Handle the Ad Biz and Burp Your Baby at the Same Time

Ad biz babiesUpon reading a recent article on CNN.com, “7 Great Places To Work,” I happened upon Maya, a creative consulting firm in Pittsburgh, PA. At Maya, once an employee and new parent finishes his or her paternal or maternal leave, the creative agency allows the parent to bring that newborn baby to work.

This article got me thinking: if this industry is supposed to be on the cutting edge and creative, then how come more advertising, design, marketing, and other communication companies do not top these types of lists?

As this industry demands more and more hours and brain power, some “big idea power” must be allotted for the HR department.

Jinean Robinson is a CCIO (Chief Creative Infections Officer) in this industry for over eight years, specializing in creative strategy and implementation, 360 branding, and brand development. Join her @Twitter or her firm Germ, LLC.