Billboards that interact with the environment

Technology has been used on billboards for years, displaying everything from the temperature to the current powerball jackpot, but generally, the level of interaction between the viewer and the message is minimal. Therefore, the few billboards that use technology to actually inspire and force that mental interaction really impress me, as does this new billboard campaign for AEG-electrolux laundry machines.

Their somewhat clever “noise awareness” campaign certainly speaks volumes to their product, but it’s the execution of the idea via billboards that really makes it work. Decibel meters monitor the current sound volume. Simple. Nothing too elaborate, and not too much explanation needed. Just enough to make sense, and to push it just a hair past the normal billboard. And of course, the current data is viewable, then compiled and graphed on the well designed Noise Awareness Website, where you can even click on cities to get the exact billboard locations via google maps. Cool stuff.

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