Living in a snowglobe can’t be that hard

McKinney sent me an e-mail about that employee who recently spent 78-plus nonconsecutive hours inside an inflatable snowglobe at the agency’s office in Durham, N.C. Is work from actual clients that scarce? McKinney’s claims that “Snowglobe Boy” became “a Web phenomenon” and set some kind of “world record” are pretty dubious. His first appearance on AdFreak didn’t garner a single reader comment! (This blog is my digital bible of cool—make it yours.) Plus, he didn’t even write any songs in the globe, unlike Cartel, which managed to toss off a few three-chord clunkers during its overhyped spring incarceration. I’ve got an old beanbag chair in my cube, and I’m not leaving it for … OK, stopwatch out … there! Sixteen consecutive seconds. I’m an Internet sensation! Oh, and like the McKinney guy, I’m “eco-friendly”—I nibbled on an Au Bon Pain salad while I was writing this post. Where’s my Green Effie? I’m probably disqualified, as the beanbag chair is leather.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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