New Year’s Eve around the World


I’ve been kind of M-I-A around here due to vacational issues, so I haven’t been able to greet evryone properly for the New Year that just went by.
That’s why in an apologie-like kind of way I want to leave with these few visual testiomonies of the celebrations for New Year 2008.
First is a compilation made by TrendHunter consisting of 8 videos of the festivities in such diverse locations as Dubai, New York, Hong Kong and Sydney.
The second is a more curious one. A series of 360 degrees panoramic views of different events. Among others you’ll find images of Copa Cabanna, London, Taipei and Rio de Janeiro, just to mention a few.
I sincerely hope this year is full of success for everyone and brings many learnings and new experiences.
A big hug for everyone swinging by this website.

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