keep it secret, then you must tell them NO.
Then go and find someone you trust, and tell them straight away
They’ll say well done for speaking out and make everything OK

RAF "Amanda" (2016) 1:00 (UK)

The Royal Air Force regular and reserve is a profession that isn’t showcased all that often. Until now. This campaign is made for social media and aims to attract millennial men and women by showing them what a cool job it really is. In it, we get to see people like Amanda, who really is in the RAF doing cool stuff on a boat, snorkeling, and hanging out with crew and fishes alike in exotic locales.i have to say, if this is the only ad I saw, I would think it was one big holiday instead of like, a wing of the armed forces. It reminds me of the strategy the U.S. Army’s ads had in the 80’s. It wasn’t “protect and save the world and your country,” but “earn money for college.” I’m curious to see how effective this particular spot will be.

RAF "Ellie" (2016) 1:00 (UK)

Unlike the “summer holiday forever” vibe that The RAF’s spot featuring Amanda’s endless summer holiday gives off, young Ellie here left school to join up and at 19 years old, she is a bad ass who is part of the Red Arrows aerobatic team. This new campaign for the Royal Air Force shows its no ordinary job and is aimed at attracting millennials from all walks of life. This campaign features real members of the RAF, including Ellie.

RAF "Harry" (2016) 1:02 (UK)

Harry is an engineer officer in the Royal Air Force who is in charge of 60 technicians. And 12 badass planes. But it’s not just serious stuff. Harry also has fun playing sports with his mates, too. But mostly he’s a technical badass. This new campaign for the Royal Air Force features real members, showcasing the diverse opportunities available for millennials thinking about joining up. It’s no ordinary job, indeed.

Royal Air Force "Harkan Expedition" (2016) 1:22 (UK)

This new campaign aimed at millennials who are thinking about joining the armed forces, shows what a day in the life of a RAF member is like. And these are real RAF members, too. As you can see, it’s no ordinary job. And while it seems at first like they’re on a camping trip they are actually training and learning survival techniques. By the end of the expedition they are a much stronger team than when they started. Because in the RAF, you are part of a team.

Sky "The new home of sky movies" (2016) :40 (USA)

Sky Cinema is the new home for Sky Movies in the UK and Ireland and it just launched today. To celebrate, WCRS came up with this VFX eye candy referencing some of the most iconic films of all time. It was directed by award-winning director, Patrick Clair who was responsible for the title sequences of The Night Manager and True Detective. Simple and to the point, but entertaining all the way.

OS Maps app "Follow your heart" (2016) :42 (UK)

The new OS Maps app can help everyone #GetOutside. Because let’s face it, you’d rather be outside than in the grocery store or in a business meeting or on an escalator.

Morose Goth Kid Busts Out Broadway-Style Moves in Ad for Fun-Smelling Shower Gel

Playing on research suggesting fragrance can lift one’s mood, a new ad for British fragranced soap and gel brand Radox shows a sullen, black-clad teenager going crazy, Broadway style, to the tune of Summer Twins’ “I Will Love You.”

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Häagen-Dazs Fills Its Instagram With Great Wimbledon Pics of Fans, Not Players

What do tennis and ice cream have in common? They’re both irresistibly exciting, according to a new Wimbledon campaign from Häagen-Dazs, featuring crowd reactions from the stands of the annual London tennis tournament that’s now in its second week. 

Grey London hired fashion photographer Adam Katz Sinding, known for his streetside style portraits, to capture the highs and lows of courtside fans for the ice cream brand’s Instagram. His crisp, vibrant shots of attendees range from unbridled joy to awe, horror, anticipation and suspense.

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Four Paws International "Pet Deception Detector" (2016) 2:26 (UK)

As if it was in a film noir, a dog detective discovers that online ads selling cute and adorable puppies are unreliable and unregulated. Thanks to Four Paws Internationals’ Pet Deception Detector, you can find out which sites are risky and which are okay.

Relish "Careful what you sign for" (2016) 1:39 (UK)

In this hidden camera spot, a barista helpfully explains to the punters how much they’re in for — after they’ve already put their signature on something. Funny as far as stunts go. I just don’t know why we bother with hidden camera spots any more. They feel as cliché as the “we’ve secretly replaced the diner’s coffee with Folger’s Crystals, let’s see how they react,” ploy is as old as the 80’s by now.

The National Lottery – #PleaseNotThem / James Blunt You're Beautiful (2016) :40 (UK)

The National Lottery - #PleaseNotThem / James Blunt You're Beautiful (2016) :40 (UK)
AMV BBDO have a different tactic in enticing people to pay “stupidity tax”, instead of promising how much fun you could have for the untold millions, they show you who really should not be getting those untold millions. Prevent them from winning! Play the lotto out of spite! I like it, nice zig-zag on ye old lottery strategy. Here we get to see James James Blunt is the “Please not them” celebrity, as he plans to install himself singing “You’re beautiful” in every mirror of the world. You know, the song that went from zeitgeist to mega-hit, to overplayed, to if I hear that again I will strangle you with your own guitar-strings, in roughly five minutes flat back in 2004. James cheerfully mocks himself, and his ear-worm creation, as he playfully and self-depreciatingly acts a maniac who wishes to win the lottery just to keep singing that in everyones mirror. Car accidents and hilarity in mens rooms ensue. Please don’t let him win.

Keira Knightley Is Extremely Blunt in Urging Young Brits to Vote in Brexit Referendum

Keira Knightley might seem dainty, but she has no problem dropping an F-bomb when the occasion calls for it—like when chastising the young British citizens who plan to skip the country’s upcoming referendum on European Union membership.

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This Company Is Giving Free Bikes to Londoners Who Don't Mind Being Rolling Ads

If you’re based in London and want a free bike, a new company called Buzzbike—whose name explains its entire business model—can make that happen for you. 

In partnership with Cooper (creator of the Mini Cooper), which is providing the actual bicycles, Buzzbike offers Londoners not only a free bike but a Hiplok DC lock, lights, insurance and servicing—all for a £100 deposit (about $145). In exchange, users must commit to biking to work a minimum of 12 days a month and park their bikes on the street. 

Why the weird requirements? The bikes are branded by whoever wants to be seen streetside, adding a democratic twang to the city bike model—Nike recently created its own city bikes for Portland, Ore., and Citi, of course, sponsors the New York program. The difference here, of course, is that no single brand has to carry the slack for the people’s transport. 

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