Tricks Of The Trade

There are plenty of ways average ads are improved, perhaps the best being cleverly chosen soundtracks to accompany TV spots. With tonnes of examples to choose from to display this advertising phenomenon, I thought I’d back up my argument with a couple of recent car spots that are doing the rounds at the moment.

The Alfa Romeo MiTO ads are decidedly okay, but the Daft Punk tune “Technologic” seriously fleshes it out:

Or how about the Mazda 2 spot that’s been accosting cinema goers? The Noisettes “Don’t Upset The Rhythm” is the only thing that makes this ad worth paying attention to. There’s certainly no idea here:

You’d be forgiven for choosing your new car (after the recession is over, of course) based on phat tunez rather than any actual benefits or features. Still, great accompanying tracks are a rather clever way of improving an otherwise mediocre ad and can do a good job of launching musicians’ careers.

Finally, here’s a Ford Fiesta ad with great visuals and a cracking song, called “Transient” by Pluxus. Enjoy:


Claire Connachan is an advertising copywriter based in Scotland.