Damian Lewis Looks Cool Driving a Jaguar in Short Film Produced by Jaguar

Last month, we covered the teaser trailer for Desire, a short film from Jaguar and Ridley Scott Associates that promised a spring release. True to their words, we have the full-length video in the middle of spring, and with a 13:29 running time, we figured it was best to wait until the lunch break to post it up.

Damian Lewis, star of Homeland, plays Sidney Clark, a posh car deliveryman dropping off a red Jaguar F-Type in a Mexican desert. There are more than a few sexy shots of the red convertible speeding through empty roads, red dust and mountains in the background. There’s a silly plot with a girl and some stolen money that would rank as one of the lesser BMW The Hire films from a few years ago, but the Jaguar just looks cool on screen. If this vehicle existed 50 years ago, Steve McQueen would’ve driven it in Bullitt. Watching this short film will probably make you want to buy the convertible, but even if you have the money, you won’t look this cool. You should buy it anyway.

If Lewis decides to stop acting, he always has a future as a car salesman, sort of.

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