Building wall projection for Hyundai

Great use of the wall projection for this automotive campaign.

Advertiser: Hyundai

Advertising billboard fishing with Eyesaw

Really great hack of an outdoor billboard by a street artist.


Street Artist: Eyesaw

via @twenycent

1 million likes on Facebook = 1 million hugs by Heineken

The beer brand Heineken has decided to return the love they have received through the 1 million likes they get on facebook by sending dozen of babes in the street giving free hugs.

Advertiser: Heineken

Blush lingerie billboard made with jump start wires

A good way to represent how lingerie can turn you on…

Avertiser: Blush Lingerie

Have a breakism: abstract art for KitKat

Great ambient media for KitKat during an exhibition about US abscrat art in a museum…

Have a break have a KitKat

Advertiser: KitKat

The biggest street phone billboard in the world

Have you ever seen a working phone as giant as this one in the video? Nice ambient media campaign.

Advertiser: Tele 2

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg, Sweden

Salvation Army catwalk in the tube by Fretex video

How to promote second hand clothing? By organising a surprise catwalk in the subway!

Advertiser: Fretex Salvation Army

Insight Story: Bill inside Hillary Clinton billboard

Cool use of the traditional outdoor media to create a real animation in 3 posters!

Advertiser: SonntagsZeitung

Agency: Advico Young & Rubicam, Zurich, Switzerland

Huge interactive billboard for BMW in Singapore

A nice video presenting the possibility of the interactive billboard with creativity for BMW.

Advertiser: BMW

Agency: Publicis

Franck Ribéry after Zahia, the mega billboard in North of France

This monumental billboard 27 meters by 33 meters is standing up in Boulogne sur Mer (North of France) as a support to the French Team for the Football Worldcup by Nike


Advertiser: Nike

Agency: Ubi Bene

Inflatable advertising billboard for a fizzy drink viral video

Icredible ambient media in Thailand with a fizzy billboard.

In Thailand Singha Soda has been around for such a long time, people think it’s the only brand with fizz.

People don’t open their minds to other soda brands.

How do we tell them there is another brand bubbling under?


Smiley advertising billboard viral video

A simple ambient media idea to animated a billboard without artwork…

Advertiser: Licht für die Welt

Agency: PKP BBDO

Punch the advertising billboard viral video

Another great ambient media campaign with a punch button in the middle of an advertising billboard to test your strength…

This advertising stunt is to promote the brand Lab Nutrition (food with proteines).

How far does your strength go?

Advertiser: Lab Nutrition


Maestro playing with a billboard orchestra viral video

Excellent ambient media campaign with a Maestro animating an orchestra in a train station in Paris.

Advertiser: Vienne

Singing fish billboard for Findus viral video

Awesome ambient media campaign for Findus (frozen food brand) with a billboard including singing fish in the streets of Paris!

Good Job Jeremie Bottiau!

Advertiser: Findus

Agency: Grey Paris

Real Windows in glass for Microsoft

This could be an ambient media campaign for Microsoft!


Advertiser: Microsoft Windows

Augmented reality mega billboard against agression

Excellent use of augmented reality in the street with this mega billboard in Netherlands to make the streets safer.

You hold the key to greater safety on the streets

Advertiser: Dutch Council for Safety

German Wings on war against Easy Jet viral video campaign

Nice and tactical guerilla marketing viral video for German Wings.

They have shot a video on board of an Easy Jet flight where the members of a family are not next to each others.

Advertiser: German Wings

ACDC Iron Man 2 video projection on castle video

Amazing video projection on a castle in Rochester for ACDC Iron Man 2.

Advertiser: ACDC Iron Man 2

Free flat screen to take on a billboard in the street

Great ambient media campaign for Telekom Austria that is offering free flat screens to pedestrians.

Advertiser: Telekom Austria