Bacardi Launches Dragon Berry Flavor Rum

198thmBacardi has a launched a new variant for its flavored rum category with the new Dragon Berry flavor. Dragon Berry offers the light, fruity flavor of strawberry, infused with the crisp, fresh flavor of dragon fruit.

As the leader in the flavored rum category, BACARDI is the first brand to introduce dragon fruit to the spirits category. This unique ingredient is an emerging superfruit with a bold, tropical taste that creates a truly exceptional flavor experience when combined with strawberry. BACARDI Dragon Berry is the perfect complement to the innovative forward thinking of BACARDI and is the next evolution in the flavors portfolio.

BACARDI Dragon Berry has a versatile taste that can create any cocktail using such mixers as ginger ale, lemonade and lemon-lime beverages. In addition, BACARDI Dragon Berry can be enjoyed in a wide range of specialty cocktails that include: Dragon Bite, garnished with raspberries; Dragon Daiquiri Martini, paired with Pomegranate Syrup; and Dragon Berry Lemonade which combines fresh squeezed lemon juice, cranberry juice and simple syrup, just to name a few.

This strawberry rum infused with dragon fruit is designed for mixability and will be available nationwide beginning in May 2009.

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