DFCB Montreal Asks Hockey Fans to Slapshot Support for Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens bowed out in the first round of the NHL Playoffs this year, losing 4-1 to the Ottawa Senators. Making things worse: Montreal was a No. 2 seed that lost to a No. 7 seed. It turns out that a recent interactive outdoor experience near the Bell Centre not only gave fans a chance to show off their slapshots, but it also could’ve improved the product on the ice. How many mediocre sports movies have been started this way? A team underachieves, a fan of that team goes through some transformative process and gets to reveal supernatural talent. Rookie of the Year, anyone?

The interactive setup comes from DraftFCB Montreal, MEC Canada, Thinkingbox, and Coors Light. During the first round of the playoffs, 299 fans had the chance to hit a slapshot and watch the computerized result on a huge screen with customized graphics. The idea isn’t all that different from a radar gun at a minor league baseball game, albeit with some super-duper technology. Fans were encouraged to share their experiences on social media (again, not all that different in today’s world). But hey, it’s beer and hockey for Canadians, so you get the idea nobody thought too hard about it and just had fun…until their team lost.

Credits after the jump.


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