Teacher, leave them right-wing kids alone

Freakoutyourprof There are many reasons to affiliate oneself with a political party. Proximity to one’s political beliefs is a good start. You can weigh moral stances, track records and cooperation (or lack thereof) with other parties. You can also spin around a few times and pick a name from a hat. Any of which might be preferable to the method suggested by Canada’s Conservative party, which is urging college students to veer to the right … simply to piss off their stupid, tree-hugging professors. Annoying one’s teacher might seem like a middle-school strategy cooked up during recess, but a spokesman says the ads are meant to “play against the stereotype” that all big Canadian institutions support the Conservatives. Of course, it may reinforce another stereotype: that young conservatives are argumentative crybabies.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

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