Uber Tries Ads to Guide Airport Travelers as Rideshare Is Pushed Out

Though many airports have kicked Uber from terminal curbs to parking garages and car lots, the rideshare service has found a way to make sure travelers arriving at Seattle’s Sea-Tac Airport can more easily find it. In a partnership with Clear Channel Airports, Uber is branding directional signs so travelers can get from their arrival…

Executives Are Unhappy With Their Companies’ Loyalty Programs

When seemingly every travel brand offers its own specialized loyalty program, industry leaders are finding it difficult to stand out. A new report in the Harvard Business Review found that corporate faith in loyalty programs might be weakening: 58% of executives surveyed believe their organization’s approach to customer loyalty is ineffective. The report, which was…

Q & A: Amtrak’s Roger Harris on Connectivity and Competition

With a C-suite full of airline executives, America’s chronically underfunded and much-maligned national passenger rail network, Amtrak, is expected to break even within a year, a first in the company’s 50-year history, if it happens. Adweek spoke with Amtrak’s CMO and CCO Roger Harris, a former Aeromexico SVP, about how to sell train service in…

’90s Style Icon Lisa Frank Brings Nostalgia to Travel With Rentable Dream Room

The Lisa Frank aesthetic–dolphins, unicorns and lots of hearts and rainbows–is coming to a Los Angeles penthouse apartment available to rent from booking site Hotels.com and hospitality firm Barsala. Reservations for the Lisa Frank Flat will open Oct. 11–the annual Day of the Girl, incidentally–on Hotels.com. Stays are available from Oct. 11-27 for $199 per…

TripAdvisor Ends Sales to Attractions Featuring Captive Whales and Dolphins

Travel recommendation site TripAdvisor will no longer advertise or sell tickets to any attraction that “continues to contribute to the captivity of future generations of cetaceans” by the end of 2019, the company announced today. The banned attractions include any that keep whales, dolphins and porpoises in captivity. The site hopes the change in policy…

Helsinki Wants Travelers to Be More Sustainable, and It Wants Airbnb to Help

From the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to the option of a full-size kitchen, Airbnb has always benefited from the customization that’s possible with its search feature. But, as consumers and the travel industry become more environmentally friendly, there is one potentially significant search option missing. And the city of Helsinki thinks it has a…

30,000 Toy Cars Illustrate How Mass Transit Could Dramatically Reduce Traffic

Most things look cuter when they’re in miniature, but does that still apply to something like thousands of cars stuck in gridlock? A new ad campaign for Swedish public transit service V?sttrafik turns toy cars into an imposing illustration of the 30,000 vehicles that could be removed from the road through a current promotion offering…

Scandinavian Airlines CEO Warns of Carbon Taxes Unless Industry Acts on Sustainability

“Sustainable airline” sounds like an oxymoron, but according to Scandinavian Airlines CEO Rickard Gustafson, it’s not only possible–it’s necessary. Taking a broad and ambitious approach to reducing its impact on the planet, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is doing things like purchasing carbon offsets for its loyalty customers and asking customers to preorder their inflight meals to…

The Road to Brandweek: JetBlue’s Elizabeth Windram on Meeting Sky-High Expectations

Between baggage fees and minuscule legroom, travelers expect to put up with a lot when flying with a budget–or in industry parlance, low-cost–airline. But, according to JetBlue’s latest campaign featuring the Alright Brothers, “just alright” doesn’t fly here. At our annual Brandweek event, coming up Nov. 3-6 in Palm Springs, Calif., JetBlue’s vice president of…

Jefferson Airplane on a Cruise Ship? Lucky Generals Gets Psychedelic for Celebrity Cruises

Eschewing the bright and sunny, carefree look of a run-of-the-mill cruise line commercial, Celebrity Cruises and London-based creative agency Lucky Generals turned to ’60s psychedelia and every owner of a black light’s favorite piece of literature for their new campaign, “Wonder Awaits.” While it’s not clear what induces the surreal trip (a vacation without children,…

Boeing Pledges $144,500 to Families Affected by Max 8 Crashes

Following a spring and summer hamstrung by scandal, Boeing announced today that the families affected by the two 737 Max 8 crashes will each receive $144,500, according to Reuters. The crashes of Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 have resulted in the deaths of 346 passengers and crew members. The plane has…

Facing Climate Change and Overtourism, Norway Shifts Its Marketing

This story is part of a weeklong series on climate change and sustainability. It’s in partnership with Covering Climate Now, a global journalism initiative to cover climate change in the week leading up to the U.N. summit on climate change in New York on Sept. 23. Click here to learn more about the initiative and…

A DJ Turned the Sounds of a New Singapore-Seattle Flight Into a Surprisingly Catchy Song

Those who travel frequently might not think of an international flight as an audibly enjoyable experience, what with all the engine noise, crackling announcements and disgruntled toddlers. But Singapore Airlines just proved there’s a lot of musical potential hidden in the body of an Airbus A350 and in the ambient sounds of a lengthy flight….

How Hotels Fill Rooms During a Recession

It’s been more than a decade since the 2008 financial meltdown, but it’s never comforting to hear the word “recession.” Last week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 800 points, triggered by the inversion of the yield curve, an indicator of investment in the U.S. economy. Economists looking for signs of a slowing economy might…

Morgans Hotel Group Is Here to Alleviate Your Burnout

Not to be outdone by the likes of inspiring brands such as Zoku, Morgans Hotel Group is trying its damnedest to inspire minds, reinvigorate spirits and cure them of something they call Holiday Deficit Disorder.

Yes, fatigue is an issue with the likes of creatives, and from its establishments based everywhere from New York to London to Istanbul, Morgans Hotel Group offers everything from sun therapy to urban exploration in this campaign from NSG/Swat, which was founded by former kbs+ honcho Richard Kirshenbaum.

In a statement, NSG/Swat creative director Andrew Tobin says:

The Holiday Deficit Disorder campaign is about happiness and not being weighed down by today’s technological hamstrings. Our core insight is that members of the creative class constantly feel overworked, exhausted and bombarded by today’s 24/7 work landscape of always being available and on-call. They leave their earned vacation days unused for whatever reason. The concept revolves around a self-diagnosis of this tongue-in-cheek “disorder” and  treatment-based solution to the ailments, which is a stay at any Morgans Hotel Group properties.

From the client’s CMO Alan Philips:

“At Morgan’s our core audience is the creative class and our purpose as a brand is to support creative ideas and people.  The HDD campaign is a novel take on modern day problems executed in a manner that engages with our core consumers and sparks conversation around our brands and properties. It is a moment and it makes you smile.”

Morgans Group, which bills itself as the “first boutique hotel,” also operates in choice destinations including South Beach in Miami and the Mondrian in Los Angeles.

We Are Pi Helps Launch Hotel Brand Geared Towards Creative Types

Will Zoku spell the end of the hotel room as we know it?

It’s way too early to tell, but that’s the bold proclamation already made already by the parties behind the new loft chain, which, all hyperbole aside, serves as a compact home office/bedroom hybrid. Aimed at a sector of business travelers labeled “global nomads,” Zoku–which will officially open its first venue in Amsterdam in fall 2015–aims to transcend the standard hotel experience by unveiling what it deems “social spaces” within a hive-like environment that encourages work, play and longer stays.

How so? Well, the idealistic brand not only provides a loft-style sleeping space but an alcove desk with office supplies, a four-person table for dining and even retractable staircases–so in essence, a playroom for adults.

To help initiate Zoku’s Amsterdam launch, the brand collaborated with hometown agency We Are Pi to develop a brand identity, etc. The brief film above provides a glimpse into the loft, which was conceived following crowdsourcing and research efforts by London-based consultancy, The Future Laboratory. In a statement, Future Laboratory co-founder Chris Sanderson–whose firm worked with interior design/architectural firm Concrete to bring Zoku to life–coins a new term, saying:

“The merging of business and leisure – a trend we have identified as bleisure – represents one of the fastest growing and dynamic business opportunities in recent years. Today’s business travellers are re-writing the rules. Their outlook on work and play demands new services and a new approach to the hospitality sectors. The business hub will be the opportunity of the next decade in terms of hospitality value creation.”

Along with Amsterdam, Zoku plans to target more creatives throughout Europe by opening up operations in Paris, London and Berlin, with global expansion on the horizon.

Film credits


Managing Director: Alex Bennett Grant
Partner: Patrick Garvey
Strategy Director: Jessica Perri
Strategist: Andrea van den Bos
Executive Creative Director: Rick Chant
Executive Creative Director: Barney Hobson
Creative Design Director: Nessim Higson
Art Director: Kaz Salemink
Account Manager: Sam Speed
Account Executive: Hollie Beever
Executive producer: Kimia Farshidzad
Project Manager: Ambar Surastri

Film and Photography Production

Photographer: Bill Tanaka
1st Assist: Collin Hill
Art Director / Props: Meike Sier
Catering: Nanja Theus

Editor: Sanne van Hecke
Animation Production: Joe Flemming
VO artist: Jason Huggings, Intervoiceover
Music and sound design: Michael Kneebone, Toolbox

Mustache Admires All Things Dutch for Holland Tourism

If you ever felt the need to visit the Van Gogh Museum or take a canal tour, then you may be interested in this ongoing campaign from DUMBO/Brooklyn-based shop Mustache, which has already claimed that “everything is hip” in Holland.

Mustache, joining forces with the Holland Marketing Alliance, aims to exemplify “De Holland” by demonstrating that this Euro hub’s culture goes well beyond the coffee shops and red light district of Amsterdam (despite that recent 180 Amsterdam campaign).

Mustache continues its three-year relationship with HMA by targeting Millennials in a campaign that also promotes air carrier KLM and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (among others) along the way.

Agency: Mustache
Director: Gavin Bellour
Director of Photography: Felipe Soares
Creative Director: John Limotte
Director of Marketing: Jeff Cambron
Will Bystrov: Head of Post-Production
Rosina Shiliwala: Director, North America, Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions
Anthony La Rosa: Social Media Specialist, KLM/Air France

‘Ideas Man’ Floyd Hayes Puts You to Sleep for Yotel’s ‘Smartbed’

It’s not very often that an advertising creative boasts about putting you to sleep with one of his campaigns, but in the case of Floyd Hayes, it’s the foundation of his latest work for the airport hotel brand Yotel.

With the epic, 30-minute film “Yawn” — which Hayes himself says is his “favorite project so far” — the self-proclaimed “Ideas Man” (who you know from well-publicized efforts like “World’s Fastest Agency“) is hyping Yotel and Serta’s new Smartbed while trying to induce sleep at the same time.

How? Well, creative director Hayes, with the help of award-winning director Scott Elliott and UK electronic artist/Yotel music playlist curator Tom Middleton, has unveiled a sprawling film filled with slow-motion footage of several people (including the CD himself) heading into slumber as soothing, Vangelis-style music plays.

Regarding his contribution, Middleton says:

“I’ve designed the ultimate sleep soundtrack using psychoacoustic frequencies, grey noise and ASMR whispering voice textures. Combined with ethereal dissonance, sympathetic pulse/respiration rate reducing bio harmonics and stochastic ambience induce pure relaxation and a deep, rejuvenating sleep.”

Because Hayes’s latest project — which follows his other work for the chain like an interactive LEGO installation — was designed to inspire yawns, it may be best viewed in the comfort of your bed.

Hyatt Figures Out How to Make More People Watch Its Ad

To help promote what it’s dubbed a series of “all-inclusive resorts,” hotel chain Hyatt enlisted the help of New York’s Rokkan to launch a social sweepstakes campaign that will send a few lucky couples to one of four tropical havens.

As you’ll see in the promo video above, a photo booth helped kickstart #HyattAllIn and encourages viewers to share #HyattAllIn and #HZEntry for a chance to stay at either the Hyatt Ziva Cancun, Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta, Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall or Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall (the last two of which are located in Montego Bay, Jamaica).

Considering the kind of weather many of us are experiencing at this point, it’s hard not give the sweepstakes a go.

It’s also a clever way to force people to watch the promo spot (which has a way to go before hitting one million views) and keep the company’s social media managers busy…

@drkrafty For a valid entry, please re-share this video on Twitter with both #HyattAllIn & #HZEntry for your chance to win. Thanks! ^JB

— Hyatt Concierge (@HyattConcierge) February 18, 2015

Get Into the Valentine’s Day Mood with Randy Euro Travel Ad

With sexual innuendo as skimpy as the :60 ad itself, UK-based Adam & Eve/DDB helps travel site LastMinute.com set the mood ahead of Valentine’s Day by showcasing the “sexy delights of Europe.”

No, we’re not talking about a romantic stroll along the Champs Elysees or a trip through the canals of Venice…it’s more a variety of real-life images illustrating the saucier side of life across the pond.

No cheeky stone is left unturned in this nicely edited, quickly-paced online film, which promotes a “sexy” multimedia campaign that also includes the #LustMinute hashtag, press, CRM, direct marketing work and online components on the Lastminute.com site.

Client: LastMinute.com
Campaign:: Sexy Delights of Europe
Agency: adam&eveddb.com
Chief Creative Officer: Ben Priest
Executive Creative Directors: Ben Tollett, Richard Brim
Creative Directors: Frank Ginger & Shay Reading
Copywriter: Frances Leach
Art director: Christopher Bowsher
Planner: Dom Boyd
Media Agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD
Production Company: cain&abel
Director: Robert Smith