Coffee Morning: Last Post on American Copywriter

What I thought once would be a trendy fad of meeting Friday mornings for coffee and conversation has turned into a weekly staple. So much so that I don’t feel like AC is the correct forum for such announcements of where we’re going to meet during said week (I’m sure all of you non-KCers and non-socialites would agree). Therefore, we’ve created a Facebook group to do our heavy lifting.

We’re planning to journey a little south of our typical Crossroads meeting place to You Say Tomato this Friday. Join us for coffee, breakfast and conversation starting at 7:30. See you then.

Coffee Morning: Late notice


Sorry for the later than usual post. It’s been a busy week.

We’ll be at Mildred’s tomorrow morning. 7:30. Breakfast sandwiches.

Coffee Morning: Woo Pig Sooie-Style

One of the things we enjoy at Coffee Morning, besides coffee, is playing host to students. Tomorrow will be one of those days. The University of Arkansas Ad Club will be making its way to Kansas City for some agency tours and will also be on hand for some coffee and chats. If you’re up to it, come on down to JP Wine Bar for a warm beverage and some excellent conversations. We’ll be there starting at 7:30.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no "calling of the Hogs," barefoot hillbillies, or boyfriend/girlfriends that are siblings. That means you, too, Andrew.

Coffee Morning: Good Friday

Before the man hides the eggs
He has to rest his little legs

He sits and drinks a cup, or two
And maybe reads a mag called Who

He’d prefer to sit and chat with friends
To learn about the fads and trends

He’ll want to know about our biz a bit
Or probably just to talk the shit

In any case he’ll never lie
So come out Friday to have coffee with this guy ———–>

We’ll be at Magazines and Coffee this Good Friday for the usual coffee, pastries and nonsense talk. Please join us if you’re not too sleepy and want a jolt before work (or a day off). We’ll be there at 7:30.

Coffee Morning: Sinning just got sinnier

In case you didn’t get the memo, the Vatican has added 7 additional Deadly Sins. None of which involve drinking coffee, waking up before 7:00 on a Friday, eating breakfast sandwiches or meeting with likeminded people for a rousing conversation about weekly happenings.

They do, however, frown upon:

Genetic modification
Carrying out experiments on humans
Polluting the environment
Causing social injustice
Causing poverty
Becoming obscenely wealthy
Taking drugs

Since we won’t cause social injustice or poverty, we’ll be back at Mildred’s in the Crossroads this Friday. See you at 7:30.

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Coffee Morning: Sleep deprivation

Apparently, we’re not getting enough sleep. In honor of National Sleep Awareness Week (March 3-9) the CDC released figures that prove more people are sleep deprived now than they were a decade ago. There are some interesting differences in sleep habits. For instance, Hawaiians sleep best and education decreases the rate at which people get reasonable amounts of shut-eye:

"Those without a high school diploma were about as rested as Hawaiians,
while people who started or completed college education reported at
least one restless night over 75 percent of the time."

"63 percent state they are very likely to just accept their
sleepiness and keep going, while 32 percent are very likely to use
caffeinated beverages when they are sleepy during the day
and more than
half (54%) are at least somewhat likely to use their weekends to try to
catch up on sleep."

So, if you live in a tropical climate or didn’t attend college, chances are you’re sleeping better than the rest of us. Having coffee morning at 7:30 probably isn’t helping America’s sleep deprivation problem. Maybe we should all head to bed a few hours early tomorrow night in honor of NSAW.

If your a part of the 32 percent that are likely to perk up with a caffeinated beverage, join us at JP Wine Bar this Friday at 7:30. Get some rest. See you there.

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Coffee Morning: Spring Training

I know that most of us here in Kansas City are pretty tired of winter this year. To make things worse, the entire Kansas City Royals baseball club are down in Surprise, Arizona for spring training. That means two things to me. First that spring is nearing and, two, there’s about to be a lot of boring sports on TV (sorry baseball fans, I’m an advocate of watching it live rather than on the tube).

So if the Royals are training for the spring, so should we. This week’s Coffee Morning will be at Mildred’s in the Crossroads. I’m not exactly sure how being there will train us for anything in particular, but it’s the thought that counts. Right?

See you at 7:30.

Coffee Morning: Cold in KC


It’s cold in KC. Real, real cold. Let’s warm up this Friday morning with a warm morning beverage and conversation.

Big thanks to everyone that joined us last Friday at JP Wine Bar for likemind. We had a great turnout. It was great to see everyone. We look forward to seeing everyone this week at Mildred’s starting, as always, at the frigid time of 7:30.

Coffee Morning: NEW Location!

Picture_1Always searching for a new place to drink coffee and talk about nothing, we decided to expand our horizons from our usual meet-up places.
This Friday we’ll be breaking in a potential new coffee hot spot in Downtown Kansas City. We’re going to meet at Perk Up! (1103 Grand) to have coffee and some tasty pastry deliciousnesses. Also on the agenda will be this year’s crop of Superbowl Ads, so come tell us what you thought about those horrid Sales Genie spots.

See you on Friday at 7:30.

Coffee Morning


I saw this sign on Russell’s blog and thought I should share. I agree with him. This sign could come in handy for many presentations.

Also, I’m sure there are a few words on the sign that explain the kind of week some of us are having. Blurred is a good word to explain mine. Myself and others will welcome a morning beverage and conversation this Friday. We’ll be at Mildred’s this week at our normal 7:30 start time. Hope to see you there. I’m sure we’ll have plenty to talk about.

Coffee Morning: likemind


We’ll be at JP Wine Bar on Friday starting at 7:30 for the second KC likemind . If you were able to join us for the November likemind, you probably remember the nametags, buttons and the first $25 of coffee that was kindly provided by Anomly.  We’ll have all that stuff this time too. And, just like the many other likemind events around the world,  we’ll have a global question to discuss.

See you Friday.

Coffee Morning: Magazines and Coffee, Take Two

MacLast week, we made a barely-announced return to Coffee Morning for the new year. It was too late to post here, so we only sent out a text message. We apologize for any of you that were unaware of the late invitation. In any sorts, maybe karma worked against us since no one was at Magazines and Coffee to greet us when we arrived.

No worries. We’ll give it another shot this Friday, at 7:30. It should be a good time and I know we all have some good stories to tell from the holidays. But if you’re anything like me, I barely remember what happened three days ago. The good thing, I’ve got a great imagination and can make stuff up on the fly. You’ll see.

Hope to see you on Friday.

Coffee Morning: 2007 Hurrah

Where in the hell did 2007 go? The last time I checked, it was July and I was fawning over the Transformers movie. Sheesh. Anyways, this Friday will be the final Coffee Morning of 2007. If you’d like to come by and enjoy a coffee and a kick ass egg sandwich, we’ll be down at Mildred’s starting around 7:30.

Even if you’re not working on Friday, or if you’re a student in town for the holidays, please stop by and hang out. If you know anything about us, we’ll probably be talking about the usual nonsense — which lately has been about why certain coffee shops DON’T open at the time they say they will. Sigh.

If we don’t see you, have a great holiday season. We’ll see you in 2008 and we’ll start to hit up some new spots around downtown KC.

Coffee Morning: 3.14

We’re trying out a new venue this week. We’ll be at the "art gallery where you can get a cup of coffee," Pi & Coffee  (419 East 18th Street) tomorrow morning.

According to a recent article from The Pitch:

"Most art galleries need an alternate source of income to keep running — the Dolphin, for example, runs a framing business. But the Pi’s new business model is more fun."

We can get a morning cup and view works by artists such as Celia Butler, John Davis Carroll, Maria Creyts, and many more. Also, PI and Coffee is the home of Missouri’s first art-o-matic vending machine. For $5 you can pull a knob and become an art collector. Collecting art has never been so easy!

Read more about PI and Coffee here and here. See you there.

Coffee Morning: It Makes Coffee Happy

What, oh what, would we do on Friday mornings if we didn’t hang out and drink coffee? Sleep maybe? Work out? Watch the same 10 clips on ESPN about 32 times? Who really knows. One thing is for sure, though. When we go have Coffee Morning on Fridays, we make coffee happy. It’s true. Check out this happy cup of coffee as evidence.

This Friday, we’ll be making all sorts of coffee happy at Mildred’s. It starts at 7:30, which means you only have to watch the same 10 clips on ESPN around 12 times.