Burger King Whopper Freakout is freaking everyone out!

Hey kids! It’s yet another Crispin Porter + Bogusky Burger King campaign where we’re hotly divided on whether the commercials are brilliant, blah or a bucket of bullpucky! Yay! Watch and decide for yourself!

Other people have been calling them misgony King (marketingwhore), George Parker of adscam is wondering Why is the “Whopper Freakout” freaking me out?, Community guy warns that watching all seven minutes may cause Whopper cravings, quite a few people think it’s their current favorite campaign like Marobella’s branding soapbox there. Bloggers like Twistimage find themselves spending at least eight minutes watching a lowly ad, but then also making a blog posting about it. Bestweekever suggests that McDonald’s retort with a spot about the guy who threw himself into traffic after arriving ten minutes too late to order a McGriddle. Creativity Online has an interview with director Henry Alex Rubin about the making of these ads. And inside, we have the single serving TV commercial versions of the whopper freakout campaign.

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