Bling: A Planet Rock


Having rapped for well over 8 years, hip hop was and still is a pretty strong part of my life and I’ll probably never get over my taste for it, although regretably, hip hop is seen by many as only a world full of guns, luxury, women treated as sexual objects and an exponentially excesive macho-like attitude.
So in the rap game, if before it was gold, nowadays it’s all about diamonds. Those little carbon polygons practically move the world and it’s virtually impossible to find yourself a rapper without some bling-bling of their own.
However, we only seem to be seeing the prettier side of things. Polished chains, the rings, the grills, the pimp cups, etc. But… Where do the diamonds come from? What processes, what sacrifices are being made in other places so that we can all go blind from the jewels on the latest hot rapper on tv?.
That’s what Bling tries to tell us. A documentary narrating the journey of 5 world-claimed rappers to the place where most diamonds are being extracted: Sierra Leone.
Jadakiss, Tego Calderón, Paul Wall, Raekwon y Kanye West travel to the african country to realize that the price to be paid is even greater than the value of the diamonds.
A raw, real documentary that shows just how ironic things can be in the world some times.

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