Tiny printers

I am not sure I would call this a trend, as WIRED does. But it is true that for every mainstream movement there is an opposite idea catching on: like collecting vinyl instead of downloading music, customising bikes instead of cars, slow instead of fast food.
The smartphone evolution and its myriad of apps has given […]

YouTube Klubi #10: The Easter Bunny Hates You

This Klubi edition is short but not really that sweet. Do you know what the Easter Bunny does the other 364 days of the year? He kicks ass!
As one of the commentators wrote: “I come back back every year for this video.” Aww, isn’t that nice?
Happy Easter,
The Publicis Digital Team

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Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up

Australian Hugh Atkin, creator of the famous “Barrack-Roll” is at it again and launches “Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up” featuring Barrack Obama as Eminem. Great political rap in the age of the mashup.

Hugh seems to have increased his prowess of pasting those snippets together. Here is the Barrack Roll again.

and with McCain […]

YouTube Klubi #3: It’s Love!

Yes folks – it’s YouTube Klubi Time, and this week is a Valentine’s Day special, mmm-mmmm.
Naturally, Valentine’s Day kicked off with a Google Doodle all about love, which was just as easy to watch as it was to interact with, i.e. click and enjoy. I especially liked the simple charm of this wee ditty, and […]

20 Creative Agency Planets in Sydney

Whenever you bump into an old colleague (now working at a competitor agency), you might go: ‘Hey, what a small world!’.
That’s what we think as well and were therefore inspired to create these 20 small agency planets.
A big help was Ryan Alexander’s web app ‘Street View Stereographic’. It creates a “little planet” using photos from any Google […]

Little Planet meets Street View

This is another piece of pure Internet Awesomeness. Enter any street adress on Google Streetview and this site renders a ‘Little Planet’-like stereographic view, using Google streetview material. Have a look at our home in 30 Windmill Street, Walsh Bay below.

You can create your own ‘Little Planet’ in seconds using Streetview Stereographic.
via DesignTaxi

var […]

A quick guide to speaking CEO lingo for 09

This post summarises an article from the Financial Review Jan 09 in which 34 Australian CEO’s are interviewed regarding their approach to the trying economic and business conditions ahead.