Sexy Banners

With over 920 examples of the best in online advertising we thought it might be interesting to focus on a particular subject and showcase the best exmaples. Sex in advertising has been a staple of traditional advertising and it seems digital has it’d fair share.

I present below 26 of the sexiest ads on Bannerblog. They range from blatent sexual imagery to innuendo to the down right sexist. Although all good examples of online advertising and many of them award winning.

These are presented in their sections in no particular order.

Sex sells so use it
Sexy but in a creative & fun way
Sexy in a subtle way (all require audio)
Sexy or sexist? This is a male dominated industry
Something for the ladies
In bad taste but for a good cause
If we’ve missed any let us know and we’re always open to submissions.

Also feel free to suggest the next topic of focus.

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