The least effective ads need some love, too

The Green Effie, honoring effective eco-marketing campaigns, shouldn’t be the only new prize at the show. In a long-overdue and pleasingly ironic inversion to its mandate, I propose that the organization also fete the least effective effort of the year, honoring work that’s instantly forgettable and fails to generate any brand recognition or sales. If this sounds familiar to any agencies out there—and I suspect it will strike a few chords at Lowe—consider entering, if you can even remember which ads you wanted to nominate. If you can’t, they’d probably win. But that’s confusing, so let’s move on. As a prize, I’d suggest a gold Cannes Lion. I can call for such a category because, as my performance evaluations keep reminding me, I’m the least effective member of the AdFreak organization, and its second-worst-dressed (sorry, Griner). Needless to say, list your nominees below. We don’t want to bug the Effies with a glut of sarcastic e-mails about a nonexistent prize. Do we?

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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