New LifeStyles campaign lets it all hang out

Condom company LifeStyles, an advertiser that lost its sheath long ago when it comes to saucy (often sophomoric) ads, asks “What’s your LifeStyle?” in its first effort from AMP Agency. Surprise: The work makes with the risque images and bawdy wordplay. Brandweek’s description borders on breathless: “For the ‘Bold’ lifestyle, the creative features a shot of a young woman in a public bathroom hiking up her skirt to reveal her right butt-cheek, while swinging a pink metallic purse in her right hand. Another, ‘Well-Rounded,’ features a close-up of a voluptuous female rear in which the subject is tugging at her pink-striped underwear.” Can you say “rear” on the Internet? Barbara Lippert calls the ads “too, too cheeky,” and they’re really not so hot. Neither was my dating lifestyle, which could best be described as “Frightening” (by prospective partners) and “Desperate” (by me). Where’s the LifeStyles ad for all of us losers? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go see HR. You can say “rear” on the Internet, but there’s apparently a problem with me doing so via company servers on company time.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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