The TV Watch: Parrying at the Top, and Lunging Below

Most of the heat and animation in the final debate among the candidates in the Democratic mayoral primary came from the two rivals competing for rock bottom.


PAC Backed by Billionaire to Broadcast Ads for Lhota

The political action committee supported by the industrialist David H. Koch will broadcast television commercials this week promoting Joseph J. Lhota.


Trailside: The New Yorker Gets In on the Act

John Cuneo, an illustrator, drew widespread adulation across social media for the magazine’s next cover which features Anthony Weiner.


Trailside: Buyers Are Scarce for Quinn’s Memoir

Christine C. Quinn’s book, which was released on June 11, has sold only 100 copies.


Outside Group Starts Spending to Block Quinn

A coalition of left-leaning labor unions and Democratic activists who say they are not backing any one candidate had pledged over $1 million to defeat Christine C. Quinn, a front-runner.