Women React to Ridiculousness of Dove’s Real Beauty Stunts


Way, way way back in the Day, Dove did that thing where they revealed the extreme photoshopping that goes into the presentation of most models. Since then they’ve done several other stunts which focus on the perception of beauty. They usually focus on how many women do not view themselves as good looking as others do.

This stunt from comedy group Above Average creates yet another spoof but this one goes a bit further creating its own full blown experiment spoof illustrating how real women might react to the tricks Dove plays on them in their stunts.

The reactions are, as another brand says, priceless. Give it a watch.

Faux Oatmeal Punks Gamers (And Gamer Marketing) at PAX East Conference


Poking fun at gamer marketing and culture, Digital Kitchen and Cards Against Humanity launched Pwnmeal Extreme Gaming Oatmeal this past weekend during the Pax East gaming conference in Boston.

Screens around the venue played an ad in which ripped athletes would down the oatmeal in slow motion as well as rub the stuff all over their bodies.

Of the stunt, the agency said, “The concept may sound ridiculous, but it’s not far off from the realities at these conventions. Gamers are hit with marketing for everything from caffeinated gum to beef jerky.”

Yes. the Product is fake. On the faux site for the product, you can check out the product’s flavors such as Strawberries and Carnage, No Scope Headshot Blueberry. MOBAnana Bread and Cinnamon K/D Ratiomeal.

ROOBand Introduces World’s First Analog Wearable Fitness Tracker


With the increased focus on capturing data while running, RooBand CEO Frank Hammond thinks we’ve taken the fun out of running. In an effort to bring back the joy, Hammond is unveiling the RooBand, the world’s first analog wearable fitness tracker.

So how does it work? As described on the product’s Indiegogo page, the ROOband is in direct contact with your your skin. When running, your body will start to emit “effort,” commonly called “sweat.” Your effort will be absorbed by the Rooband. Then, after each session, you can squeeze the ROOband to output your effort, allowing you to measure your progress with an easily quantifiable result.

No, really. It’s that simple.

But Why? Well, because as Hammond shows us, running was more fun back in the pre-digital days of 1979:


So, yea, maybe running was more fun back in 1979 but back in 2009, this beautiful woman presented us with our very own ROOBand…all before a RooBand was ROOBand. It was a memorable night.


Here’s the explainer video:

Netflix Punks Amazon With ‘Drone 2 Home’


Much like brands bantering with each other during the Super Bowl, Netflix, while a bit late to the party, is having some fun at Amazon’s expense with a video entitled Netflix Drone 2 Home.

Reportedly created by a couple of Netflix employees for the DVD division’s annual meeting, the video, narrated by GM Hank Breeggemann, is a hilarious take on Amazon Prime Air, the publicity stunt Jeff Bezos pulled late last year.

While Breegemann says the company “literally spent days working out most of the bugs,” that effort clearly has not paid off.

Ladies, These ‘Security Pants’ Will Keep the Creeps Away From You


Here’s a “banned commercial” from China that touts a product that is guaranteed to protect women from rape and abduction. The translation to English is almost as funny as the video itself. Pick up a pair, ladies. It will scare the crap out of the creeps (well, most of them) away and keep you safe. Via.

Oh and Recommended Videos spits out this oddity afterwards.

Epic Spec Ad For Beans Has Major Flaw


This spec ad from effects studio Cinesite is pretty awesome. Several astronauts on the moon are suddenly attacked by a monstrous creature who, it seems, has been awoken from a slumber and isn’t too happy about it. The creature violently slams three astronauts into the ground while a fourth hides behind a rock.

This being an ad for beans, you can basically guess what happens next. However, in space, where there’s no air to carry sound, astronauts can unleash all manner of gaseous output without fear of anyone (without a radio connected to said astronaut) hearing anything…let alone the body-crushing sound effects.

Funny ad. But we’re calling a technicality.

A&W Root Beer Hops on the Amazon Prime Air Spoof Train


They’re coming out of the woodwork. Or, rather, infesting YouTube with their incredible lameness. Just today, we had this overly long SausageCopter deal. And now we have an even more lame Root Beer Float Drone Project from A&W Root Beer which claims to have been given birth in 2005.

We think it’s time for all these spoofs to quietly dismiss themselves to the flashmob archive where they will make friends with prankvertising, assvertising, the Million Dollar Homepage, this guy, this girl, Second Life and Courtney Van Dunk.

SausageCopter Pokes Fun at Amazon Prime Air


While there are a few funny moments in this redpepper-created Amazon Prime Air spoof, at two minutes in length, it’s about 1:30 longer than it needs to be. In the spoof, a bunch of vegetarians are enjoying a very meatless gathering but one attendee thinks there should be more meat. He whips out his mobile app and orders up a few links of sausage to be delivered by the SausageCopter. And, yea, that’s about it.

Creepy Bar Scene Hook Up Explains Big Data Perfectly


If you ever need to explain big data to someone and demonstrate how powerful it can be in advancing a cause, be sure to point them to this Girls Are Assholes video in which a guy, seemingly with access to some kind of big data warehouse, has all the data he needs to pick up a girl in less than 30 seconds.

Really. Forget all the business buzzwords and mumbo jumbo. This creepy dude has it down to a science. If only consumers were as pliable and compliant and the woman in this ad, brands would be getting laid whenever they felt like it.

Microsoft Pulls Ill-Conceived Anti-iPhone Ad


Microsoft has, today, pulled a video it posted Friday entitled ” A fly on the wall in Cupertino” in which two actors present to “T”, aka a fictitious TIm Cook (which is this video actually looks more like Steve Jobs), what they’ve been working on leading up to last week’s Apple iPhone event.

The video has been pulled from official channels but still floats around and can be viewed. Of the video, Microsoft issued a statement which read,”The video was intended to be a light-hearted poke at our friends from Cupertino. But it was off the mark, and we’ve decided to pull it down.”

There were seven videos in all. All have been pulled.

The ad (from multiple sources in case one gets pulled):

Nat Bailey Stadium UFO Sighting A Marketing Stunt For Space Center


A video entitled “UFO at Baseball Game” was uploaded to YouTube on September 5 and, to date, has been seen by 245,184 people. In the video, what is purported to be a UFO is seen hovering in the sky just beyond the outfield of Vancouver’s Nat Bailey Stadium during a September 3rd Vancouver Canadians game.

The sighting received boatloads of press but, predictably, turned out to be a marketing stunt organized by the H.R. MacMillan Space Center. The stunt was created by MacLaren McCann to hype an upgrade to the Space Center’s Planetarium Theater.

Of the stunt, Space Center Executive Director Rob Appleton said, “We wanted to show Vancouver, B.C. and the world that you can truly have a rare experience by exploring the exciting new shows and state of the art projection system.”

The video wasn’t altered to include a visual of a UFO. The creative team at MacLaren McCann launched an actual fake spaceship from a hill just beyond the stadium so everyone could see it in addition to it being filmed.

Alec Baldwin’s Paparazzi Punching Spree Turned Into Campaign For MSNBC Talk Show


For some Friday Frivolity, we have this spoof campaign which touts Alec Baldwin’s upcoming MSNBC talk show. PJ Media columnist Ed Driscoll took it upon himself to create a campaign that makes great use of Baldwin’s recent run in with a photographer. Hilarious stuff.







MINI Mocks Anthony Weiner With ‘Carlos D. Motor’ Twitter Account


Having a bit of fun at the expense of sext-o-holic Anthony Weiner, the folks over at Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners created this MINI ad which they tweeted from a Twitter account they created called @CarlosDMotor. “Wanna get your hands on my stick?”

The ad and the tweet mocks the pseudonym Weiner chose for himself, Carlos Danger, when he sent naked pictures of himself to younger women.

With just 37 followers, the @CarlosDMotor Twitter account isn’t gaining much ground but, hey, it’s a nice diversion on a Friday.

Creepy ‘Creepy Dude’ Creeps Into Dove’s Camera Shy


We’re not sure if this Dove Camera Shy parody entitled Creepy Dude is funny, annoying or just plain bad. In the parody which follows the original’s theme of girls hiding from the camera, a creepy dude begins to photo bomb shy girls in various scenarios. It them gets really creepy when Creepy Dude comes front and center to completely disrobe. It closes by asking, “Why did you start thinking you were beautiful?”

Can we have that 1:08 back, please?

Finally! An Honest Ad From A Cable Company


The hatred and vitriol aimed at cable companies is the stuff of legend. Wouldn’t it be nice in once, just once, a cable company would tell it like it is? Act like it knows just how bad its service is? Acknowledges it doesn’t give a shit what you think about its pricing?

This ExtremelyDecentFilm video begins as your typical cable company commercial promising the world but soon turns completely honest in a way that, well, a cable company would never actually act.

Honda Introduces First-Ever Mobile Barbering Tool


Today, Honda unveiled the first-ever mobile barbering tool for busy, cost-conscious families. The HondaHAIR will be available as a Honda Genuine Accessory that attaches to the 2014 Odyssey Touring Elite’s HondaVAC to provide an efficient way to cut hair.

By simply snapping the HondaHAIR into place on the Odyssey Touring Elite’s standard HondaVAC vacuum, the powerful suction can fashion the perfect bob, pixie or buzz cut. Capable of creating any style cut, the HondaHAIR offers affordability and convenience and transforms the cargo space into a virtual salon on wheels–eliminating the need to trek to the stylist or barber.

“We recognize that our Odyssey drivers are busier than ever, which is why we’ve packed the car with so many conveniences, including this HondaHAIR forward-thinking technology,” said Parsley Thyme, head of Honda Public Relations.

HubSpot Punks Google Glass With ‘SprocketVision’


So today is April Fool’s Day and we are destined for a bunch of silliness. Courtesy of HubSpot comes SprocketVision, a “revolutionary new product that will change marketing forever.”

What could possibly change marketing forever? SprocketVision, of course! SprocketVision is a pair of high tech glasses that help you find qualified leads for your business just by wearing them and walking around.

With “real-time inbound marketing” SprocketVision guides the user through the process of qualifying a lead in the real world.

HubSpot’s Director of Product Management Christopher O’Donnell sums up the offering best saying, “Our technology for detecting the most qualified prospects in your field of vision is nearly perfect…minus a few kinks we’re still trying to work out.”

If you think SprocketVision will help you generate leads, head over to HubSpot’s HubShop and buy a pair…or at least try to…the glasses are on backorder until 2020. Or you can tweet using hashtag SprocketVision what you would do with the glasses if HubSpot gave them to you.

Bacon Bra, Kevin Bacon Help Introduce Bacon-Flavored Scope


Just in time for April Fool’s Day, Scope is out with a beautiful spoof that capitalizes on the idol-esque status of bacon. The mouthwash brand has introduced Scope Bacon. In a promotional video the brand celebrates the “crowing achievements in the world of bacon” by highlighting carbonated bacon, spreadable bacon, bacon-flavored candles, bacon roses, a bra constructed of bacon, a Bacon bacon and, yes, Scope Bacon.

Nike ‘Winning’ Ad Spoofed With Lance Armstrong. Michael Vick


Well that didn’t take long. Following the controversial Tiger Woods Nike ad which carried the “Winning Takes Care of Everything” headline, spoofs featuring Lance Armstrong, Oscar Pistorius, Michael Vick and, while not ever endorsed by Nike, OJ Simpson have surfaced.

Just what would Don Draper think having millions of people instantly mock his work the second after he created it?




Somersby Cider Has Fun Spoofing Apple


Perfectly capturing Apple product launch anticipation, this new ad for Somersby Cider created by Fold7 taps into all the hype that surrounds that brand’s launch events. With hyped features like 16 pit, 32 pit, single core, dual core, the interface, the docking system and the ability to easily download, all of Somersby Cider’s “features” ar highlighted. Funny stuff.