BioWare Releases Six Dragon Age Origin Stories

For the hardcore gamers in the crowd, BioWare, a division of Electronic Arts has announced the highly anticipated details of all six Origin Stories featured in the upcoming dark, heroic fantasy Dragon Age™: Origins. Each Origin Story starts the player off with a unique series of locations, characters and events that establish their motivations and lay the groundwork for the adventure to come.

With each Origin Story boasting several hours of unique game play, as well as challenging strategic combat and exploration, these 6 distinct preludes make Dragon Age: Origins the first BioWare game to offer not only multiple endings, but also multiple beginnings.

Dragon Age: Origins offers an immersive, beautiful and often threatening world in which the player will live out a fantasy of epic proportions. With six unique paths to choose from, the choice of Origin Story will be the first of many important decisions players will face in Dragon Age: Origins.

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