Hasan & Partners Teams Up with B-Reel to Promote Finland’s Largest Newspaper

Hasan & Partners teamed up with production company B-Reel on a new integrated campaign for Helsingin Sanomat, the largest subscription newspaper in Finland. The new campaign highlights the paper’s journalistic strength and integrity, with the tagline “One story, all the angles.”

The campaign is based around a television spot of the same name, set in a birthing suite. “One story, all the angles” examines the moments directly following a birth from multiple perspectives — mother, father, doctor and nurse — with accompanying headlines like “Not enough potential workers in female dominated professions,” “Acknowledging paternity now easier,” and “Global birth rate declining.” To accomplish this, B-Reel and director Johan Perjus “moved through the Caravaggio-style still life scenery with a live camera, tracking and compositing info graphics, adding volumetric light and a delicate grade, among other things.” It’s an interesting approach that makes for a distinctly cinematic 34 second ad.

In addition to the television spot, the campaign also includes “two integrated formats, targeting rich media banners and out-of-home screens.” Credits after the jump. continued…

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