Entrinsic Celebrates the Queen for Victoria Gin

Yesterday was Victoria Day in Canada, a May bank holiday up north, and Toronto-based agency Entrinsic has released a timely spot for Victoria gin, celebrating its namesake Queen Victoria.

The 30-second broadcast spot, “That’s The Spirit” was created by Entrinsic in collaboration with production company Revolver Films and director Christopher Wahl. It relates a series of unexpected but true facts about Queen Victoria: She ruled the British Empire at 18 while still living with her mom; she married her first cousin and had nine children; she was almost assassinated seven times. “If you were Queen Victoria,” the spot concludes, “you’d be ready for a drink, too.” The visual approach is straightforward, showing Queen Victoria gradually walking toward the camera and then sitting at a bar enjoying some gin. Entrinisic and Wahl also teamed up for the accompanying print campaign, which will roll out later in the year. Credits after the jump. continued…

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