Spec ad for US Air makes it to air!

Hard working adgrunts will appreciate the sunshine in this story. Creative directors Alan Nay and Tony Fulgam from World Famous ( I know, the name of the agency lends itself to writing “World Famous creative directors Alan Nay and Tony Fulgam” but I’m not falling for that, no siree!), were in the editing suite putting the finishing touches on a regional commercial for US Air when they realized that they loved all the shots that were edited out.

“We fell in love with some of the supplemental footage of the planes and decided to build a spec spot around it,” recalls Nay. “We ended up with a great brand piece that shows a beautiful ballet of planes and highlights all the destinations that company serves.”
Nay and Fulgam were only intending to demonstrate their ability to take a commercial from concept through delivery, but when they posted the piece on their website it was spotted by Louis Moses, executive creative director of Moses Anshell, US Airways’ advertising agency, who brought it to the attention of his client. The airline was so impressed, it decided to make the spot a part of its national advertising campaign.

Check out the result here in the commercial archive.

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