These Students Made a Song Out of Inactive Twitter Accounts, and It's Super Catchy

To get people to delete their (probably long-forgotten) inactive Twitter accounts, some students from Rotterdam-based Willem de Kooning Academy created a ridiculously catchy @twittersong, with lyrics created by combining—and calling out!—handles that have been dead since March 2016. 

“Hey you, the one who’s still in their eggshell,” a folksy voice sings, “Yeah you, the one who didn’t say farewell. You didn’t have anything to say, no tweets were coming your way. So you decided not to stay … but why did you never fly away?”

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SKYNFEEL "an experiment in sports" (2016) 1:32 (The Netherlands)

SKYN is a premium brand of condoms that lets you “feel everything.” To prove this sensation was true, Sid Lee Amsterdam teamed up with fashion designer Pauline Van Dongen to create a long jump suit made out of SKYN’s revolutionary material. Introducing SKYNFEEL. With the help of professional Dutch long jumper Joren Tromp, they put the material to the test. The material looks pretty bad ass and no doubt it proves how much easier it is to um, move as well as feel everything. Which when you think about it, is pretty brilliant on Sid’s part. Because let’s face it, the only other way you could put this kind of material to the test is in a way you wouldn’t be able to show in a commercial, if you catch my drift. It would be too, wait for it—hard.

I’ll show myself out.

Thijs Biersteker "Periscopista installation" (2016) (The Netherlands)

With Periscopista, Thijs Biersteker and Amp.Amsterdam won the first ever Grand Prix run by pioneering festival Down the Rabbit Hole, an award show to encourage artists to push the possibilities of festival art installations.

With this interactive installation the aim was to break down any boundaries between the festival and the crowd, by designing a mist installation that is as curious about you as you are about it. When you look at the installation, it “looked” back. If you pay attention to it, it would show off its psychedelic side. It was also triggered by sound and movement.

“Periscopista is an homage to curiosity. She is peeking from the lake at the festival world and bursting with enthusiasm into a misty cloud, inviting interaction from the crowd through periscopes on the shore, now every visitor can influence the festival surrounding” says Thijs Biersteker, artist.

The installation was designed to be sustainable and with room for annual expansion, as new pieces can be added to the framework indefinitely. The installation was built by the Better Future Factory using old plastic bottles and even car dashboards to 3d print the elements of the installation. Furthermore, they designed it in a modular fashion, so it can live on and be edited during the years to come.

The Periscopista installation was chosen as G RAND PRIX winner of the Down The Rabbit Hole Festival in Amsterdam.

The visuals morphed according to the movements, recorded by motion capture cameras, of festival goers; the audio was an ambient bed that subtly changed as crowd noise picked up by several microphones increased and diminished. Together with partner Univate, the sensors, hidden in poles around the festival terrain, provoked the interaction between the installation and the people, with live streams giving video input on the screen, and motion sensors and audio input influencing the animations. In charge of the beautiful illustrations, were the in­house illustrators of Down the Rabbit Hole Festival, the two talented brothers Merijn and Juriaan Hos.

I wish I would have been there to see it. "get in the game" (2016) 1:10 (The Netherlands)

Whoever you are, whatever you’re into,’s got a place for you to stay. Because why miss out on the biggest sport events in Rio and France when you can be right there? Especially in Rio when lots of people are deciding not to go because of Zika? I kid! Kinda. Anyway the point is to indulge your passion for sport. And it’s a nice spot as far as anthem spots go. But “get in the game,” seems an incredibly cliché line.

Moyee "Names" (2016) 1:00 (The Netherlands)

It’s unfair having to go through life with a name you didn’t choose. Like Chardonnay or Cobra or Moonbeam. But Moyee is fair. I love this strategy: life is filled with unfair things, but Moyee coffee is fairer than those things. You could riff on that for a few years and I sincerely hope they do.

Corona "The Flow" (2016) :59 (The Netherlands)

Everything is moving in reverent slow motion in this visceral hyper-sounding surf heavy spot for Corona. I love the music, too. So relaxing.

Corona "Lime ritual" (2016) 1:00 (The Netherlands)

The sound design in this spot is amazing. And the music is fantastic.

But I do feel as though it should come with a warning: If at any point during the lime ritual things start to get a little too hyper loud and you are hallucinating and you hear the sound of helicopters that aren’t there, you can either lie down or move to the safe space tent. Just breathe slowly. It will pass. And soon the drowsy guitars will appear and you’ll come to your senses and you’ll be where you should be: Back on the beach with Corona.

Corona "Drone surf" (2016) :15 (The Netherlands)

I love the hypnotic music. But Drone Surfin’ sounds like a Beach Boys song. “Drone Surfin’ everybody’s goin’ now. Drone Surfin’ Let me show you how now.”
I’ll see myself out.

Centraal Beheer – Rapper / Even Apeldoorn bellen (2016) :60 (The Netherlands)

Centraal Beheer - Rapper / Even Apeldoorn bellen (2016) :60 (The Netherlands)
Hey, it’s time to call Apeldoorn again. This long running campaign idea, that hilarious disaster is just around the corner, seems to never run out of steam. In fact, the film, ‘Rapper’, marks the 30 year anniversary of the famous campaign.
In this film we meet Young D, a freshly signed rapper who is showing off his brand new ride. The car has the newest features such as personal voice control (PVC). Of course, this is the kind of thing that impresses his friends but causes disaster when his newest hit song comes on the radio. The best line is “My rims are 22’s, they can go to the club by themselves”.

‘Rapper’ is the 59th film in the well-known series created by DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam for the insurance company. The international creative agency has been the insurer’s partner in creating these iconic ads for the past 30 years.

Dylan de Backer, Executive Creative Director at DDB & Tribal Amsterdam shares from the shoot: “It is amazing that we have been able to work together for such a long time with Centraal Beheer Achmea on these, now legendary, campaigns. Maybe it was not a coincidence, but during the shoot we had our own ‘Just call us’ moment. The car you see in the film actually accidentally hit other cars while shooting for the commercial. The positive side is that the unintended accident even made the actual film.” Good thing this was for an insurance client, is all I can say, what a shooting nightmare otherwise.

The newest campaign, which consists of a TVC and online campaign, focuses on the services of the insurer in the broadest sense. Shortly after launching ‘Rapper’, the commercial will be used to promote their car insurance. Here, they will focus on solutions and the Centraal Beheer app. The film will be live on TV on the 15th of May.

Milka Biscuit Jars "Anton" (2016) :22 (The Netherlands)

Milka’s new campaign features personified cookie jars, and a chance to vote for your favorite cookie jar. This one features Anton, a fearless mountain climber, who is attached to a mountain. Ha. Also, don’t forget to go to Milka and vote for your favorite jar. You might just win one.

Milka "Grandpa Jar" (2016) :25 (The Netherlands)

Grandpa is the lovable old cookie jar who falls asleep because that’s what old people do, right Milka? If you would like to give him a better home instead of at the ageist Milka corporation, go to their site and vote for him as your favorite and you might win one.

Milka "Fluffy" (2016) :25 (The Netherlands)

Fluffy loves glitz, glamor and Fluffy. I guess that makes Fluffy the millennial cookie jar. Thank you. I’ll be here all week.
Anyway, go to Milka and vote for your favorite cookie jar and you might just win one.

Milka "The Cookie Time Clock" (2016) :25 (The Netherlands)

Vote for your favorite Milka cookie jar for your chance to win one, like Cookie Time, who suffers as he waits until the hour of the cookie is upon him and then he can give in to that sweet temptation. If you go to Milka’s site you can vote for your favorite cookie jar and even win one.

NPO Radio2 – Stenders / Requests "Sex machine" (2016) :30 (The Netherlands)

In Dutch this advert is titled platenbonanza, and work son the simply idea that a famous radio DJ gets constant requests for songs, and title are out of context kind of hilarious. Neighbours yell out “sex machine” as he starts his commute, some woman crossing the street yells out “I want your sex!”, a guy at a gas station simply says “hello”. The idea has legs, and could have been funnier if it carried on, maybe they’ll try and campaign it. Possibilities include standing in the supermarket when someone quizzically asks him for “Lost in the Supermarket?”, as he’s getting a coffee someone yells out “Blah Blah Café”, and so on. It could have had the funny turned up a notch, it’s not just sex titles that get awkward when yelled out at random.

Blokker – Sarah Jessica Parker is a fan (2016) :30 (The Netherlands)

Blokker - Sarah Jessica Parker is a fan (2016) :30 (The Netherlands)
Blokker has a new flagship store in Amsterdam, and with it they gained a new fan – none other than Sarah Jessica Parker. She loves it so much she even learned how to make poffertjes like a pro.

DSM Dyneema "The Dyneema project" (2015) 1:50 (The Netherlands)

Way back in 1963, a scientist accidentally discovered world’s lightest and strongest fiber. After years of development the fibre is ready to be incorporated in fabrics -and ready to change the world of streetwear, sportswear apparel. This fiber, by the way, has created ultra strong ropes, bulletproof vests, F1 seat belts, America’s Cup yacht sails and even a medical kit.

Amsterdam-based production company, Mike Teevee, has made this teaser film to celebrate this revolutionary product and to try to get premium brands to engage and collaborate with Dyneema. The stunts in this film are genuine demonstrations of Dyneema clothing. No special effects. No fake glass.

I want one of those jackets, man. "Wing it" (20150 :30 (The Netherlands) invites you to wing it this summer. And use instagram. Lots of filters. And a drum solo, too. Where they lose me is “Wing everything. Except your vacation.” If you go to you can see all the images from the spot in all their instagram glory, and of course, submit your own. Wing it. Except when it comes to UGC.

Smirnoff "Keep the Good Stuff" ad banned by ASA, 72andSunny will appeal

The spot, called “filter the unnecessary” was created by 72andSunny, Amsterdam, and shows how someone enters a seriously pretentious bar where all the hepcats give them the stare-down, and they have to make their way to the bar past overgrown moustaches and necklace wearing fashionistas. Once the bar is reached, it topples, pouring out the ice poodle, the bearded bartender, the pretentious fashionable people, and instead lets in light, a cute DJ who starts the music, and smiling patrons who turn to welcome “you” into the fold, as this is all shot in p.o.v.

The complaint was, that the alcohol was needed in order to have fun at the bar. The ASA said:
“We considered the ad’s presentation implied that before the visitor asked for an alcoholic drink, the bar was cold and uninviting and that once his drink had been ordered, the bar changed and became livelier and more fun. We considered the contrast between the two implied it was the presence of the alcohol that was the pivotal point in the bar’s transformation.”

Julie Bramham, the marketing director at Smirnoff, said the company will be appealing the decision and is “deeply disappointed” with the ASA’s adjudication.

“We believe the advert clearly showed two scenarios that were separated by a physical change of the bar symbolising the ‘filtering’ of unnecessary pretentiousness, and not by the presence of alcohol. Pre-approval was granted by Clearcast and we will await the decision of the ASA’s appeal process.”

Centraal Beheer "Surprise" (2015) 1:05 (The Netherlands)

Dutch insurance company Centraal Beheer Achmea brings us the 58th commercial in this campaign. In it, a surprise party for a colleague turns into a crazy event complete with a DJ who plays Speedy J’s techno classic ‘Pull Over.’ I have no idea what this means at all, but if it’s been running as long as it has, someone must.

Nike "Long jumper' (2015) :30 (The Netherlands)

NIke Women’s global #betterforit campaign has launched in Russia. In it we hear the inner thoughts of women trying to psyche themselves out of continuing their sport. Playing off the stereotypical things women would do instead, i.e. mud mask in the salon vs getting dirty on a muddy run. This spot features gold medalist long jumper Darya Klishina.

Russian Translation
Inner voice: If you wanted a mud mask, you should have tried the spa.
Her voice: Sometimes you’ve got to get dirty if you want to shine.