Think the big thoughts with Ted Kennedy

Around AdFreak, I’m known as a big thinker, always considering the nature of the human condition in the universe and mulling existential ways to stretch out my lunch hour and such. So I naturally checked out BigThink, despite its description in The New York Times as a “combination YouTube and Facebook for intellectuals.” Sounds pretty deadly, huh? The site itself, well … it launched with “selected ideas” (and closely cropped headshots) of Sen. Ted Kennedy, American Enterprise Institute fellow Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Supreme Court justice Stephen Breyer and actress/playwright Anna Deavere Smith. Makes you want to visit, right? “Poking” Ted Kennedy is such an abhorrent concept, I was relieved there was no such functionality. This reminds me of a Web-2.0 take on PBS, but without the endless pledge drives or Barney the Dinosaur, so at least that’s an improvement. Now, if BigThink would like to feature my big thoughts on advertising, media or whatever, I’m available.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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