Funny or Die costs $15M

An article here on Mashable reveals that Will Farrels web venture Funny or Die was funded with $15M VC.

I guess that goes to their bandwidth bill because they saved money on hiring a designer for the site.

It’s like the DOT COM days all over again. I had this naive view that Will Farrel just did it off his won back. Silly me. I wonder what ROI the investors are expecting from the site.

Here’s the top video on Funny or Die with 50 M views

Did Turner spend $15M developing SuperDeluxe? I doubt it but without the star power and media attention Will Farrel gains the site didn;t get anywhere near as much press.

Here’s my fav video off Super Deluxe. It still makes me laugh.

And I doubt Vice had $15M to throw around with VBS.TV

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