Claim: Russian Flirt Bot Beats Turing Test

CyberLover chat bot reports back your romantic progress through a status bar.

Reuters: “A Russian website called is advertising a software tool that, it says, can simulate flirtatious chatroom exchanges. It boasts that it can chat up as many as 10 women at the same time and persuade them to hand over phone numbers. The program, so far available only in Russian, will go on sale around February 15, just after St Valentine’s Day, said the website. “Not a single girl has yet realized that she was communicating with a program!” it said, adding that the program could also simulate virtual sex online.” (Emphasis mine.)

The site, which is not quite ready for the prime-time yet, also suggests that the software could be used not only to hit up girls, but also to coax guys into parting with their money, or to advertise your website.

The screenshot is one of the two available on (they have conveniently added a header in English for the curious Westerners). The columns in the table are: nickname, progress (in percentages, no less), number of messages received, and the time of the last received message.) The progress bar is truly priceless. Average throughput: 10-20 people in 30 minutes.

Dunno. Would be cool if it were real, but it says 2005 on the screenshots, so it can be anything. I’ll put it on the calendar and make sure to follow up in two months, though.

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