200 posts


Yes, it’s time to celebrate around here.
The reason for this post is that this, after a few deleted, misplaced posts, this is my post number 201, which means we’ve passed the 200 barrier.
If you’re an non-spanish-speaking reader of my website, then you probably came across it only a short time ago. That’s because only relatively recently (about 4 months) I started posting in both spanish and english.
Oh also… maybe if you’re one of those described above, then you probably don’t know what cosasnotansimples stands for!. That big word is actually a phrase with no blankspaces, and it means notsosimplethings. Hehe. So there you have it.
Hopefully you’re reading this because you like what you see. Because you think this is an interesting space to navigate. If so, thank you!. As an upcomming blogger I hold very closely to every comments, every backlink, every visit.
If you like what you see, or want to diss me, my website, my works, me (!), or maybe you just want to chat, as always you can send me an email. I’ll be more than glad to answer as soon as possible.
And well, when I celebrated my 100 posts I left a few stats for you to see, so in that tradition here’s the stats for my website up to today:
· 201 posts.
· 578 days online.
· 13910 unique visitors.
· 22384 page views.
· 248 maximum daily visitors.
· 63 categories.
· Visitors from 92 countries around the world (Some I’ve never even heard of… So thank you!).

Thank you very much everyone and hopefully everything only keeps getting bigger and better around here and for everyone.

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