Link Lust: Been around the world and I, I, I I can’t find my linky

So, boingboing has been tipped to yet-another-website ripped off story where the originator found the copy via the copies dumb-arse hotlinking of the original sites images. So what does the original site do? Replaces all of the images with color co-ordinated pictures of dildos. Oh how terribly original, not – but at least they bothered to make it stylish! you thought we wouldn’t notice is a cool ‘badland’ blog for design of all sorts though (and yes, there have been many many many of those too) worth a bookmark.

And in our inbox waits a ‘press release’ about yet another millionpixelcrappetycrap homepage spinoff – this time for each pixel bought they’ll supposedly plant a tree: Even with the cute eco angle I don’t think I can take any more millionpixel spinoffs. Hey, here’s an environmentally friendly idea – shut your damn servers off already, OK thanks.

Here’s another thing I’ve seen before – Paris Hilton naked shilling something presumably not “Paris Hilton”. Flying spagetti monster, there’s not enough eggnog in this damn office if I’m gonna last another year of these reruns.

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